August 25th, 2010

QOTD: Pep Guardiola On Gerard Pique & The Cesc Shirt Incident

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Thanks EC!

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95 Responses to “QOTD: Pep Guardiola On Gerard Pique & The Cesc Shirt Incident”

  1. agwe clifford says:

    i do not see any reason why you are stepping out of barca

  2. clifford agwe says:

    i do not see any reason why you are stepping out of barca

  3. Mrs Guardiola says:

    You can always rely on my old man for a classy, cool and humorous soundbite.


  4. Mia says:

    Oh Piqué..we all know he's crazy, but that's one of many reasons why we love him!!

  5. zahara says:

    pep is like the king of the cool club.

    and god help me, im going to explode with love for this team

    also, mmmm pique and pep

  6. sounderslove says:

    reading the subtitles…i know "broma" is just "joke" in spanish but it reminds me of "bromance"

  7. neenyah says:

    WOOT!!!! You said it, Pep! Our coach really knows our players well! ;) What a fun (and sexy! That broken English, hihihihi!) way to end this drama. (Seriously, THIS is the end m’kay??)

    Now let’s grab some margaritas, glowsticks and party!

  8. Jamtart Heart says:

    Hahaha, amazing. Thanks for putting the matter to bed, Pep. <3

  9. super m says:

    I seriously feel like this is a huge ordeal about not such a big deal. Everyone involved, whoever the mastermind was, are buddies. (I guess it’s Pique but I honestly feel wrong referring to him as a “mastermind.” lol). They’re obviously just messing around. Think about it, why would somebody do something to their BFF if they foresaw this type of reaction and hurt coming out of it? I’m certainly not a world class anything, but I know I do stuff with my friends, that if witnessed by random people, could be completely misconstrued in a million different ways.
    On a random side note, broken English has got to be one of my favorite things in the world, so that was fun!

  10. Alia says:

    aveses no esta bien de la cabeza? more like ‘no esta bien de la cabeza’ esta loco el guey pero por eso lo amooooo

  11. Emme says:

    Okay, I probably should stay out of this since I am not an Arsenal gal or a Barcette (not that I have any particular dislike for either side) and I do not want to add any fuel to the already heated debate….but this whole situation is just really sad. I totally understand why Cesc would want to go to Barca. The past few years have been absurdly amazing for the Spanish NT & most of those players play in La Liga. Plus, I thought his father played for Barca (is that right?). However, I have to go with Arsenal on this one. I have noticed that no one has mentioned what his place on the Barca team would be. Considering Barca has Xavi, Messi, Iniesta, etc, where does Cesc fit in? Would he even get to start? He certainly would not be captain. He is a really talented and YOUNG player. What good is going to your dream club if if it means being a back-up to Xavi, etc.? Does being on the same team as Pique mean more than advancing his career? Arsenal seems to value him a great deal – he is very young and already captain and they treat him like a king. It seems like being at Arsenal is the best career move for him and that he has a pretty sweet deal there. I won't even comment on how Barca can clearly not afford him and that their club is bankrupt and will probably have to start selling some big players in the next year or so. Okay, sorry this is so long. My novella is complete. Really hope no one is mad at me.

    • neenyah says:

      Hola chica! No one's mad at you, as everyone is entitled to their own opinions :) As a Barca fan, I also believe that this season we don't need another playmaker like Cesc. Thus I am also on pins and needles with all this Cesc drama.

      However, bankrupt?? Ouch! If you look at the debts of other clubs, you'd see that Barca's debt is actually still in context. I tell you, the amount's not absurd and it's certainly not the highest!

      • Emme says:

        Maybe ‘bankrupt’ was a little harsh…but just want the best for Cesc. He is a great baller and a class act, so just want to see him get the most playing time possible and to be in a situation where he is treasured. Here is to an amazing season for Cesc & Arsenal. Well wishes to Barca as well (except in the case of El Classico then I will be vehemently opposed to winning)!

        • neenyah says:

          I'm all for Cesc being the boss of his football career. Right now, I agree Arsenal is the best place for him.

          Best of luck to your team too! Ah no no no no, we'll dominate El Clasico ;) Hahaha! Can't wait!

    • ayza says:

      As a Barça fan I agree with you from first sentence to last one, it's like you've written looking at my mind – totally in sync.

