November 5th, 2010

Product Shill: Theo Walcott For His Line Of Children’s Books

It’s Friday. Of course we’ll take a ginormous photo of Theo Walcott’s visage, thank you. The Arsenal star was at Waterstones Picadilly doing a book signing for his line of children’s books starring “T.J.” How freaking adorbs is that? Side note: his skin is like the softest Balenciaga bag in production. Lucky bish.

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18 Responses to “Product Shill: Theo Walcott For His Line Of Children’s Books”

  1. Sheilla says:

    hey theo just want to say good picture.. :-)

  2. ZaharaSpain NTBarca* says:

    i would buy!!he is just too cute

  3. emma says:

    ohhhhhhhhhh. this is pwetty pwetty. do i need to watch for cesc only now?????? i dont think so. this guy has got some gorgeous lips tooooooo

  4. yelena says:

    oh wow… he looks so pretty here.. wished he lived next door..

  5. aps says:

    He’s so Damn cute. He needs to let go of Melanie though then he’ll be cuter.

  6. SoccerLoverrrr says:

    He is oneeeeeee FINE MAN!!!! DAMMMMMMN

  7. senora ramos says:

    good for him. he looks like a kid, so it's a perfect fit. lol! adorkably cute!

  8. Leya_S says:

    How is he so unbelievably gorgeous?
    Children's books…I love it. That's so sweet!
    I love children, too, so maybe Theo can help me make some.

  9. @orionstorm says:

    His skin really is fantastic…dang.

  10. BarceLisa says:

    Theo has never appealed to me before but for some reason lately he's been growing on me. This children's book is only adding to my fascination.

    • Leya_S says:

      I am a proponent of the blossoming of new footy love (that's me with Fernando Llorente right now)…its always magical when someone "old" catches your attention in a new way. :)

      • Zahara says:

        ohmygod! fernando llorente is my current spaniard obsession too!you have good taste, chica!

  11. sheila says:

    Will Cesc be writing a series of action hero books? Obviously, Andrei will have the self help category, and bendy can write romance novelas. What else…?

  12. Missy Manchester says:

    If he could stay on the straight and narrow….and with those good looks and that talent…Theo could OWN the kindergarten market! Moms and five-year-olds would love him!

  13. gin_in_teacups says:

    He has a line of kids books? That is too cute!

  14. LosAngeleno says:

    Good for him putting out kids' books!!! He is just lovely.

  15. whitney says:

    He is so dam pretty!