December 29th, 2010

Product Shill: Torsten Frings For Nike

Thanks M!

Tell it like it is, Viking man. We’ve long understood how much exercise in general should be shunned. And now, it’s on a tee shirt, which makes it legit factual. (We’re ignoring the small print.)

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22 Responses to “Product Shill: Torsten Frings For Nike”

  1. Miss Kris says:

    So much love for Frings! Hands down, the hottest german footballer, by a country mile, as they say. I'll even overlook the terrible tribal tattoos, haha.

  2. Johanna says:

    Such a rebel, love it!

  3. Deb Stimson says:

    WWSRD!! "What Would Sergio Ramos Do?"

    LOVE it!

  4. Leya_S says:

    Ahh Torsten Frings, I missed you at WC2010.
    But yes, jogging sucks, but it's a necessary evil.
    Here is a transcript of my mental process when I'm jogging:

    "Oh God, this sucks…how long have I been jogging? TEN minutes ONLY?!? This treadmill lies! Are the seconds going slower? I want to stop. I think I'm gonna stop. Just a little break. NO! WWSRD!! "What Would Sergio Ramos Do?" That's right! He'd keep going! Keep going! I can do this! You can't have rock-hard abs by eating chocolate and drinking! I've tried that, it fails. Just think about El Ramos' abs….oooooo Sergio Ramos' abs…*sigh*…oops, almost fell off the treadmill…"

  5. Guest says:

    I'll go running with you anytime :D

  6. blitzenTO says:

    He's got that sort of homely-handsome face that I love (see: Joan Capdevila)! Yum!

    And all you ladies dissing Puyol can just Step Off! :-p

  7. Lily says:

    Definitely more attractive than Puyol but he looks more like a rock star than a football player. I approve (but that tattoo is awful).

  8. C16 says:

    I agree Torsten, jogging sucks but it has to be done.

  9. ani says:

    to me he seems more and more like some wise old man .. a bit gandalf-esque

  10. TheFLOOD says:

    I love his tattoos…And I think he's a real man like Puyol…PUYI AND TORSTEN on the rest of the world!!!

  11. Surly Wench says:

    Isn’t he technically a Teuton? : )

  12. BarceLisa says:

    Jogging Sucks eh? well, you know what else sucks Torsten? muffin tops. I'll stick with the jogging, you stick with looking foine.

  13. Jessie says:

    Happy New Year guys…2 Puyols in town… Yep, Happy New Year!!!

  14. Anjali says:

    Is that Puyol's long lost brother by any chance??

  15. hereforthenando says:

    Only one Tarzan-haired footballer has my heart, and it's Puyi. Others need not apply.

  16. Alex Samuel says:

    Ooh la la la la la la la FRINGSY. Love his tattoo, and the 'jogging sucks' slogan!

  17. blake2108 says:

    Love a bit of Torsten. He's a real man, unlike some… *cough* Ronaldo *cough*

  18. Maristela says:

    Hot as always :) Hope he'll have a much better year in 2011 :) BTW I wish to all Kickettes a Happy New Year :)