      Cesc is a great player and Barça is the best team in the world but this duo doesn't have to be together if it means that the talented player wait in the benah unless someone is retired or injured. Barcelona is Cesc home and he is a culé but not a jugador del FC Barcelona for couple of years. In the meantime insha'allah he'll be a better player and he'll arrive at Camp Nou as a classier, a certain first 11 player and be with his bros and family. That's the best for him and if there's a possible better scenerio I sincerely hope that happens for him

  12. JV says:

    I had a feeling Pique was too sexy to not be a little crazy, thanks for the confirmation Pep!

  13. marleynne says:

    hey! are any of you going to a Barcelona or Arsenal match this season?
    I should be going to a Barcelona match on the 12th of December. ohhhh I can’t wait to see Pique!!
    Wish I could also see Cesc :(

  14. LoveFootballLoveFoot says:

    OMG! Seriously, back to this? We have lots to be thankful for in this world and one of those reasons is that such a sport has been around pretty much since the time men walk erect… lol had to laugh at that. Another thing that we should all appreciate regardless of the team you love whether its Barcelona or Arsenal or even another spanish or non-spanish team, is the fact that there are these two, three if you include Puyi that aren't afraid to say they love each other and that their friendship is stronger than ever.

    I see this as a wonderful thing since European men seem to be more open about their feelings and don't mind joking around with their pals no matter where they are or who is watching them. I love Pique and he seems like a nice person and a great friend. By the pics and blogs here you saw that he spend time with his football friends, his family and non-football friends and sadly, I mean finally he spend time with his lovely gf.

    In the end, this is all about clubs and not really about Cesc or Pique, but the thing is that these two love their Barca whether or not people will accept that is going to be up to each and everyone who dislikes or likes that fact. To me, Cesc has been under a lot of peer pressure and not only by Pique but we all know that he will most likely end up in Barca one day and he and Pique would love nothing more than to end their careers as footballers there. Lovely ladies, let it go and enjoy your teams with whatever players they have no one says we gotta like them all or that we can't see the eyecandy from other teams/countries/continents. I've been through this with my teams back in the day not worth "fighting" each other.

  15. ba says:

    Aww! I already know who are my favorite coach! He…

    His english is frikin sexy and he seems so fuunn

  16. Madenaaa says:

    Here’s my take, if Barca really wanted Fabregas, they need to put their money where there mouth is! The amount they offered Arsenal was shamefully low for a player of his caliber. And Cesc has played for Arsenal, but Arsenal just wants to hold on to him like an overgrown child and a teddy bear.

    Point is, Barcelona is his home. Barca is where his friends, his family are. Of course the boy wants to go to Barca!
    I think the shirt thing was a joke, and the only people fuming are Arsenal fans.
    I think Cesc handled everything well, considering he was under so much pressure to come home.

    In one tribute ceremony in his hometown, they showed a slide show of him from his time at Barca, and the boy started crying. That’s a boy who wants to go home, but knows he can’t, not at least until he gets some silverware for Arsenal.

    • Mona says:

      So all of a SUDDEN he remembers that his family and friends are in barcelona yeah? after he spend 7years in london and left spain as a 16yrs old… plz dont come with the 'he is homesick' talk because i dont buy it!!! fact is that he wants to WIN something, which i respect because he is an athelete and us fans we want to see our teams win aswell right and i know he sees himself winning more with the current barca team than with his teammates…fair enough and its understandable as cesc is a very competitive player, who doesnt even like to lose in training (according to henry)….but that doesnt explain his behaviour during this whole summer! honestly, i was first annoyed with the barca shirt incident but kinda got over it now, but nobody can deny that it was absolutely disrespectful n useless of pique and puyol!

      i would love di maria and higuain putting on a real madrid shirt on messi to see how the barca fans then react…but u know what they wouldnt go that low as its disrespectful… to his fans and current club!

      cesc left barca when they were trophyless for years and came to arsenal when they were in their prime time! now that barcelona is the more successful team he wants to go back as he is 'suddenly' homesick…lol! but u know what if he goes back to barcelona and wins trophies there, he wont be remembered as when he helps arsenal win trophies as their CAPTAIN!

