April 23rd, 2012

QOTD: Alessandro Del Piero on Kissing Claudio Marchisio

Images: AP Photo/Alberto Ramella. Cheers to Kickette reader Niloo for the tip – we wish her luck in her Kickette tipster reporting exam studies!

Alessandro Del Piero graphically explains why a fling between him and Claudio Marchisio would never work out (as well as why he locked lips with his teammate when celebrating a goal):

“I was trying to kiss Claudio Marchisio’s nose, but he moved. I am very happily married and like girls. Besides, he’s not my type.”

Opposites are definitely attracting in your and Marchisio’s case, Signore Del Piero.

We have the pictures to prove it.

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8 Responses to “QOTD: Alessandro Del Piero on Kissing Claudio Marchisio”

  1. Meeka says:

    I can't blame him… I'd try to kiss Marchisio on the mouth too if I had the chance lol

  2. Naomi says:

    Could you really blame him for trying to kiss Claudio? I wouldn't be able to resist!

  3. Nienke says:

    Is there no video of this exciting event?

  4. embla says:

    These pictures are a lot hotter than the actual "kiss"! Very cute! And weird how an Italian man has to "defend" himself for almost kissing another man on the lips. Cheek/lips/hand… more kissing for everybody!

  5. Niloo says:

    YAY! Thanks Kickette! :)

    I love his excuse:
    "I was trying to kiss Claudio Marchisio’s nose" Hahaha!