January 12th, 2011

QOTD: Irina Shayk On SI Swimsuit Sets

Behind-the-scenes image via HotCelebsHome.com. Yeah, we know. But desperate times call for desperate, tacky measures.

“Why is closed set, are there naked beetches in here or someting?” - Irina Shayk questioning the rules and restrictions of a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit photoshoot.

Love her or hate her, we can’t help laugh with (and at) her.

Rumour has it that lad’s mag favourite/Italian WAG, Melissa Satta, will be the only other footballer’s girlfriend donning a bikini in this year’s annual edition. In what would be her second appearance for the special swimsuit issue, the footy world will have to scope it out for themselves once the issue hits newsstands on February 15.

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28 Responses to “QOTD: Irina Shayk On SI Swimsuit Sets”

  1. footyhoar says:

    aw come on ladies… maybe it was a Russian joke. lol

  2. an airhead for another airhead like Ronaldo, big deal

  3. shay says:

    What I really want to know is how does "she" tuck it so well in a bikini?! Must be industrial strength tape!

  4. SlyMysteron says:

    Like I said before, Shayk-y and Christy deserve each other. I honestly can’t believe how low class and stereotypically stupid this woman actually is. It’s like she’s in a poorly written movie and Meryl Streep couldn’t play idiot, tacky, conniving Russian model better than this.

    I’m OT, But, this is extremely odd. I remember very clearly Brooklyn Decker, last years cover girl (arguably the worst), due to her connections at SI, oh and being Mrs. Roddick, talking about past security surrounding the SISI. They don’t give out information on locations, models, heck what swimsuits they’re using. Forget allowing pictures like this to get out. She might be on the cover and they’re already hyping it. Does anyone know, how we’re SURE this is for SI?

    But who cares really, this just shows how far the big gigs of commercial fashion, the SI Cover and Victoria Secret, have fallen. They are now occupied by non-descript, untalented, arch-backed models, better suited for Maxim and more famous for their boyfriends. Most have the personality and charisma of a dirty lollipop stick. And the figure as well…

  5. Elisa says:

    What, no WAGs in body paint this time around?

    Not a huge fan of Irina either. She just comes off as kind of dim most of the time, although I'd probably do more than I'd like to admit to get a body like hers.

  6. Ciarraí says:

    Barbie has a bigger brain then her

  7. Cammie says:

    Joker may get the Cover because of Cris, that’s why she is sticking around so long, Personally I found her too skinny…Bar or Brooklyn Decker have better figures…

    Antoniella is gone, and this PR w**** is still around…Just Wrong..

    • SlyMysteron says:

      I agree, Bar Rafaeli is a WOMAN.

      My vote would be for Lara Stone, but she's too good to be the SI cover tart.

      • Crackers says:

        Oh, Lara Stone is a true fashion model and DEFINITELY too good to play a men's-mag tart.

        On a superficial note, I'd be gay for her.

  8. Laz says:

    Just when you think the girls quotes can't get any lower and the good people at kickette find another 'gem' from this 'delightful' lady (much sarcasm intended, especially in the use of the word "lady" to describe Irina as that quote above plus many other's that have come out of Irina's mouth over that last few months would not come out of a lady's mouth. Come to think of it, would a lady pose in the suggestive way required for SI? (though Heldi K and Elle M have in the past so that particular one is up for debate))…..

    seriously how did ronaldo find a girl with even less class than Nereida?! – the mind boggles on that one as back in 2008 i did not see that as possible. Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

    Makes me laugh to think that a few yrs back people were worried that Victoria Beckham was a bad role model for todays children. Irina makes Victoria look like the hard working, gifted Yale student in comparison (though in the article Irina did with Harpars Bazaar a few months back it was ironically made out that Irina was much smarter than Victoria just because Irina likes reading russian lit in her spare time – which for the record liking to read does not make you clever, it just means you like to read and also in the last few yrs Posh has been busy building up a very respectable fashion empire on her CV, what has Irina done over the last few years that reaches even 50% of that same note?!)