      iam an arsenal supporter and cesc is my favour player but the show he did this summer and the way he disrespected his fans, by not coming out and telling the truth, really has changed my mind about him!!! he was so committed to arsenal and the love he used showed the club, supporters and wenger also made me love him more!!! i remember him saying in an interview that even his girlfriend prefers him more in london than in barcelona as he is more relaxed here than there….


      anyways the truth is that wenger put alot of trust in him as a 19yrs old, by letting go of the former arsenal talisman and captain viera, is HUGE! with his 23yrs he has got more football experience than many players his age (or even older) in the football…regular 1st team place, CL-experience etc…

      and the tribute ceremony for cesc was a joke…how can they celebrate his footballing career with ONLY barca moments, as a 12-13 yrs old, when he became the football player he is today at ARSENAL and STILL is an arsenal player??!! he has been now longer at arsenal than he was at barca…BUT of course i wont deny he was taught he first football at his local football academy and then at the barca academy but at arsenal is where he had the likes of henry,viera and pires teaching him and learned his own style of game… and the use of his late grandfather in the video is bottomline for me…no wonder he started crying!!!

      and u know what we'll be holding on to him like our little teddy bear as long as he is an arsenal players and WENGER decides when its the best time for him to leave…or when his contract ends in 2015 ;)

  17. cymraeg_ddraig says:

    I do love me some Pep :)

  18. Leya says:

    Jeez, I can’t believe they’re STILL talking about this.

    Granted Pep Guardiola (*sigh*swoon*) and his adorable accent are just priceless!

    To reiterate what everyone else has been saying, I agree that the Barca-Cesc-Arsenal love (hate?) triangle was handled poorly.

    However, I must comment that while I don’t doubt that Barca definitely want Cesc and made several moves to get him (however un-PC they may have been), this whole incident was really made worse and brought to public by the players, who, of course, had no bad intentions. I think they were all just really excited about the possibility of Cesc coming to join them, they went a little overboard in showing their unwavering support, and neglected to think about the repercussions of some of their actions. As such, people really need to STOP DEMONIZING BARCELONA AND ITS PLAYERS!!!!!

    Really, I feel bad for CESC!!! He has his friends shoving a Barca shirt over his head, the press printing things he said about his homesickness being a reason he wants to leave Arsenal, and then he has to go back to Emirates and face all his teammates who might have begun to doubt his loyalty to the club!

    Pero esta bien! I will comfort him…. ;)

    • Leya says:

      and just to be clear I'm an American with no pre-designated allegiances anywhere. As such, I'm hurt by this whole debacle bc Barca is my fave La Liga club and Arsenal is my fave EPL club. SO ladies on either side, I'm not trying to say one side is right and one side is wrong. I just think that maybe its time to forgive and forget, yeah?

      (*ducks*) Please don't hurt me!

      • Zlatanista says:

        Dear Leya, i´m not going to hurt you, you talk too much sense :) . I agree with you i´d like this thing to just stop so that we could go back to admire the teams and players of our choice. I enjoy the teasing and the competition between fans of different sides, but this thing has just blown out of proportion.

  19. Barca4life says:

    Cesc belongs at Barcelona!

  20. PepaCandela says:

    Ah, but the crazies make the best defenders!

  21. SpanishFootieLover says:

    HAHAHAHA! That’s so funny! I forgive the barca players cuz cesc grew up with them and they are really close to him–especially Pique. Everyone knows that Pique is a jokester :D Apperantly so is pepe.

    • Tashinka says:

      I have only recently become a (true, mad, deep) Piqué fan, but I have come to the conclusion that he is more of a jokester (well put) than a psycho. He's a child in a body that is all man. :D I think there are far worse scandals in soccer/football to worry about, and I'm not talking about who-slept-with-whom… teams bankrupting themselves, players betting on games, you know, that sort of real stuff.

  22. Dutch89 says:

    As a true gooner am just sick of this whole barca-cesc saga…There are not many players in the world as good as Fabregas and so young- so of course Arsenal do not want to let him go. We've also invested a lot of time and money on him. We don't want to let him go in the same way a United fan wouldn't want to have lost Ronaldo or lose Rooney. If we do, we want as much money as possible to take the sting out of it – but contractually we are laughing, and Wenger does not want to lose him for any money regardless.

