March 8th, 2011

QOTD: Pep Guardiola, Barcelona

Provocative? Moi? Image: Reuters/Daylife.

“Wilshere is a top player. He is an excellent player, not just Arsenal, but also for the national team. [But] he is lucky because we have many players in the second team like him – but he plays because there is no pressure at his club to win titles.”

Pep Guardiola offered his thoughts on Jack Wilshere – which the Spanish press believes was taken out of context by the British media – prior to the second leg of Barcelona’s fixture against Arsenal in the Champions League tonight. We await the latest instalment of Jack’s Twitter feed with interest.

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74 Responses to “QOTD: Pep Guardiola, Barcelona”

  1. Carla says:

    El Míster Guardiola it`s just been El Míster Guardiola, his personality and his caracter are strong that`s the way he is…

  2. zippity says:

    Let's just stop the snark and enjoy the view…lookin' good, Pep.

  3. Deanna says:

    I am over Barca comments. Whether its from Pep or Xavi, it never ends. Yes maybe he didn't say reserves, but he also didn't say he would be starting 11 or in the first squad. Both are intelligent men that know exactly what they are saying and know how to say it.

    Neither will come out with just a compliment about Arsenal. There is always some kind of underhanded jab. I expect it from them now.

    • Vrock112 says:

      Couldn’t have said it better myself! You go girl! (yes I did just pull at 1990′s phrase) :)

  4. @vrock112 says:

    Come on ladies and gents, even our favorite coaches/players show a bit of arrogance from time to time and this is definitely one of those moments for Pep. I know you can bring up millions of other instances to contradict me but as a fan you have to accept that they are not perfect and sometimes they say arrogant things. Didn’t Xavi say that Barcelona was far superior even after they lost to Arsenal? Arrogance pops out from time to time…just saying :)

  5. anne says:

    Stop defending him people! if you have watched the press conference you would have seen that he meant exactly what he said! And this thing with the british press taking it out of context it s just an excuse! at the same press conference it was a spanish journalist that asked cesc what he thought on that matter. Anyway, it isn't the first time that Guardiola makes a disrespectfull comment at an oponent. I remember it happened to years ago with the coach of Sahtior Donetk but everyone seems to overlook these "mistakes".

    • *Sunshine* says:

      I really think Barca and Guardiola aren't that humble team. They are 'nice' because everything is going well, but Guardiola is a FALSE humble, you'll see when things will be worse for Barcelona. Point my words.

      • anne says:

        tottally agree. i'll never get why some people are blinded when it comes to their favourite team. come on, you can still root for barcelona but admit that this was a bad remark, not that it was taken out of context. how come we never get controversy like this with Wenger's statements?

        • @vrock112 says:

          Totally agree girls! The moment you have a different opinion the claws come out! Good thing most of us have a good sense of reality :)

  6. C16 says:

    Dick move… *side eyeing him so hard

  7. Nata says:

    Yes, he was very kind in complementing Jack, but what I don't like is how he sort of put down Arsenal a bit in sing they don't have pressure to win. I think there was a definite misunderstanding, however, between him and the English press. Pep definitely has tons of class and I do have lots of respect for him (despite being a Real Madrid fan), because he's such an amazing coach. But maybe he could have worded a few things a wee bit differently.

  8. Sunny says:

    Im not an Arsenal fan but that referee fudged up that game…

    If more calls were made for Arsenal then they would have played the game different….

    And I think I can speak for everyone when I say Febregas was playing for the wrong side./…

    What does everyone else think?

    • Gill says:

      Cesc certainly played like he thought he was playing for the wrong team- that back pass was so ridiculous. I'm a Man Utd fan, and I was livid to see such wasteful play near the end of the half.

      Then comes the ref and his card n whistle. Honestly. A joke.
      But back to Pep, the UK press will always stir up crap where there is none. He's far to fair a man and manager to be so rude, so I never believed that.