    On a serious note I am fed up of all these model/footballer combos (not just the increasingly tiresome couple of cristiano and irina) as it's gotten old, predictable and leaves little to be desired. I'd love one of the big players like ronaldo to go out with a girl whom has done or is currently doing a respectable degree and intends to use their degree in their work for the rest of their lives instead of living off a players money and benefiting from their fame. But I highly doubt that there will be a day when a footballer picks a girl for her mind and not at all based on what she looks in her underwear/naked – sadly we and especially footballers leave in a increasingly shallow world these days :(

    • Laz says:

      For the record I was not dissing Victoria, I actually quite like her and over the last few yrs she has worked hard and has become more respectable and creditable. However at the end of the day she is still a stereotypical way to an extent, though a better one than most and i don't believe that the majority of wags (the models, tv presenters, singers, etc….) are the best role models for the children of today as doing those sorts of jobs and marrying footballers is unachievable and unattainable for the vast majority and quite thankfully too, as the world does not need anymore wannabe wags or wannabes who want wag stamped jobs

      Hope that the girls on here know what I mean by that!

    • Lily says:

      This is why it upsets me when girls say that they want to be a WAG, like it is a career or something to be proud of. The stereotypes are the least of problems, what about the fact that footballers are notorious for cheating and sex scandals?

      Footballers date models and plastic girls because they are the ones that will get addicted to the fame and money. A clever, independant girl will dump their asses and humiliate them when they cheat. Just look at Coleen Rooney. That woman has absolutely no self-respect. Wayne has cheated on her multiple times and he'll continue to cheat on her, but she will never leave him.

    • SoccerLoverrr says:

      that's soo true! some footballers need to stop being so superficial and just date girls who are like down to earth and care bout gettin a degree rather than being on the front page of a newspaper cuz they were seen stumbling wasted out of club.

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  10. Summer says:

    I can't stand Irina, maybe this is only a my problem, but I simply can't stand her. I think that a stupid barbie without brain..

    But has someone herd the news about our sexy man Gerard Pique? Click here http://www.gazzetta.it/Calcio/Estero/Liga/12-01-2… http://www.ansa.it/web/notizie/photostory/spettac…

    I'm sorry but I've found them only in Italian.. :)

  11. Liz says:

    If she gets the cover then I have lost all faith in SI for they will be just giving covers to WAGs of athletes 2 years in a row. If she does get the cover I hope she knows it only because she has some "relationship" with CR and not because of her personally. I really hope she doesn't get it.

    • Thea says:

      It is odd – but I guess SI may be stuggling to find models or celebrities from North America who want to do it – most of them now either pose for Palyboy or are snapped up by Victoria Secrets. Certainly seems to have losts it's way form the heyday of Tara Banks an Heidi Klum!

    • Cammie says:

      I hope she doesn't get it either, but her and her agent Lorenzo have done such a PR campaign with sillly Cristiano, this shallow, boney woman might get it….

      • Liz says:

        And she has done SI before. She knows why it is a closed set. They keep the swimsuit edition very private, they always have. She should know this. They shouldn't even be releasing any pics of the edition at all.

    • Elisa says:

      I hope she doesn't get the cover, although I never really respected the SI swimsuit issue to begin with, so I guess in my head, it would make sense. To be honest, I never thought she had a really gorgeous face. That makes me sound catty, but I don't think that she'd compare to cover models of the past.

  12. Crackers says:

    LOL at Irina. Seriously. And not just because that sentence would sound hilarious in a Russian accent.


  13. Thea says:

    Obviously not the brightest….but that obviously does not concern Mr Jerseylicious – for now at least!

    • Wow says:

      Mr Jerseylicious, you know Thea i watch that show on the style network, and Christiano & those girls are exactly alike, the fake tan obsession and excessive use of hair products. It's perfect for him!(:

    • Sergz says:

      Lol, that show is awesome!