    If he wants to go back to Barca, why did he sign a 5 year contract? I don't mind if he goes but with such a long contract they have to pay. He'll be worth 50 million at the start of next season – still with a long contract – however, Barca are broke and now have to look in the bargain basement or sell, they can't make realistic bids – just empty promises to their fans, and some of their players are just damn right arrogant esp Xavi i cant stand that joke, Cesc BECAME THE PLAYER THAT HE IS THROUGH ARSENAL, ARSENE WENGER SAW HIS POTENTIALS AND WE TURNED HIM INTO THE PLAYER THAT HE IS TODAY. Am disapointed how Cesc didnt just squash the rumours head on, but instead flirted with both clubs, if they wanted him so bad then money shouldnt have been an issue…look at how much Ibrohimovic cost-and they got their man, and they value cesc to be under £30 million they are having a laugh! if cesc wanted to go so bad he should have grown some balls and handed in a transfer and with the right money Arsene would have let him go i think, this will probably be his last season- i just wished he went now to be honest, no player is bigger than a club. I dont care how bitter i sound ive lost respect for the guy- I really think RVP should be made captain rather than a guy who doesnt even want to be here anymore.

    • Melanieee. says:

      as a barca fan <3

      i think that cesc should do what he wants

      and a lot of people are getting mad over a joke

      like he just bought a house and is settled in england

      i think hes gonna come to barca

      but not anytime soon.

    • Mona says:

      Well said Girl…seriously i couldnt have said it any better!!! However, the suggestion of taking the captaincy of him (which i have heard before) its a bit VERY harsh! although i love love love RVP!!!

      we cant deny the fact that fabregas does love arsenal n he gave his all everytime he played on the pitch BUT i honestly and seriously believe that he was 'brain-washed' by his spanish (barca) teammates *pointing at xavi & pique* and also was used for the presidential elections!!! because i remember him pledging his future 2 arsenal BEFORE the world cup and also wishing his follow teammates (were also at the WC) good luck for the tournament that the rest to have a good rest so they can ALL come back together to have a successful 2010-11 season. but then as soon as he met up with the spanish NT, all of the suddenly he only thinks of the 'today' and not 'tommorrow'…huh?? even after they won the WC he wouldnt commit himself to arsenal or confess he wanted 2 leave to barca…

      i should have noticed barca's plans when i saw cesc on the tv, sitting next to or near the old president laporta during the arsenal – barca game in nou camp!

      and then there is the pique interviewing cesc video for BARCA TV (think the video was shot during the time they were on the international WC qualification games as they are wearing the NT jackets), where he calls cesc a future barca player! looks like they have been planning this saga, the whole of last season! but whats funny is how pique says 'he was asked to do this interview'…meaning they chose pique because they he is cesc's closest friend at barca as he then uses the memories when they played together for the academy and now for the NT…getting all sentimental and emotional lol!

      here's the link…

      what annoyed me the most is the fact that not everyday but nearly EVERY HOUR you would get a new article where the barca players would come out and speak about cesc and arsenal! (messi, puyol, pique n *cant stand him!* mr iam-a-phd-holder XAVI…with his ridicilous DNA talk!)

      fact is that barca never really was interesting in getting (the one who got away – apparently) him back!!! they never came talking UNTIL last season (which was undoubtly cesc best season so far), after wenger changed the team format to 4-3-3, as this style suits cesc the best because he can go forward more (thats how much wenger believes in him!) n then he goes and gives AFC fans the longest and most annoying summer '10…

      i used to like barca, even when they smashed us 4-1, but after this summer i lost my respect for the team n the whole club and i really hope that sexy sergio n the rest will teach them a lesson and put them back to reality ! when we had the whole CR saga going to RM, u wouldnt hear players coming out 2 talk about it (except for guti and ramos lol) but at least RM put the money where their mouths is and paid the money that manutd wanted and was happy with! but barca's offers were ridicilous…

      anyways he stayed and lets hope that they seriously have a successful season and end up as EPL Winners!!!

      • Jules says:

        I was going to let my comment below be my last word on the subject but I really feel the need to say this. As someone who is living thousands of miles away from their home, I don't think it required Pique, Puyol (whose quotes on the matter were fabricated) or Villa (whose quotes were also fabricated) to turn his head. I read an interview in the beginning of the last Premiership season where Cesc was saying how upset he was because he had stopped reading books in Spanish and felt like he was losing his culture.