      • @DebStimson says:

        Yes it was an ill-advised pass, which I'm sure Cesc regretted as soon as he made it. Unfortunately, with a team like Barca, all it takes is one mental lapse and they will make you pay. I certainly don't think he did it on purpose. If I did, then I would also have to think Busi's own goal was on purpose too, which we all know it wasn't.

        Sh*t happens. Give the guy a break.

  9. mochara says:

    he kinda reminds me of Mr. Bean…. not in a bad way!

  10. Amy says:

    I haven't seen such a horribly officiated game since the World Cup. Barcelona by no means deserved that win. I'm not saying that they wouldn't have won if RVP wasn't sent off, but oh man I hope that ref hears it in full.

    • Sunny says:

      I agree 100%%%

    • Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

      Yeah, blame the ref for Barca's total dominance.

      • EM. says:

        Possession stats mean shit unless you convert them into goals. Barca had what? 3 goals. One of them was Cesc's horrible backpass and another was a questionable penalty. How is that "total dominance"? More passes, sure but even in games they've lost, they've had more passes than the opposition.

        Not saying Arsenal were better – that they weren't but their tactics weren't horribly wrong ~ they managed to hold their lead for ~47 minutes and even had Busquets make up for Cesc's mistake. They did suffer when Robin was wrongly sent off while Valdes, Abidal and Adriano stayed on the pitch DESPITE harrassing Nasri and Persie by grabbing their throats. The ref in the earlier game also made a questionable decision with the offside goal but I think most Gunners would happily give him that call if it meant the other two wouldn't go Barcelona's way.

        • Zahara says:

          yes…but when you compare it to the fact that arsenal didnt get ONE shot, coz they didnt even get the ball, possesion stats do not mean ****

        • Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

          Blaming the ref is always lame. Refs always makes mistakes, sometimes they go your way, sometimes they don't. And Barca did convert their possession into goals. In fact they had 4. Arsenal didn't get one shot at goal. I don't know what more to say to you

    • tigerS says:

      I didn't hear Arsenal complaining about Messi offside goal that wasn't. Was that ref shitty too?

    • @DebStimson says:

      For a Champions' League game, I really expected a lot better from the refs. The refs were bad, in truth. There were some bad decisions that really hurt Arsenal but there were at least a few bad decisions that helped them.

      I could be wrong but it seemed like Arsène's plan from jump was to defend first and try to score on the counter. Their approach at the Emirates worked well so I was a bit surprised that Arsène would change that. Arsenal was successful at the Emirates because they passed the ball well and challenged Barca when they had the ball. This didn't happen yesterday. Maybe Arsène had to change tactics without Theo & Song available? I don't know, but it didn't work.

      Let's hope the guys can bounce back in time for their game with United.

  11. Thea says:

    Okay ladies – now can we stop the Barca bashing and just marvel at the fabulous football…


    • babyLila says:

      All I have to say to that is… referee's really have the power to change a game…

      • Gill says:

        Exactly. Barca didn't have their best game and could easily have lost even when Arsenal went down to 10 with that Bendtner 1-on-1. Yes, Barca are a great team, but everyone acts like they can't be beaten (without the aid of UEFA officials).

        • Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

          Excuse me, but don't make me laugh. Of course it was a wrong decision to give RvP a second yellow card (at least I think so) but how do you reckon that it mattered in a game where the gunners had zero (0!) shots on goal? A game where Barca had to score for them? I don't want to be disrespectful to the gunners, I really like them and I'm sad that they are out, but they where totally outplayed by Barca, regardless of the refs.

          • SUnny says:

            haha gotta love those barca girls

            The ref started handing out cards to Arsenal as soon as the game began and "missed" 4 yellow cards that Barca should have been given including the one of a Barca player chockin VP.. That made the team angry and betrayed… and we all know when a team is playing with emotions they don't play a good game

            It was Barca's plan right from the beginning…

      • Kristina says:

        And exactly how did he do that? They didn't stand a chance with or without RVP.

