September 10th, 2010

QOTD: The Rooneys Issue A Statement

Coleen and Wayne Rooney Manchester United“The last six days have been extremely painful for us and our families. It is impossible for us, as it would be for any family, to attempt to resolve any issues in the current media glare and against the backdrop of so many inaccurate and intrusive stories.

We would therefore ask that the media now respect our privacy and the right of our family to discuss these matters in private.”

-Wayne and Coleen Rooney

Since it’s way too close to the weekend for us to ask any question other than, “Where did we put our hip flasks?”, we’re just going to say that certainly is one carefully worded statement. We suggest reading between the lines, Kickettes.

Hang in there, Coleen – our thoughts are with you and your sister Rosie.

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79 Responses to “QOTD: The Rooneys Issue A Statement”

  1. Red_Girl says:

    What happens in the future? She forgives him, takes him back, gets pregnant and spends the whole pregnancy wondering if he’s resorted to old ways? Does she ban him from seeing the family and close friends who covered up for him and who were happy to pack trashy types into the car and take it back to the villa during the never-ending Balearic stag celebration? Does she sit in her box at Old Trafford watching Rio Ferdinand, wondering why he never intervened/why his wife never tipped her off (given the couples were supposed to be friends?) Wayne is a boor – so stupid he doesn’t have any inner resources at all; no ability to stave off boredom except in outside gratification. In a way, he may be worse when the football comes to an end. At least now he tires himself out with physical exercise.

  2. Karin C. says:

    dump his ugly face already!!!!

    get a hold of yourself woman!!!

  3. PennyL says:

    Best video that completely sums up this situation.!

  4. cymraeg_ddraig says:

    Plan of action:

    Cry for 7 days. Eat chocolate. Drink Vodka. Watch trashy films/tv

    Get your hair done, go out on the town looking amazing. Preferably on the arm of some really hot footballer. Looking at you Cesc.

    Meet with husband, dump him.

    Publicly humiliate him by telling friends how bad he is in bed etc. Friend then "accidentally" lets slip to press.

    Job done!

    • JulieFromParis says:

      U know, Im all for sisterhood but Im not so sure about the Cesc part of the plan…

    • DJ says:

      im with you on cesc. boy is enough to make me get over anyone ;)

      • Lee Sharpe Roy Keane says:

        you don't really think cesc would go out with coleen ? he most certainly wouldn't . nor would anyone else . apart from wazza , obviously

    • rubyqueen says:

      that's a fabulous plan of action girl.:) think i'll follow it since i found out my current boyfriend was seeing someone else too.:( i dissagree with the cesc part though.he would'nt touch her with someone else's poll.

  5. Jamtart Heart says:

    God, people are so harsh, and so happy to judge.



    evidently cheryl cole texted coleen….i hope coleen won’t get hurt by wayne again even if it does mean leaving him.
    she seems like such a sweet gal. good luck to them!


  7. Berline says:

    huh!! the wayne crocodile! SHREK devil…poor coleen…>_< pity of her n rosie… hope everytings gonna be alrite and not be according to Terry, A.Cole, or else England footballer…

  8. Inés says:

    Wazza bad boy! rawwwrrrrrrrrrrr!

    I hope Colleen has more dignity than her mates, say Clancy, Terry…you know ;)

  9. Ella says:

    I do feel badly about Rosie and hope for all of them that she recovers fully.

    As for the rest of it, I can’t feel sympathy about any of it. If a man cheats on you during your engagement, and you marry him anyway, are you really shocked he cheated during your marriage? Coleen (and her fam) have benefitted enormously through her relationship with Wayne. That doesn’t make it at ALL ok for him to cheat, but i think it’s safe to say she will not leave him now. And once you invite the media to your wedding, they will be with you in sickness and health, happiness, sadness, richer, poorer and til death, so others should think twice about selling their privacy. You won’t get it back again.