        People also fail to realise how important Barca is to Catalans. We were politically and culturally repressed for 41 years and for the longest time the only way we could express our heritage, our political beliefs were through this club. I know everyone thinks "Mes que un club" is pompous nonsense but I can assure you that to the 5.5 million Catalans around the world, it means something incredibly important and in the end, even though Cesc may have become a man in England, he is still Catalan.

  23. VeNia says:

    i love how Pep is so close to all the Barca players!!!although i am a culé i thought this joke was a little out of control!!

  24. Anna says:


    Wesley Sneijder and Yolanthe will be getting their own reallife soap the Avro (television channel) just announced. More details will be updated on the website in August.

    ;D Me as a dutch girl is very excited !! A look into a footballer’s life. Yolanthe is very open to the dutch media about everything

    • anna says:

      Sorry to be the party pooper…. but this news was already denied by their spokesperson. The television station admitted that their press release earlier today is fake. There is gonna be a tvshow about yowesley, but’s from ‘Koefnoen’ so basically it’s a couple of actor pretending to be yo & wes and taking the piss…

      • anna says:

        haha, after closer inspection, I see Anna replied to Anna lol. But we are two different Dutch girls with the same name. Hi Anna!

    • mamaly says:

      Oh God, no, I’ve totally had it with wes and yo.

  25. tigerS says:

    lol, everyone knows that PK is a little fucked up in the head..I still love him though. =D

  26. Jules says:

    I think we all need to take a big step back, take a breath and chill out. The Cesc situ is over, Pep was just trying to make a joke and there are few things in football that are completely unforgivable (except what Figo did, just kidding!). Puyol and Pique were trying to have fun and joke around while celebrating (and really, that wasn't the worst thing Pique did that day), they were having fun with an old friend and it was all in good sport. Either way, it's over and this thread is getting fairly vicious. May I suggest we all look at the lovely photos of footballers in their pants and just enjoy the view?

    • LoveFootballLoveFoot says:

      Julie, I partly agree with you… well up to the part of the pants… better jet in their briefs as those fine oiled up Italians. Gotta love Italy doesn't just make great pasta dishes :D

      • LoveFootballLoveFootballPlayers says:

        Yet* sorry about the typo, kind of was thinking of that other post LOL.

    • JulieFromParis says:

      oh yeah let’s do that!! *clapping hands in that excited girlish way*

    • Zlatanista says:

      Good idea, lets do that!!

    • Lisa says:

      I agree. I actually prompted another Kickette to attack my personality. I’m sorry again Sara. Enough arguing okay everyone. Truce?

  27. AngelDust says:

    Awwwwww I'm sorry Cescy!!! I wish you could go to Barca! I saw that video and I think it was a cute joke but im sorry to see you dissappionted…

    Hugs and kisses…

  28. miss toffee says:

    pique is hot. fabbers is hot. guardiola is hot. hot hot hot. mmmmmmm.

  29. Zlatanista says:

    Even with the crazy gestures he is the most elegant (hot as hell) man out here! I think he suggests that Pique has a screw loose, and is not to be taken seriously.

  30. ayza says:

    alright i’m on phone and can’t watch it now someone please explain me what he’s saying?

    • Steph says:

      He’s basically saying that what happened with Cesc and the Barcelona shirt was a joke that Pique did, not Barcelona and that he’s joking, saying that Pique is not well in the head. lol. Pique’s still awesome. :P

  31. Barca4life says:

    Cesc belongs with Barca!! He was BORN there!!!

  32. ASM says:

    ohh pep,LMAO.. :D

    still,pique and puyi's joke is unforgiven..they'd crossing the love towards the whole spanish team doesn't help much to get over it..i dont hate them either,but what they've done is unacceptable..winning world title and overdrunk couldnt be the ticket to dishonour other people even its just a joke..~imo~

  33. anna says:

    I have to say I am a little disappointed after watching the video… As sexy as Pep is, it's not what I expected after reading 'Cesc shirtincident' ;)

  34. D0li says:

    Pique is a bit crazy, but he's mine :D

  35. Lisa says:

    To Kc95, Claire and The Fourth Official: even though as a Culé my first instinct is to defend my Barca boys over this whole Cesc debacle, the truth is I can't.

