February 14th, 2007

QOTD: Victoria Beckham Abroad

imageHere’s David Beckham, papped after a night out with Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez in Madrid. Victoria has just flown to NYC from LA.

A question: if you had a husband who looked like this, why in hell would you go anywhere without him? 

We’re looking at 6 weeks of nearly constant separation between Victoria and David. 

Wait, perhaps we should rephrase that to be, Is it really ever safe to leave such a man unattended or unsupervised for an extended period of time?

Please, don’t anyone email us to say it’s because she is independent and has a career and doesn’t need to be everywhere David is.  Scroll back up and look at the first photo before you hit the “send” key, K?

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2 Responses to “QOTD: Victoria Beckham Abroad”

  1. Watson says:

    You have contributed quite a bit over the course of the last 2 years.