    • Violets says:

      The whole prostitute fiasco happened when they were teenagers (or at least he did it when they were teenagers and it came out years later), not during their engagement, so I suppose that I could see how she rationalized that one–they were in the very early stages of their relationship, he was young, etc. But I do agree, personally, that if someone does something like that once, they're going to do it again. They've certainly earned a lot of money from the media's obsession with their marriage–I'm thinking that that's probably coming back to haunt them a bit now, when they're looking for privacy.

    • Dru says:

      Like Violets says, the first 'granny prostitute' incident happened when, as per Coleen, they weren't lovers yet. She might have forgiven him for that thinking that they were young and he made a slip-up. But to cheat on your pregnant wife (who before that, was your childhood sweetheart who stood by you from the age of 13 before anyone even had an inkling Wayne would be such a big star), I'm sorry to say it, is scumbag behaviour.

      And if she chooses not to kick the idiot out and make a go of the marriage, that hardly makes her a gold-digger- from what I hear, she's from a Catholic family so might not like the idea of divorce at all, and they do have a small child to consider. And what if she actually loves him- he's hurt her terribly and I'd consider her fully justified in leaving him but if she doesn't want to, or gives him another chance, who are we to judge?

  10. Gabi says:

    This guy is one of the ugliest I’ve ever seen. And still, unfaithful. While his wife was pregnant :-S

  11. MM says:

    Damn it Wayne! i thought you were a good guy.
    i home that Coleen does whatever she thinks is best for her famiy situation and i really really hope her sister pulls through. what a horrible time for her.
    and Wayne, united playeres can’t behave that way. Sir Alex won’t stand for it. Fix your shit dude.

  12. LaBrightside says:

    If this woman has any pride left, she would leave the guy and I am a United Fan through and through. Not only did he cheat on her, although she is his childhood love, no, the tit cheated on her while she was pregnant with HIS baby. That is beyond disgusting. But hey, I guess that is an English WAG thing. Never seen other ladies staying with their husbands after doing shit like that. Look at Terry's wife. Miss Ex Cole. Lamps's ex fiancee. Geez, how on earth can you stay with a man who humiliated you in front of the world? I don't pity the wives and I certainly do not pity the husbands. Pack your stuff lady and leave him. At least you won't look as stupid as Toni.

  13. senora ramos says:

    i hope they get divorced so he can come to me ( and drop his panties ) !!!

  14. Anouk says:

    Frankly, to me both of them seemed to immature to settle into married life and being parents in the first place.

  15. HiL says:

    Ah. What a terrible time for them. I hope they can save their marriage and that Coleen's sister will be okay.

    • Scarlet says:

      Actually I guess no amount of handbags, designer cloths, expensive holidays… are able to fix this evidence in a marriage. Coleen turning a blind eye to wayne'sbehaviour would let her appear stupid, ignorant and week. Wanye wants his son back and he doesn't want to lose his money over a divorce. But I doubt that he actually cares for Coleen. He wants Coleen as a Nanny for his son.

  16. Amandinha says:

    oh, dammit Wayne. I still had faith in you.

  17. rubyqueen says:

    my my my what thick hypercrites we are dealing with here.!!so it is perfectly fine to let ok magazine pay you £2.million pouind to photograph your wedding but when rooney drops his pants and bang’s some hooker we’ve all got to turn a blind eye and pretend it never happened.??get real you dimwits this is called real life.!!i’m sure it will smack coleen in her smug gob when she has to live on a council estate with nothing but shitty nappies and bills.!!

    • Anouk says:

      Under normal circumstances I'd agree with you – apart from the council estate part, I'm pretty sure Coleen has made enough money for herself by now – Coleen always courted the press and was more than eager to write a book about her oh so perfect life with Wayne (she even wrote a book about it ffs). But under given circumstances, i.e. her little sister being so ill, I thibnk the media should leave her alone.

      I hope that it'll teach her a lesson though. You can't pick and choose with the press. If you want to cash in on your private life in good times, you have to accept that their will be interest in the bad times.