    The way Barca went about pursuing Fabregas was classless and borderline sociopathic. It's the kind of thing I would expect Real Madrid to do. No big deal, we will lick our wounds.

    So take your shots now because come NEXT season, Cesc will be in a Barca shirt and Arsene Wenger won't even be at Arsenal to persuade him to stay.

    • Anon says:

      Except that Wenger will still be at Arsenal. Read the news.

    • Christine says:

      "It's the kind of thing I would expect Madrid to do.."

      Hate to break it you but everyone does it ;) Unsettling potential transfer targets is just an ugly reality of this game we all love so much. As a Madridista I admit Uncle Flo wrote the manual on how to do it but this "pompues indignation" by Barca fans is hypocritical and more than a little sickening especially in light of the Javier Mascherano situation. You know what they say about people in glass houses?

      • Christine says:

        Make that "pompous indignation" :D

      • Lisa says:

        I apologise I admit that was a bit of a low blow. The most frustrating part of this is that Real Madrid would have been able to meet Arsenal’s demanded transfer fee. Barca somehow never have the money.

        I criticise Real for this all the time but at least your club eventually gets the player it wants without the other club causing too much fuss. I guess like The Godfather they make an offer they couldn’t refuse.

        I like way you call Perez Uncle Flo. I much prefer the names Satan or The Dark Lord.

        • JulieFromParis says:

          Would it be possibly for U ladies to let Los Blancos out of the business, pleazz? I mean, for once this has nothing to do with us, lol :)
          Thanks, have a nice day/evening

          • ASM says:

            take that girls..definitely off topic and i got eye cramp to see u guys bitching my team,got it??thanks..

          • MrsNesta says:

            Have a nice day/evening yourself Julie :) , I'm Arsenal (and also Madridista), so the whole thing got me down, HE'S OUR CAPTAIN but its over now, can't wait for the transfer window to close, need to get back to proper trash talk, when La Liga and CL get going LOL Start of EPL has been mad/crazy!

    • Sara says:

      Lisa all you ever do in the comments section is bitch about other people, clubs and players. GTFO out or stick to a Barca forum (not the Catalan one as they wouldn't accept you). It's not even worth getting worked up over someone as naive and idiotic as you.

      • Lisa says:

        I deserved that. I do bitch alot and stick my nose where it doesn't belong. But that's not who I really am, promise. I think I've even attacked you before right Sara? If I've ever said anything to offend you personally, I sincerely apologize.

    • Claire says:

      Wenger just signed a new contract till 2014.

    • Lisa says:

      Interesting. It says he now earns more than… guess who… Cesc Fabregas.

      Look Arsenal fans, you can go on playing the victim card all you want. The fact is Cesc wants to leave, said he wanted to leave and actually tried leaving this summer without causing a scene.

      Arsene didn’t let that happen did he? He is only delaying the inevitable. So Arsenal fans, get pissy, stomp your feet and insult Barca all you want. Doesn’t change a damn thing.

      • Claire says:

        To be honest, I don't care about Fabregas THAT much. Even though I'm an Arsenal fan. He can go to Barca next summer, but the main thing is that we stayed firm this summer and didn't give in.

      • Zlatanista says:

        You go girl!!

        • Lisa says:

          Look we Culés feel bad enough as it is about the whole Cesc saga right?

          We have tried apologising on behalf of true Barca fans everywhere but Arsenal fans just will not let it go will they?

          I am sick and tired of tip-toeing around their poor hurt feelings. They stopped Cesc from leaving and humiliated Barca in the process.

          You won okay Arsenal fans YOU W-O-N! can you please just move on?

          • Zlatanista says:

            Lisa, don´t you know how this works? They needs to call us pompous and arrogant for a while until they are done. Let´s look forward to the weekend when our boys will do their thing on the pitch. And we can wait for Cesc a little longer can´t we?

            • Lisa says:

              Yea I know but I wish this whole mess never happened. I love Arsene Wenger, Arsenal and everything they represent. Naturally I will always defend Barca in any argument. I hate to see this mini-Rivalry thats growing between the two clubs over the Cesc saga.

              • Zlatanista says:

                Yes it´s so sad! Arsenal is a fine team and i watch them as often as i can. I love the way the take care of young talents. I´m just trying to get used to be called pompous and so forth. I don´t think it´s fair , but i just got to handle it i suppose.

