February 10th, 2011

QOTD: Thierry Henry On Passion & Pick-Up Games

MLS hot players

Image: Red Bulletin.

“I love the game and always will. When I started playing, I never thought of becoming a professional player at all. I just wanted to play. People are always shocked when they see me playing with my friends or with my father and brother, because we play so hard. When we play, you can forget all that father, son, brother stuff. It’s all about the ball. You want the ball? Then try to get it off me. That’s the nature of the game.”

The New York Red Bulls’ star failed to mention another inherent aspect of the game – clothing removal.


If you’re dying to know Monsieur Henry’s thoughts on playing in the MLS, among other things, you can read his full interview with Red Bulletin here.

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22 Responses to “QOTD: Thierry Henry On Passion & Pick-Up Games”

  1. Greetings, cheers for the information, I am wanting to know if you ever know, or could send me a link to the badger population in the Uk? Oh, and how do i sign up to to the site?Ta.

  2. athenarena says:

    Conzuela, he hit the ball twice. The first was an accident -he has been exonerated for that one, it happens- and the second was on purpose. Ireland played their best game that night and France played horrific. Also, FIFA pushes for fair play in football. This was the perfect example to put these ideals into motion and they did nothing. So that is irksome. Do you know how much the Irish economy lost because of it? Over 15 million euro which is another blow. I go to school with French people and I have never treated them badly about it.
    However, the game has become filthy, it is no longer the beautiful game. Rules are often broken and there is few repurcussions. FIFA is stuck in the past and conservative which annoys most football fans not just the Irish. Did you not notice that afterwards it was not just Irish fans who were furious, most sided with the Irish and the French were wholeheartedly embarrassed. They did not even celebrate the win. What does that say? At least we did not riot, we are better than that.
    My football soul is fine, I have moved on although it still annoys me but I have more to worry about in my life.

    • bri_saldana says:

      I can't even begin to imagine how disillusioned I would be if this happened to my country (US). However I believe the brunt the responsibility lies on FIFA. To be honest Henry did what most (not all but most) players would do and that is "what it takes" to win. All must consider that the this was a very "in the moment" type of situation and in that same moment he had to make a decision to stick to his actions or not. I don't believe that it was malicious but SURELY Ireland deserved their pound of flesh and the only FIFA could have delivered that. FIFA could have done a number of things to punish Henry, as well as make an example of that type of behavior, additionally they could have stepped up to the plate and allowed Ireland an additional chance to qualify. (controversial but it was an option, we ARE talking about the CUP and FIFA is a "governing body") I personally adore the player but I can surely understand why he'll never be respected or regarded by the Irish. Hopefully this never happens to ANY other country…ever AGAIN!!

      • anna says:

        ok.. to all of the french/irish/handball comments above. we are almost a YEAR past that,…and while i understand that football is a passionate sport and that football fans are some of the most crazed out there and some of the most loyal, we are also talking about one of the most ETHICAL, HONEST AND RESPECTED players out there. henry has always been synonymously linked with fair play, and to say that after 15 years of it he all of a sudden becomes this dirty cheat…impossible. any player knows the rule of football: do not stop until the whistle is blown. so honestly, as much as it sucks, which yes it does suck for the irish, that is LIFE and that is football. do not blame it on henry, he is a master of football and he respects the game.

        • conzuela says:

          thank you, anna, finally a reasonable comment. That's exactly how I see it as well. Henry IS an ethical and honest player and 5 seconds don't change that, at least not to a fan who loves the beautiful game. And the beautiful game hasn't just become "dirty" after the Henry incident, please! Tons and tons of scandals, there is money involved and egos. The things that were going on in Italy prior to WC 06 was so shameful it makes your heart bleed.
          As for TH's PR after the game? I don't know what you are talking about, he said he used the hand, felt sorry and found it only fair if the Irish were given a second chance (which they wouldn't have used to beat France, I guarantee you that. So it's even better for them now because they can wallow in self pity). Fact is that NOT everybody was so embarrassed and felt TH was an unethical player (the Irish aren't exactly angels either, are they?). Lots of people understood his reactions even if they of course didn't approve of it. Some active football players said so. And by the way, there were grave consequences for TH. The French football association didn't exactly back him up but rather left him alone to deal with it just like they did with Anelka, only not as publicly. While the association was happy they would go to the WC, they gave TH a very hard time. A few interviews with the coach supporting Th doesn't change that. TH HAD to move on and so do I … just apparently not some Irish fans who even blame a football player for their f*cked up economy. Priceless!

