December 28th, 2009

Quick Bits: Holiday Happenings

David Arrives in Milan

Kickettes! How are you doing? We’re upright and that’s all that counts. Hope you’ve been enjoying the post-Xmas footy – exciting stuff happening all over the table, no?

So, we’re curious: did everyone’s favorite footballer come for a personal visit to lift your spirits from the depths of hangover hell? We’ve been terribly behaved all year so it was hardly surprising Santa didn’t leave Cesc under the tree for us. Maybe next year.

Here’s what some of the footy lads/ladies have been up to during our mini-break:

David Beckham got a bulldog puppy from wife Victoria as a Christmas present. Subsequently, he gave good face upon arrival in Milan today.
‘Ballers were full of good deeds this season. Joe Cole dressed like the jolly Saint Nick to visit hospice children; the Manchester United squad sent a few of their best-looking players to brighten some kids’ days in Northern England; and Tottenham teammates divided and conquered five area hospitals to distribute presents and kisses.
Frank and Elen dined with their kids at his father’s house. And hell no, Bleakley was not present.
Mamen Sanz took the newest addition to her family, daughter Maria, on her first retail adventure. We are already seething with jealousy and the kid is barely two months old. Is that wrong?
Cristiano visited Uzbekistan to obtain the world’s ugliest velvet robe fit for a tacktastic king. Oh, and to host some charity projects with Nike.
Even though we have no photo evidence, we’re gonna put our money on a few WAGs shopping for gifts over at Cricket both before and after the holidays. You can, too, now that Cricket’s new site is live.
Karim BenzemaPoor Benzi reminded us that just because you can grow a mean chin-beard-thing, it doesn’t mean you deserve a driver’s license. He was involved in his second car crash - this time a Lamborghini – in two months. Luckily he emerged unscathed.
Jamie O’Hara bought fiance Danielle Lloyd a new puppy named Bentley. He’s a mini Yorkshire Terrier.
Totti and Gattuso giggled their way through a Vodaphone ad. This video has been on our “repeat” playlist since last week.
Baby Bojan was fed to the sharks in a aquarium tank.
Lucas Poldski did something or other with these elderly women. Grandmas, like the rest of us, heart Poldi.

Paolo in MiamiLastly, Paolo Maldini and Christian Panucci were both with their families in Miami. Stalkers, get your digi cams ready and send us your shots!

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28 Responses to “Quick Bits: Holiday Happenings”

  1. I normally don’t have much good to say about Cristiano Ronaldo, but at least he was a sport to wear that robe.

  2. FootballerChick43 - "Mrs.Ballack" says:

    Joe Cole!!! Oh my gosh. The picture there looked really good. I’m impressed.
    The Frank and Elen story made my week, lol.
    Aw! I think I’m developing a soft spot for CRon. It is – indeed – the apocalypse.

  3. Sana says:

    Cris is just a Dream man i love him so much!

  4. Venice says:

    Ah, lovely Niko looked like a teddy bear himself in those pics – if I were one of the kids there, I'd point at him and say, "I want this one and no other!" :-)

  5. Ella says:

    Awww, cute post. So sweet to see pix of the Man U boys visiting the hospital. And CRon was a really great sport to put on that hideous robe! (I know his normal wardrobe is pretty bad too – but still!!)

  6. Liz says:

    Awww the Joe Cole story is so sweet.

  7. Lana says:

    Danielle Lloyd just wanted a new car insteed of puppy,lol

  8. 18 says:

    Awesome post!

    By the way, those are Podolski’s own grandmothers :) One traveled to Germany from her native Poland and is staying with the other (until mid January)

  9. carly says:

    Happy to know everyone is doing charity…even Frank. haha

    But wait…Danielle Lloyd’s puppy is called BENTLEY? XD
    I have a feeling Bentley was the one that got away from this man-eater.

  10. FT9FTW says:

    happy holidays to you too, K, and ecstatic to have you back!<3

    yaaaaay for becks' return to europe/milan~!!!!!

  11. Piquéness says:

    Bojan looks kinda…weird,haha.Like an insect ,hahaah

  12. Lamps' babe says:

    My favourite baller didn’t come around..:(
    According to the news,Frank asked Elen to have dinner together for the girls,and she agreed but she firmly asked to keep that Bleakley woman away,and Frank agreed..but it was a cold Xmas between them..I still cannot believe that he’s really dating that woman

    • Wouldn’t believe everything in the tabloids… they’ve still got it listed that Elen broke up with Frank and that’s not the case :-P x

      • Aud says:

        Whow, really, it wasn't Elen that broke up with Frank. I had no idea. Shows how easily i buy into all the rubbish in the press! So did Frank actually break up their relationship?

        • Lamps' babe says:

          I've even read that Elen called off an imminent wedding Lol…but this Bleakley story is weird.they are stalked by paps but still no pics of them together,it did even come into my mind that Frank is actually seeing someone that he wants to keep secret and so he doesn't deny this Bleakley mind is working too much

          • Aud says:

            I've never thought of that. So maybe Bleakley is like a decoy and his really girlfriend is safe from the paps eyes.

            • Lamps' babe says:

              I know that it may sound crazy,but to me is impossible that after 3months of dating no one did ever get a pic of them together…just a once Frank’s face spotted on the mirror of a nightclub,than she leaves his home with his friend,they have lunch together but no pics,they go to see Beyoncè together but still no pics,he introduces her to his sisters and again no pics…is weird

  13. Aw, a bulldog puppy for Becks! Nice of Vic to give the most English dog she could find to her hubby. Don’t think it will persuade Fabio to name David to England’s WC squad though.

    As much as I like this idea of a puppy for Christmas, anyone who has ever had a dog before knows that you don’t gift a dog at Christmas time. Bad, Victoria, bad! Time someone smacked her over the nose with a rolled up newspaper (I joke!…kinda!).

  14. Alisha! says:

    Awwwwww! Bojan…he’s so cute :) And what is with Man U’s xmas party?!

  15. Happy holidays to you Kickette, and to all my lovely United besties. Much happiness in 2010.

    Sadly, Roy did not visit me on my vacation (our guest quarters are crammed full anyway) but he did present me with a lovely win today and this picture:…

    Le sigh . . . . . .

  16. HiL says:

    Good to have you back Kickette :) thanks for all the updates.
    hehe Poldi <3

  17. L says:

    "Grandmas, like the rest of us, heart Poldi."

    hehehe, I would hope his own grandmothers heart him! :P

  18. chelseagal_joeycoles says:

    joe cole is just the most gorgeous man ever. surely he cannot get any sweeter!!!

  19. Whoops….forgot to mention that Joe Cole is awesome. Ta!

  20. agger♥lover says:

    does anyone know if that dog happened to maul beckham?

  21. hoda says:

    its suprising that i thought whole the holiday about frank and daughters!

  22. tammyv says:

    This is some rare form writing… i lololed irl all over the place.

    And that Frank and Elen story is classic…