April 14th, 2010

Quick Bits: Serie A Gossip & News – UPDATED

Dolce & Gabbana Dudes

It’s nearly World Cup time and we all know what that means: Italians in their underwear.

That’s right, they’re back. In this initial teaser shot, with the full campaign to follow sometime next week, Antonio Di Natale (Udinese), Federico Marchetti (Cagliari), Domenico Criscito (Genoa) Vincenzo Iaquinta and Claudio Marchisio (both Juventus) are this summer’s stars and we’re officially taking photoshop bets.

Edit: Rumour has it, Fabio *WILL* be making his highly anticipated return. Thus far, he’s not included in the outtake shot Chi magazine revealed…

Edit 2: We just noticed UK Vogue has additional behind-the-scenes images of the boys. Beware of their magnifying glass tool.

Oh, if you need to contrast and compare with previous year’s efforts, here’s 2007′s version of successful ad campaigning, 2006′s boxers or briefs debate, and a look at the Milano Beach Soccer team (no idea, but we likey.)

Milestone Man

Image via Flickr

To celebrate Alessandro Del Piero’s 300 league goals, Adidas gifted the Juventus player with a commemorative pair of gold AdiPure boots yesterday at the Intersport & Cisalfa store in Torino. In two nights time, ADP will debut his customized boots (they say ‘Alex300′) at the San Siro against Inter Milan.

And for your viewing enjoyment: Del Piero’s hot profile from either side and his ability to attract in video. Is it strange that we’re also partial to his handsome cartoon character, too?

Blogger Boys
FYI, Inter Milan’s Diego Milito and Esteban Cambiasso also showed their faces at an Adidas blogger event last month in Italy. What’s the news hook? Cambiasso is mighty pretty. Just go with it.

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37 Responses to “Quick Bits: Serie A Gossip & News – UPDATED”

  1. Danielle says:

    Claudio Marchisio…. perfection (:

  2. Frida says:

    Thank you for introducing me to Claudio Marchisio. haha.

  3. aristeia says:

    Oh, it seems you’ve discovered the magnifying tool that occupied me for an hour. And you’ve managed to magnify Claudio’s, um… oh… my… *feels faint*.

    I like how Mimmo looks jealous that you’re not magnifying him.

  4. carly says:

    Hee Cuchu looks so cute :)

  5. senora ramos says:

    sigh. the italians. the only country that can make a consistant run of hotness v the spainards. yum, yum, yum.

  6. Molly says:

    I love the Italians and their D&G Campaign!! Its like the perfect combination!!!

    A big congrats to Alex!!!! He looks so sexy!!! And if you constintley (no I am not a stalker :) ) go to his official site he is alway posting nice videos of himself up!!

  7. Alessandro Del Piero(YES, i had to say his full name because THAT'S how overwhelmed I am), is one BEAUTIFUL man!

  8. aristeia says:

    It's okay if you ladies don't like it b/c you don't recognize any of them, if you know your calcio and you follow Serie A, you know who they are and I'm INSANELY excited to see these boys here. Like I've kind of slipped into madness a bit when I first saw this. Particularly the 3 in grey. These are serious up & comers in Italian football and some of my favorite players to watch (and droooool over). Would have liked to see someone new other than Di Natale again, but whatever.

    That 2006 campaign was a magical, slippery lustfest of yum (the things that go through my brain when I see Rino in that ad, lord have mercy)… but you can't recreate it the same again. These are likely the future stars of gli Azzurri and I'm so psyched to see them in their skivvies. REALLY psyched, haha.

    Auguri, Alex! God he's a beautiful man… even when drawn!

    Look at those adorable Argies laughing it up. <3

  9. Ante says:

    The five guys were asked by the magazine CHI who – in their opinion – would be the sex symbol of the WC 2010. Criscito named CR but the other four opted for their shrinked captain because

    "he's 'bello' and has a lot of class. In our dressing room we say that he can set trends…"

    :D :D :D

    • aristeia says:

      Lol Ante, thanks for posting this. Mimmo’s taste has already been compromised after I spied that tribal ankle tat. What drunken foolery led him to that? Oh Mimmo…

  10. bb says:

    Hummm this campaign is a little weak. I prefer the ad of 2006…is that there was hot! I don't recognize these boys but in my point of view, they're not special

  11. Einah says:

    Canna pls :) AND PUH-LEASE this time DON'T shrink it. The truth will set us free..or more Canna-crazy haha :)

  12. Louise says:

    Oh, a Canna tease!

    We know he can still work it, so bring him back D&G!

  13. No comparison to the 2006 boys. Phhooooaaaawwrrrrrr………

  14. Missy Manchester says:

    I'm a mucha fana of Dolce & Gabbana! Less is definitely more!!

  15. rhea says:

    the set looks like a bathroom from SAW ..:)) they don't look really hot at all . They look like they're scared .. and I'm gonna have to disagree I think footballers + high fashion campaigns is a cliche so big like the amount of photoshop used in this photo :) ))

  16. Lolinha says:

    Gosh, the first two sentences made my day. LOL Totally choked on my coffee.

    I needed this after being horrified by another one of Cristiano´s "ladies".

  17. juventina says:

    YAY for Italian men! ;) Marchisio is looking mighty fine;) And Del Piero is gorgeous, but really what else is new? The shoes are hot and I want me a pair. :)

    • MrsNesta says:

      Don't you just love it that they do this for us?

      • juventina says:

        Oh trust me, their work is greatly appreciated ;) Not only are they missing Canna, where’s Marco? LOL

        • Molly says:

          I know…where is the Marco love at Dolce & Gabbana? You can't leave the sexiest man in Italy out of an Italian underwear campaign *shakes head like in the Cristiano post* LOL :) .

          • juventina says:

            LOL! we want Marco!! D&G get on this!!

            Pffft if Greaseano gets his on D&G ad, Marco MORE than deserves one!

        • MrsNesta says:

          the others would be jealous of his hotness :)

          • juventina says:

            it would make them have to step up their game for sure ;) it would be an awesome competition between Canna and Marco though, don’t you think?!

            • MrsNesta says:

              yes it would, as long as its them two taking their kit off rather than some old random bloke getting carried away LMAO

  18. Trisha (Mrs Iker Cas says:

    But where is Fabio….. we can't bet without Fabio!!! ;)

    • Molly says:

      I know right!!!!!!

    • MrsNesta says:

      Yeh I need me some Canna :)

      • MrsNesta says:

        Thanks for the update Kickette, we need to know these things and it just wouldn't be the same without Canna :)

    • Molly says:

      I love the Italians and their D&G Campaign!! Its like the perfect combination!!!

      A big congrats to Alex!!!! He looks so sexy!!! And if you constintley (no I am not a stalker :) ) go to his official site he is alway posting nice videos of himself up!!