          • athenarena says:

            Conzuela, I am not blaming him on the economy. I used that to educate you what implications were felt by the incident. Maybe I should not have given you so much respect when I was answering by being polite just for you to be insulting to me. However, I am going to reply politely and I am going to be respectful. I was raised like that.
            Also, most Irish fans as of now are annoyed with FIFA not Henry as much. Read bri_saldana's post, that sums up what the Irish are annoyed about. FIFA harpering on about Fair Play and then not living up those those words. We are annoyed they are all talk and no action.
            I was talking in general about how the game has become dirty not that Henry's incident changed the game into something dirty. This was what is generally happening in this"beautiful" game. Dives, deliberately hurting other players, bribes, fights, some of the players' rap sheets, corruption. All part and parcel of the game now ><
            We are not angels, we know that.

            Anna, our anger is mostly on FIFA now but I can understanding where you are coming from. Thank you for your point. I mean I would not really change my viewpoint if say like Dunne did something like it.

            Peace out.

            • conzuela says:

              I love your condescending posts already, trying to establish a moral superiority when there isn't much there. I don't like to hide behind empty phrases and meaningless words, I know a spade when I see one.

              • athenarena says:

                first off, I am not trying to be condensending or moral superior. if I come across as that, I apologize. I have always tried to be diplomatic in regards to talking to you. I have not hid behind words and phrases. being a proper debater and not a sophist taught me that. I have tried to give the Irish side of the argument while recognizing what you are sayiing. I have never shifted my position ever in this talk. our anger is towards FIFA but I do not get hung up on it. I have other problems in my life. no need to be rude. I stand by fact and by fact alone. all I ask from you is that you are polite to me. does that answer any question you have over what I said?

              • athenarena says:

                I have never tried to be condescending or establish a moral superiority. If it sounds like that, then I apologise, it was never my intention. I am not a sophist and I know how to properly debate so I don't hide behind empty phrases and meaningless words. I have only ever gone by the facts, never anything else.
                All I have ever asked from you is that you treat me with respect and dignity. You have never done this. I am more than happy to debate this with you, I am. I mean, Model/ Mock United Nations (MUN) has put that love of the debate into me.
                If there is anything you want an answer on, I am more than willing to provide it. I am trying to give you the Irish side of the argument and be diplomatic, to ensure you can make an informed judgement. If you think the thing I said to Anna was condescending -"thank you for your point"- it is not, this is a MUN phrase to be polite to the person making a point.
                Conzuela, my anger, the majority of the anger and bitterness stemming from this incident is now towards FIFA but I have way too much in my life to obsess over it. I mean, like I mentioned to Tony, I was working with animals including a baby giraffe during the World Cup. I did not give two hoots to how France were doing tbh.
                So I am sorry if I came across as condescending and acting moral superior, that was an accident not intentional. I am more than willing to clarify anything I said.
                Just be polite to me. Is that too much to ask?

  3. IrishBlue says:

    Sorry, no Henry love ever ever EVER gonna come from me….EVER…..I'm sure my username explains why…..I'm not usually one for holding a grudge but man, that hurt Thierry.

    • IrishBlue says:

      Actually, it's not even him so much as the linesman who pretended not to see it. Rant over now. :)

      • Tony says:

        I love delusional fans, especially the Irish ones. As if Henry not playing the ball with his hand and the subsequent goal would have put the Irish automatically ahead, which would not have been the case. There still had to be a second goal, which quite frankly, the Irish were not able to produce even though they dominated the game for large parts. So, please stop whining. Can't hear it any longer. Given the p*ssy reactions of the Irish fans I am very glad the French went forward. Even a lousy French team was better than such an irish team. What should the English say about maradonna? Now that was evil.