        • Thea says:

          Thanks Kristina – the only chance the Gunners had was an OWN GOAL………they barely touched the ball the whole of the game.

    • Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

      It was pure brilliance, Thea, pure brilliance!

    • mamaly says:

      Are you Pep's mother indisguise, come on back off a little

  12. Por dior says:

    Heard it live through barçatv and he didn´t say it like that ,he was very correct as usual (zzzzzzzz ) the only thing interesting was a witty remarks guardiola made about Van Persie´s sudden recovery ,but i would like to think that there was an error in the translation.

  13. Rory says:

    I know Pep is a nice guy and probably didn't MEAN to sound rude, but the comment in print definitely comes off as insulting. It's like if I said, "I love your house, it reminds me of my first starter home before I made a lot of money!" LOL!

  14. would love to see Jack score against them now. or provide an assist for a Cesc goal ;)

  15. Leya_S says:

    Whilst I agree that this was taken out of context and that Pep def. didn't mean to insult Jack, I can't help but be just the tiniest bit miffed at his "no pressure to win trophies" comment. I get that Barca has to continually live up to everything they achieve year after year (and I love them for it, they are my 2nd fave team), but to play down the importance of winning trophies to Arsenal (my first favorite team) seems a bit unneccessary.
    In any event, game should be good this afternoon. I'll be happy no matter who wins, but I do want it for Arsenal.

    • Elisa says:

      Agree. As a Gunners fan, I've been fending off "empty trophy cabinet" digs for the past season.

  16. gabriella says:

    yeah who really cares? when we would all rather look at this!…

    • mochara says:

      you made my day :)

    • cherryboomboom says:

      OMG ! Not only you made my day , but you just made my whole LIFE !!!!!!

      I would have never thought he was THIS hot !!! * faints *

  17. Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

    It surprises me that Pep all of a sudden is playing mind games. Or has he done that in the past but I ave been blinded by his overall hotness?

    Anyway, I choose to believe that he didn't intend to insult sweet Jack, and that he is the same classy man before, just misinterpreted.

    This game is really gonna hurt me! I don't want any of them go out at this stage. But as it is I'm praying that Barca is gonna pull through, and that Messi will point to the sky numerous times tonight!

  18. Cara says:

    Of Course I have.

    But to the general public it looks to them like he/ they are running scared. That was my point. Why put yourself in that postition?

  19. Cara says:

    I'm not saying that Arsenal are gong to beat Barca am I? I'm saying that by making comments about a player not being good enough for the 1st team of Barca and saying its because there not challenging for titles when its clearly not the case then to me it looks like they are scared at the possiblity that could happen.

    I'm not an Arsenal fan but as I'm English i'll want all the English teams to do well so I'll be cheering for Arsenal tonight, regardless of my love for some of Barca's boys.

  20. Cara says:

    No it makes him look like a fool to the public. And Wenger is one of the last men to get lulled into any sence of security before the final whistle.

    • Thea says:

      He will never been a fool to the Catalans – and that's all that matters, win or lose. Barcelona have the type of hero worship no other team can emulate.

      • Cara says:

        I think other fans of other teams will disgree with you highly there.

        • Thea says:

          Doesn't matter hun – the best team won at full time!

          • Cara says:

            Why you being obnoxious for? My arguement wasnt about the better team it was about you on about hero worshiping being better at Barca then anywhere else.

            Barca were good yes, but the refs decisions went in their favor and not Arsenal's. On another night the outcome might of been very different.

  21. Iveth says:

    He will never disrespect anybody..

    • Thea says:

      too true! He's the ultimate manager, humble and genuis in equal measure!

    • @DebStimson says:

      Leave Mou alone. Every coach has a different style. Personally, I respect both. Mou just tells it like he sees it.

      Anyway, the article's about Pep, not Mou.

