April 25th, 2007

Property Watch: Neville Neville Land


Usually Gary Neville flies under the Kickette radar.  Unless he’s doing something related to his best bud, David Beckham, we’re not really that bothered.

Because he’s not good looking.  Just google him, you’ll see.

However, today an exception will be made, because Mr. Neville has impressed the pants off of us. And we’re not even talking about his £80,000 a week salary.

Not only is he building a 12 bedroom mansion in Lancashire with no expenses spared in order to host his upcoming wedding, he’s levelling historic 16th century properties in order to do it. Buh bye old ass relic of history, hello £6 million golf course, stables, cinema and other such necessary goodies.

Neville has nearly 200 builders hard at work on the site to get it ready for his marriage to Emma Hadfield on June 16th – he’s promised to carry her over the threshold of their new home, so they better get their hustle on. The pair will be start the ceremony at Manchester Cathedral before heading to the new diggs, where insiders say James Blunt will be performing. No word on whether ear plugs will be provided.

Link: United Star Builds A Stunning £6 Million Home

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2 Responses to “Property Watch: Neville Neville Land”

  1. uneditedmara says:

    He’s gotta keep that house a-blingin’ else his new bride’s eyes fall upon his face.

  2. ballack's missing hair says:

    now, if he’ll build a wall around his property, the world will be spared from his beauty.

    some of the time, anyway.