                • Lisa says:

                  lol that is weirdest part. Arsenal fans calling us names the we Culés have been calling Real Madrid fans for over a decade. Takes some getting used to.

                  A lot of people are put off by the whole "more than a club" aura, take this article for example:


                  People like this don't bother me. As far as I'm concerned, they can kiss my blue-and-red ass.

                  Arsenal fans insults got to me because I love their club and actually was on their side when the whole saga happened.

                  • Zlatanista says:

                    I think it´s a price we have to pay for being in love with the most wonderful club in the world. I´m not going to apologize for feeling that way. Thank you for the article!

          • theres says:

            I wonder how Barca fans would react if another club acted the way Barca did to get one of their players. At least Arsenal fans don’t throw pig heads on to the pitch or attack the car of the opponents manager when they feel angry.

            If you’re tired of it write to Barca and complain. They’re the ones talking about it constantly. You’re naive to think Arsenal fans will let this all die down and suddenly forget about everything. Well your last sentence of your post surely wasn’t helpful in mending some fences.

            • Mona says:

              Go on GIRL!!! tell'em…(but hey when did they attack the car of the other manager or throw pig heads on the pitch???)

    • cherryboomboom says:

      Uhh.. No.
      I dont think anyone actually remembers this , but Cesc has signed a contract . Which means Cesc has to stay at Arsenal .If Barca dont want to spend the money for him > Their problem ! Arsenal isnt the one forcing him to stay , its almost like barca is forcing him to go !
      If you want Cesc , Pay. And shut up.

  36. Dahlia says:

    rofl… :D

    Arsenal for the EPL

    Barcelona for La Liga

    Anyone of them for Champion's League!!

  37. Kc95 says:

    If you've been keeping up with the incident, so many of the player have been voicing loud, rude opinons (Xavi, Carles, etc..) that he should be sent to Barca. They've even gone as far to suggest that Arsenal was keeping Cesc prisionor. Just one more reason to root for Madrid.

    • lemonstarbursts says:

      a lot of those reports were from tabloids. Puyol posted on his official website that he didn't say those quotes attributed to him. Obviously he was there when they put the shirt on Cesc so that I cannot defend.

      I've been a Barca fan all my life and I'll be the first to say that I don't approve of how this situation was handled.

    • hmmm.. says:

      Most (if not all) of these "quotes" were false and the players never said those things in real life. Puyol and Villa denied they said those stuff. The only one that didn't was Xavi but until I actually see him voice out the things that he allegedly said I don't believe it either.

    • Jules says:

      Carles never said anything about Cesc coming to Barca. A tabloid made up the quote and he strenuously denied saying anything about it.

      Do I think Pique and Xavi went about it the right way? No but watching your friend (and I think we all know how close Pique and Cesc are…) express his homesickness and his frustration with his club is not fun. The only reason Cesc came to Arsenal was to play for a great club and they haven't been living up to that. His family and his friends are all in Catalunya and Cesc has been saying how removed he feels.

      • Kc95 says:

        Sorry girls, I hadn’t realized. Like I said, I’m a Madridtista all the way, so I don’t keep up quite as tightly with the news on Barca. Though, I probably should have got my facts straight. I just heard these things from a friend of mine who loves Arsenal and was livid at the whole prank buisness.

    • neenyah says:

      Whoa whoa whoa wait up! I’m here to save my Xavi bb! The “quotes” appeared in English tabloids and those were not confirmed as well.

      Media would do everything and anything for a headline. The more shocking (even though it’s not reliable), the more money for them!

      I say, stop reading the tabloids and just focus on actual press conferences and official club announcements. :)

    • Mona says:

      Hala Madrid!!!!

  38. Claire says:

    I looooove Pep!!! He has more class than the whole Barca team together. :D

  39. I'm not an Arsenal fan but what Barcelona have been doing to pursue Fabregas – whether the shirt incident was a "crazy" joke or not – should be punished. Well done, Arsene Wenger.

  40. Cesc' Mia says:

    I just loooooooove the three of them; Pique, Cesc, and Pep as well.

    They're all very talented and STEAMIIIING HOT as well!!

    And i love the way Pep describe how Pique is,,

    so funny!!