  22. PepaCandela says:

    I don't know why everyone is relying on this ridiculous interpretation "quoted" by UK papers. The video is out there, he answered the question in English, and the intent of the comment was clearly not to belittle the player or the team. He says that he's a top player for both club and country and that as a 19 year old, he's lucky to get so much time on the first team, as Barca has many players like him (read: good, young) that don't get as much first team time because the pressure due to what is expected of Barca (read: win at least 3 trophies a year) is too high.

    The fact that this was then quoted as "He would only make the reserves at Barca" speaks to someone having an agenda and nothing else. When both teams and managers do nothing but praise each other, you have to invent a dig somewhere, I guess.

    And I say this as a fan of BOTH teams who is hating life today.

  23. blake2108 says:

    If this angers Jack enough, I sure wouldn't mind watching them fight it out.


    • Gladys says:

      Nice comic timing…and thanks for making me laugh while having that hot image in my head. Man/boy fight! Man/boy fight!

  24. simone says:

    Love the body hate the face.

  25. balicious says:

    a bit polemic what pep said. Please, don't be blind

  26. Wow says:

    He's only saying the truth! There are many players @ Baca B team like or even more than Jack W. Pep is only stating facts!!!!!!!!!!!! He did say that Jack is a good player, but watch Beca B teams & you will understand!

  27. Ayah says:

    There’s no way on earth Pep would have said that, has anyone seen his press conferences the man is the most modest coach alive, I think the English media have done what they usually do best, try to paint the best, and the most beautiful, coach alive as a villain, and if in fact Pep was asked about Jack Wilshere, he would defiantly have praised him not say THIS, I mean you have to admit Wilshere is the bright future of English football, the kid’s brilliant. Just sayin’

    • Drine says:

      Agree. There is about a 0% likelihood that Pep said this. Especially If u have heard all the things Pep usually says in press conferences, whether against big teams or small ones. Plus, if I'm not wrong, Pep has praised Wilshire before. English media loves to do this after one of their english teams loses to a non-english team….and given the circumstances, it's quite obvious not to trust english tabloids. To me, something so provocative would be more likely to come from Mourinho.

  28. Marie says:

    Oh come on Pep is too classy to actually say or mean anything like this. I m sure something was lost in translation. He is the kind of guy who would 100% support young, talented players like Wilshere.

    (Btw as far as i am concerned any reference to our second team is a big compliment, after all xavi, iniesia, messi, puyol etc etc were once part of the second team. they are a source of constant pride!!!)

    • Marie says:

      Forgot to add, Pep is provocative in a totally different way!!!!!!

    • Crackers says:

      Hear hear! I'm not a Barca fan, but I will admit that the second team has traditionally been the source of some phenomenal players- things have just been misrepresented by the papers, as usual, I very much doubt that Pep was suggesting Jack isn't fit to play with the big boys.

  29. Cara says:

    No pressure on his club to win titles? There is pressure but Arsenal are dealing well with it and not getting sucked into the media game of 'Lets guess who's going to win the Premier League'. Theirs no pressure on Barca now because Real have fallen once again at the final hurdle.

    Is Pep/Barcalona running scared of little Old Wilshire and Arsenal and the thought that at 10:00PM GMT, Barca's Champions League dreams might be no more?

    • Thea says:

      I don't think so!

      • Cara says:

        I'm not saying that Arsenal are gong to beat Barca am I? I'm saying that by making comments about a player not being good enough for the 1st team of Barca and saying its because there not challenging for titles when its clearly not the case then to me it looks like they are scared at the possiblity that could happen.

        I'm not an Arsenal fan but as I'm English i'll want all the English teams to do well so I'll be cheering for Arsenal tonight, regardless of my love for some of Barca's boys.

        • Thea says:

          Cara – have you ever heard of mind games?!? FYI Pep is playing them – Big Time!

    • Gladys says:

      No comment about the Pep thing…but even as a Barca fan, I take deference to Barca having the La Liga title sewed up. Real Madrid still has a chance and we should not be complacent (also, though my heart belongs to Barca, there are a lot of RM Kickettes out there who haven't given up and I respect their own love for their team. May the end of the season continue to be an exciting one).