      • rubyqueen says:

        i agree with you too.these people are so dumb they think they can shove all their amazing life shit down our throat and then when their perfect life come’s crashing down everyone will just turn away.!!how thick can two people get.??and as for the council estate bit.that is where all her family are gonna end up when wayne takes the house off them.she won’t get much in the divorce either because the wedding wasn’t legal.!!the villa hadn’t renewed their marrige license.and the monestry was on deconcecrated ground.!!haha..

        • Anouk says:

          The marriage wasn't legal? Are you sure about that.

          I read in several articles that Coleen has made £8m from her own projects (books, fitness DVD, TV show etc.), granted that's before taxes that she must have blown a lot of that on shoes, clothes, bags etc., I still think she has more than enough money to make a comfortable living for herself, with or without Wayne.

          • rubyqueen says:

            yes i am 100% sure.the pope said the day after the wedding it was null and void.he should know about thing's being legal.and yes i doubt she'll have much money left now after the tax,bills,shopping and holiday homes,etc etc.

  18. Jamtart Heart says:

    Eww, the whole thing is disgusting. I don’t think the fact that they’ve courted attention before means they relinquish all rights to dignity and privacy forever and ever amen. That’s the lamest excuse in the book, and doesn’t justify the incredibly poor taste that news and gossip rags are showing, especially when there’s a child involved.

    Ick, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth, for sure. It’s something they should be allowed to handle privately, IMO.

  19. EternalDreamer says:

    I am usually skeptical of tabloid news, even if I find the gossip interesting, but this statement smacks of guilt to me…hopefully Coleen’s family have a strong support network.

  20. JV says:

    I can’t imagine how overwhelmed Colleen must feel. All this drama, her sisters failing health plus she’s the main care giver for a toddler. While I agree that she opened Pandora’s box by inviting the press to record happier times, I can’t help feeling badly about the mess she’s in because no one ever expects these things to blow up in their face. I hope the Rooney’s will get a bit of space and whatever happens that they’ll be more discreet in future. A bought lesson is the best kind, as the saying goes…

  21. Elizabeth says:

    I really feel for Rosie, I do hope the sweet little girl pulls through for both her and her familys sake :(

    Its the last think Poor Coleen needs.

    However, how can Rooney ask for Privacy now, when all they do is sell their lives? Im sorry you cant pick and choose. If Rooneys been misbehaving they he cant just decide he doesnt want the coverage. Behave and you'll receive great reports, Misbehave and you reap what you sow!!!!


  22. Fernanda says:

    I feel bad for her not only for what her husband did to her (allegedly did I should say) but also for her sister. I do not, however, feel bad for the media being all over this story. Their request to handle things privately is hypocritical considering all the money they’ve made off of the media to begin with. If you invite the people into to your relationship, you can’t expect them to only be there for the good, especially considering how much drama sells! I can’t stand celebs who sell their pics and make money off of their personal lives yet ask for privacy when things aren’t as peachy keen and it’s an embarrassing situation. If this were someone like Fernando and Olalla then it would be completely different. They do not parade around selling pics of their wedding or calling attention to themselves. You ask for attention then you must accept the fact that you are going to have to put up with people being in your business in the good times and in the bad times as well. This is why I love my Spanish boys! You don’t hear about this type of behaviors from them. Class acts both on and off the pitch! :)

    • JV says:

      LOL, Iker and Marinara (or whatever she's called) are discreet?! I guess I dreamed the pawing in front of a billion people.

    • Yeah! I totally agreed with you! I was abt to say that about the Spanish boys and then i was like, hey, this girl has said it all!

      Preach it, sista! :P

    • Dru says:

      Oh God, no- don’t even mention Nando and Olalla in the same breath as this cheating scumbag! I mean, they’re adorable and I wish them all the best, but I do agree with you, they’re so private (wedding with only 2 witnesses on the Champions League final weekend, no one figuring out Olalla was pregnant either time until she was quite visibly showing, Olalla herself making no media appearances/magazine shoots/endorsements), they’re in a whole other league. And even then O still got a lot of shit from Atletico fans/media when Fern was captain there.

