May 5th, 2010

Product Shill: World Cup WAGs for Umbro

Not that you need one, but here’s an excuse to do a little retail emotional rescue: Umbro has unveiled a collection of World Champions shirts for femmes celebrating the seven teams that have triumphed at the world’s biggest football tournament.

Which current (or former) WAGs made the cut as the official shirt models, then?

Alice Bregoli (Alberto Gilardino, Italy), Susana Werner (Julio Cesar, Brazil) Julia Goedicke (Marcell Jansen/Christoph Metzelder baby momma, Germany), Luli Fernandez (Pablo Mouche/sext partner of Juan Roman Riquelme, Argentina), Zaira Nara (Diego Forlan,Uruguay), Abbey Clancy (Peter Crouch, England) and Charlene Suric (Gael Clichy, France).

We say this is a vast improvement from the original advert, no?

Oh, and our girl crush on Abbey Clancy, since you asked? It’s reaching maximum capacity.

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25 Responses to “Product Shill: World Cup WAGs for Umbro”

  1. -_____- says:

    Allowing these WAGs to represent the country gives them legitimacy and importance they don't deserve…

  2. black widow says:

    7 teams, kickette? surely it's 8, with the inclusion of spain? (also, thank god pastasauce wasn't asked to model theirs!)

  3. [...] it’s not as hot as Dani Fornarelli’s US Soccer uniform spread for Playboy. According to the almighty Kickette, the WAGs appearing in the photo are as follows: Alice Bregoli (Alberto Gilardini, Italy), Susana [...]

  4. jazzie says:

    blimey!!! Susanna Werner is still around? She was with Ronaldo (the brazil one obviously) back in 98…. wow…

  5. aristeia says:

    Awesome to see Alice & Susanna in there, great to change it up and have a different WAG from those countries that you don’t normally see. They look beautiful too!

  6. keziah says:

    Great shoot. These women are so stunning. If you check out the videos on the Umbro site there are two things to note: first it is very VERY obvious that Alice has been majorly airbrushed. second how much od you love LOVE Zaira! "Combine ladies and football, it's perfect for the boys!" hahaha Amen!

  7. Yasmin says:

    I love Susanna!

  8. cr9 lover says:

    Sorry but these women are not pretty at all. I mean they couldn't get the real pretty one like sylvie van de vaart or cheryl cole. I mean who are these women uhhhhh.

    • aristeia says:

      Since Sylvie’s husband plays for the Netherlands and they’ve never won a WC, that would be why there is no Dutch woman there. And I’m pretty sure Cheryl isn’t the only famous WAG in England. You don’t think any of these women are pretty? Wow… tough crowd.

      • Merel says:

        No, that's because the Dutch are promoting only Dutch made products. Sylvie is the face of the Dutchy Dress.

  9. Decri says:

    German's representative should be Sarah Brandner (Schweinsteiger's gf), a really german WAG, not this one, even because neither Marcell Jansen nor Christoph Metzelder will be in the Germany NT this World Cup. She's past.

    • aristeia says:

      Gotta agree w/ you there. I think she’d have been a better choice.

  10. rubyqueen19 says:

    abbey look’s sooooooooooo hot.if i was a man i would not say no.heehee.and i could’nt of picked a better england wag to represent the uk.. ohhh i shiver at the thought of who they could of asked.!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. carly says:

    Yeah, think I prefer the less-slutty, more fun original advert.

    Those skanky poses are too vulgar.

  12. wanniemelon says:

    i prefer the original, actually. but i guess i'm just old school that way…

  13. I’m buying that England shirt ASAP.

  14. Le Gaffer says:

    Really love what umbro has been doing for the past year or so.

    Still can't choose which crest I like best … I'll take them all !

    WAG-wise, they're all stunning

  15. Ellaxx says:

    I know its probably the point, and she looks fantastic still but she looks far too airbrushed, she looks amazing as she is.

    The advert isnt too bad, could have been a lot worse, and is still like the original!

  16. Merel says:

    Frankly, I am so over WAG's promoting the WC and their countries. Let the men do it.

  17. Like Klyn312, I have a certain fondness for all things mod so… I actually *like* the old school advert.

    I already have my 2010 WC England kit with Rooney on it, but go ahead, twist my arm… I could always buy another! It's not like I only have one England shirt already…

    Love Ms. Clancy…even without looking at this post, I just knew that it would be Abbey rep'ing for England. :)

  18. klyn312 says:

    I adore the original Advert!! I'm a bit of a mid century/Mod junkie myself tho.

  19. liv says:

    I love it; the ladies look great!