May 9th, 2011

QOTD: Salomon Kalou On Football & Sex

Chelsea start poses nude

Thanks Qassim for the tip!

Salomon Kalou’s nekkid body has been plastered all over our computer screens once we discovered his nude spread in the June issue of Cosmospolitan UK (to support the Everyman charity). In the feature – which includes a wealth of scantily-clad guys that you should check out – Kalou weighed in on the never-ending sex v. footy debate:

“I’m a good boy – no sex the day before a match. If I had to choose which was better, football or sex, I’d say football. It’s 90 minutes of pure pleasure and I can’t always say that about sex. But it depends on the fixture and the score!”

The Chelsea man brings a whole new meaning to ‘boot porn’, doesn’t he? And props to his female companion in this pic, who clearly has more self-control than the entire Kickette Army combined.

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12 Responses to “QOTD: Salomon Kalou On Football & Sex”

  1. essjay says:

    I think I'd prefer this 'porn' without the boots, please! ;)

  2. @VeiledHeart says:

    my my my

    oh Kalou, always giving me more reasons to love you

  3. @AgnesWonka says:

    very classy picture… ¬¬

  4. chay says:

    i had a good laugh, for sure

  5. Iluvlp20 says:

    I want to be her! Kalou is one of my fave players and now I like him even more. YUMMM!

  6. mochara says:

    Well, hello there!

  7. chay says:

    holy whoa! my eyes just did the "sunset" (the girl version of boys' "sunrise" when they look at our chest and then go up to the eyes)

  8. blitzenTO says:

    Something about this pic makes me deeply uncomfortable. I think it is because he has so obviously shaved/waxed his, er, intimate area. That's just…eww.

  9. tatiana says:


  10. FloraJane says:

    Holy flippin…. I adore Kalou and am mightily impressed with that absolutely amazing body, but I have to say that this kind of photo spread makes me uncomfortable. I think it's slightly degrading. And I'm sure I'd have more to say on the matter but I just have to go and stare at that terribly degrading picture some more. LOL

  11. IrishBlue says:

    Good Lord Kalou, Chelsea needs to keep you. Heee that rhymes.