      But yeah, foreign WAGs tend to be slightly more low-key, and La Seleccion behave themselves or at least seem too. I mean, even serial daters like Iker or The Ramos might break up with girlfriends (though I wish Iker and Pasta all the best and hope they stay together, I like her), they at least break up or something before fooling around with a new girl!

  23. Alexandra says:

    Discussing their relationship and private life in OK or Hell mag never seemed to be an issue before…That’s what happens when you splash your toilet rolls and baby crib to the world and use the press to make yourself look good, the backlash is never pleasant. But I guess they were too thick and greedy to analyse (if they can spell it) what happened to the Beckhams, Terrys and many others before them.

  24. Hoping Rosie is going to be alright. My heart goes out to Coleen and her family – what stress they all must be under.

    • snowy says:

      Yes, what a rough week and I really feel awful for them. Just proves that all those shedloads of money can bring designer duds and daily hair-dos but not peace of mind or resolution to all your problems, I guess.

  25. Jo says:

    Awful news about Rosie. I hope that she can recover soon.

  26. LoveFootballLoveFootballPlayers says:

    Its hard to feel bad for grownups since he did cheat before but that doesn’t make any easier or her. It also doesn’t give him a free ticket to go on and cheat because he may think he has a sure thing at home. What is beginning to bother me is that in the articles that I’ve seen in the links from Kickette I read “while she was pregnant with THEIR FIRST child”… what does that mean? I’m sure by now she knows the real truth, is she planning on staying with him and making more babies with him? Yes, I realize someone else is saying it not her but it does bother me.

    Although, with everything that’s going on in her life she needs more support and it tough trying to fight your own battles when you have a little life depending on you and your family is also asking/needing for your support. I feel bad for the family having their daughters going through hell right now. Also because it says the family is fearing the worst and not saying they hope for the best. I know first hand its hard enough fearing the worst when your man is there holding your hand, staying up all night with and telling you how much he loves you and knowing its true. I can only imagine not having that kind of support or having to pretend for the sake of your family. I hope everything worksout for her and her family not so much for Rooney.

    • DebS says:

      spot on!

      Wishing only the best for Rosie and the family…and damn it Wayne…perfect timing dude…NOT!

  27. Zlatanista says:

    Hope her sister will be alright. As for the rest, i don´t care anymore.

  28. sarrible says:

    Well, I say we take up a collection to have Nigel de Jong cleat Wayne right in his cheating jibbly bits. Who’s with me?

  29. Rossanera says:

    OMG, poor Colleen, poor family. My heart goes out to her.

  30. aps says:

    After inviting the media into their private wedding ceremony while being paid to do it, I find this statement a little hypocrital that now when things aren’t going so rosey you want to ask for “privacy”. I could understand if they were private people like ‘nando and olalla but they aren’t. They want to have their cake and eat it too and it’s not gonna happen and I don’t blame the media either. That’s my two cents.

  31. Tessa says:

    Poor Coleen! Her husband cheating and her little sister! D: Poor girl.

  32. Elsebeth says:

    If you invite the press to the wedding, they will also show up to the divorce

  33. FirstTeamCoach says:

    Aw Rosie, please recover well.

  34. tammyv says:

    This is the price of selling your wedding and turning your relationship into a business venture… you does not deserve privacy, this is what those magazine paid for the right to exploit the downside.

    That said, my heart goes out to Coleen's family and wish that her sister gets well as soon as possible

  35. zztop says:

    ladies, let this be a lesson to us all: if he pays for it before your marriage he'll pay for it while you're married. Colleen prob thought he'd change or something like that.

  36. Lolinha says:

    Yup they're right. Now let's all focus on this:…

    • JulieFromParis says:

      Haha. I love how you bet your priorities right and do give a F*** 'bout The Rooneys issue! But no judging here, if The Ramos was to appear in such ads, the world could collapse around me and I wouldn't notice :)

    • aps says:

      ronaldo’s add is HOT!

  37. Lulu says:

    OMG I´m maybe the #1 Coleen hater here, but I feel so sorry for her sister :( hope she gets well