        • athenarena says:

          The French would have rioted if this happened to them. I am Irish born and bred but I am not delusional. The thing that really annoyed the fans -not just the Irish, get the facts right- are as I mentioned in my post to Conzuela were the injustice, the farce of the FIFA, the economic implication and the fact that Henry was so blaise about it afterwards. Also, some of the players, this was their last chance for a World Cup. But France got their comeuppance while I was working with animals in South Africa so -*shrugs*- I have moved on. It is annoying and Henry playing PR afterwards annoyed me. But I have moved on. Ireland played their best game that night and we were the underdogs, which people like.
          Don't insult without the facts, don't be petty. There is a thing called being polite. Yes, we have a problem in front of the goal but the Irish were not the only ones aggrieved. Yes, we have had the longest problem but not all of us have acted like that. Your generalisation shows you have a lack of clarity and a lack of authority in what you say.
          I am an Irish person but I have had such dreadful experiences in life that I have not honed in this. I still feel aggrievation but that is natural.
          Peace out.

          • Tony says:

            too bad I'm reading your pathetic post too late, Ms. Maria Magdalena the most tortured woman of all.
            STOP complaining and move on. Yes, you are delusional in thinking the Irish would have moved on without TH's intervention. What you call PR was a sincere move from the heart. BUt what you cannot admit is that NO Irish player would have done what you Irish (and clearly delusional) fans demand of TH. So STFU, keep petting your little animals in South Africa and grow some hooesty to your character.Maybe you can take Irish Blues with you, she needs it too. FYI, most of the people outside Ireland agreed with my above made statement that other players wouldn't have admitted to the handball either. So where is your problem, pathetic lil' girl? Politeness is cowardish in your case a means to hide behind truth and I'm not playing that game.

            • athenarena says:

              27 weeks too late. If you are not playing the game, why respond? How is being polite being cowardly? That makes no sense. Being polite is respecting somebody else's right of opinion and right to freedom of expression which you don't have on the internet as human rights are not enshrined on the internet due to the lack of legislation on rights on the internet.
              I am not the one who has not moved on. I have moved on. I have forgotten this incident to be honest, I done too much interesting stuff in the meantime to even think about it.
              I was the one who got to work with sick and injured wild animals like rhino, lion and giraffe and do something I love, meet amazing people, gain new skills, spend my time well in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. You think I was thinking about France while I was there? As if!
              Honestly, I pity you. I pity your pathetic response to try and rile me up into anger after over six months of silence so you can justify your response, your anger and your rudeness.
              What do you mean by hooesty? Did you mean honesty? I have never heard of the word hooesty in English language.
              I was angry at the response of FIFA, at Henry only calling for the replay after it had been ruled out by the governing bodies and abysmal refereeing and the lack of video replay but not really at his actions. I accepted his apology because I knew that Keane tried it early in the match but he got his commeuppance for that. I know cheating, matchfixing and corruption are widespread in the game. I know any player is going to push the boundaries as much as possible as he can get away with at any level. It was up to the governing bodies and the referees to get it right not him.
              My problem? Maybe my problem is I buried a father too young, maybe my problem is I give respect where I get none. I just don't give a damn what you try and throw at me.
              FYI, if any Irish player committed a handball, I would be the first person calling for them to apologise and the goal to be disallowed.
              Honestly, thank you for brightening up my day. You really made me laugh but your novice attempt to rile and make me angry.

        • IrishBlue says:

          Thanks for that Tony, but as it is my country we are talking about I think it's fair enough to have been a bit annoyed at the whole situation. A bit of passion about your team is not delusional, it's supportive. Having hopes and dreams is all part and parcel of being a football fan. Anyway, it's well and truely over now so I'll happily get back to my life :) Oh and well said Athenarena, well said. Now, who wants ice-cream???

  4. Tricia says:

    "You want to score? I'll just handball it out of the net so you don't."

  5. blitzenTO says:

    Still in love with the beautiful Monsieur Titi. Yes. :)

  6. bri_saldana says:

    Lovely gorgeous man!!!!

  7. jellenp says:

    Wait, did we lose a "clothing removal" link??? Panic!

  8. ThatWelshOne says:

    Va va voom. J'adore Monsieur Henry.