May 25th, 2011

Questionable Companions: Leo DiCaprio & Melissa Satta

Well, what do we have here, Kickettes? Christian Vieri’s (ex?)girlfriend, Melissa Satta, disembarking from a private plane in Italy yesterday. No biggie.

Then, rather suddenly, we got the wind knocked out of our already lethargic lungs when we instantly recognised the famous face of her travel partner: Leonardo DiCaprio.

From there, the pair went about their day, and eventually had some friends join them for lunch/provide adequate buffer space between them. Of course, you can’t see that, since we didn’t feel like forking over some hefty coin to purchase the photos of a fabulously-coiffed jet set crew aimlessly pushing their food around their plates. We can report though, that we gained the impression that Leo didn’t want to be seen, while his new ‘friend’ had a toothy smile that was eerily similar in size and shape to one particular Kickette staff writer’s when she’s presented with a jumbo bag of jelly beans. Like…huge.

That wouldn’t be anything to do with his recently being linked with Gossip Girl actress Blake Lively, though. Of that we are sure.

Anyhoo, if its any consolation to the Titanic diehards out there, our photo agency referred to Ms. Satta as ‘a colleague of Elisabetta Canalis, George Clooney’s girlfriend.’

Homegirl couldn’t even get a SI Swimsuit Edition plug from the paps? Burn.


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10 Responses to “Questionable Companions: Leo DiCaprio & Melissa Satta”

  1. xbabyshakesx says:

    take me with you LEO!!!!

  2. Marina_Isabella says:

    I think that after being with (!) Giselle (!) for so many years until she finally realised that he is most certainly not the marrying kind… and after being with the Israeli model who was also much younger than him and they also broke up, and now this girl… I think that he'll end up like Clooney, 50something and counting and still single, and playing casanova, etc. still thinking that they're 21, and not their actual age… stupid.

    • dundunduuuuuun says:

      Yeah, not that it is any of my business, but it does feel like a pity. Somehow it works for George Clooney, but somehow thinking of Leo like that, well, pretty much alone (although always with beautiful chicks), makes me sad.

  3. Amandinha says:

    Hey, Leo! I didn't get Inception!

  4. xoWinnie says:

    ugh i don't like Blake Lively (Serena) at all.
    she is so overrated! Leighton Meester all the way!

  5. mochara says:

    I like her style, she seems more down to earth than most! Ahh Leo, forever the heartbreaker…

  6. he is always after models, I wonder what he looks on them? (giggles)

  7. Wow says:

    If it's true they're are an item can't say it's suprising as he jumps from one model to the next! Good for him/ her! Quick question anyways where was Christian vera while this lunch was going on?