June 22nd, 2012

Question: What Do John Guidetti, Noel Gallagher & Mischa Barton Have In Common?

Answer: Diehard Man City fan and former Oasis lead guitarist/songwriter, Noel Gallagher, recently enlisted the music video services (they still make those?) of City player John Guidetti’s rumoured love interest, Mischa Barton.

We only made it through the first five seconds of the above clip before we had to go do some urgent shoe shopping, so if anything interesting happened after that, please let us know.

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4 Responses to “Question: What Do John Guidetti, Noel Gallagher & Mischa Barton Have In Common?”

  1. sohbet says:

    very blog thanks admin

  2. Olly says:

    Sorry…thinking too much about tonights match v Italy.That should have read Taylor LOCKE.
    Here we go.. here's a link to a pic with Mischa Barton's real boyfriend on June 9th: http://www.mischa-b.com/gallery/displayimage.php?…

  3. Olly says:

    Cracking comment by alicia above.
    In truth John Guidetti was only Mischa Barton's incongruous PR 'walker' for the evening She is in fact back with some Yank musician former boyfriend called Taylor Rooney.
    By Frannie Lee's pigeon chest didn't my little QPR make Citeh work hard for that title? Still all's well that ends well and leaves old purple-nose SAF pissed off in Sunderland and Trotters down instead of us.

  4. alicia says:

    My answer would've been that they've all been photographed by the paps not wearing panties, but clearly that wasn't the right answer…