November 9th, 2007

QOTD: Cristiano Ronaldo on Stodge

“I dated a girl from Manchester and she showed me that steak pies and chips are very good. But I have to be careful. the club do not want me to eat too much of this food as it would not be good for my game. They have told me they do not want me gaining any extra weight.“

Want to meet Cristiano while he’s still got his six-pack?  Pan Macmillan are running a comp where you can meet Mr. R at Old Trafford.  We’re speed spamming the link now as our new full-time job. 

Link: Meet Cristiano Ronaldo

Thanks to Cherie/Who Ate All The Pies for the quote.

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24 Responses to “QOTD: Cristiano Ronaldo on Stodge”

  1. Ronaldo has come on leaps and bounds since we signed him while Rooney hasn’t [consistently] set the world alight but because he is seen as the saviour of English football he is totally over hyped at times.

  2. i would certainly have to wonder if gemma atkinson is that girl who put him on to pies and chips.

  3. ella says:

    Didn’t his mum say that he wasn’t going out with Gemma or something?
    Maybe he does need a little extra muscle…

  4. rustynation says:

    Eww…I don’t want CR OR Tom Brady. I think they’re both sluts. I’ve never liked CR and I was over Tom Brady four years ago, thanks to the Boston Herald.

  5. Lisa says:

    i heart him

  6. AC says:

    gorgeous, gorgeous boy…
    couldn’t care less about that man bag.

  7. aja says:

    good observation, rei.  i would certainly have to wonder if gemma atkinson is that girl who put him on to pies and chips.  and if that is the case, that’s hilarious to me.

  8. xira says:

    Man bag…I prefer to call it a murse!

  9. candace says:

    ok you didn’t mention that you have to be a UK resident to enter the contest!  i’m totally bummed, however, if i met him i would have to hold in a laugh at all the perceivably silly things that would come crawling out of his mouth but i must know if he is really that gorgeous up close!

  10. katie says:

    I would actually rather poke myself in the eyes repeatedly with a fork. Fact.

  11. Cherry says:

    I have zero interest in seeing him. I would not get up from my desk, walk the two feet to my office window to get a look. One less person to clog the lines. Help yourself.

  12. rei says:

    Is the Manchester girl “Gemma Atkinson”?
    She said ahead the favor of chips.…

  13. The Fourth Official says:

    Man bags don’t bother me.  I’ve lived in Europe, and it’s not a big deal.  I wish my North American man would carry a Man Bag.  Then, when we’re out together, I wouldn’t have to stuff his keys, blackberry, wallet, breath mints, theater tickets etc etc etc into my purse because he doesn’t want to ruin the line of his suit. 

    And the fact that he plays for Man United is pure gravy.  <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="smile" style="border:0;" />

  14. katie says:

    He carries a man-bag. A. Man. Bag. Surely that should end any attraction straight away. And even worse, he plays for Man. Utd. *shudders, clutches Liverpool scarf closer*

  15. Elise says:

    I’m with Robin- I’d rather have seen a nice pic of steak pies and chips. Yummy.
    As for meeting *anyone* from Man United- I’d truly rather have a chat with Sir Alex himself.  That would be far more interesting than Mr. Aren’t-I-So-Fabulous.

  16. courtney says:

    well now i never said tom brady was BF material, better than someone who pays people for a little somethin’ somethin’ in my book.  i just said tom brady was, in my opinion, better looking then CR and that’s something i stand by.

  17. xira says:

    Tank ass and saddle bag syndrome

  18. brandy says:

    Ewww… Tom Brady! Gross! He is boy next door cute but the whole leaving your hot pregnant girlfriend of 2 yrs is not cool. Also his comments on how the way to date a woman is to make her feel bad about herself so you can dominate her… ummm, not prime BF material in my book!

    Would be ALL over that Meet Ronaldo contest if I was in Manchester. HE IS HOT!

  19. robin says:

    Mmmmmmmmmm, steak pies and chips….wait why didn’t we get a picture of some of those? With gravy? Now that’s something to set me drooling.

  20. The Fourth Official says:

    I’d love to meet him!  Just to tell him that I think he’s a fantastic footballer.  <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="grin" style="border:0;" />

    And actually, when he whipped his shirt off at the end of the match the other day, I was thinking he was looking a little thin – the boy needs to bulk up a bit – not necessarily on steak pie and chips, but I think an additional 10 or 15 pounds of muscle wouldn’t hurt him.

  21. courtney says:

    agree with all of the haters…he does nothing for me, not to mention anyone that gets called out by hookers in the news of the world is pretty trashy to say the least.  if you want a good-looking athlete i suggest tom brady of the new england patriots (NFL), now that someone i would enter a contest to meet, grrrr.

  22. paris says:

    This man does not intrest me he is probably the most annoying fotballer walking the face of the earth. He is just so easy to hate!!!!!!!!1 <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="angry" style="border:0;" />

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