August 19th, 2007

Quickie Linkies

He’s sexy, he’s kicked that nasty little cocaine/viagra habit, and now he’s got his own reality TV show.  Life is good. 

Adrian Mutu’s “Life as a Sexy Beast”* will be airing in America, Romania, Italy and Latin America.  The United Kingdom is not considered important enough to deem a viewing. 

*Our assumption on what the show will be titled. We can’t read Italian. Anyone who wishes to tell us what the hell this story says about the programme, we will be forever indebted.  Cheers Brandy/The Offside for the scoop.

No one knows WAGs like we do. Except for Cricket.  They know WAGs weller than the wellest.  But outside of retail establishments and a few plastic surgeons, we’re there.  Kickette guest blogs for the boobalicious sports site, With Leather, about the top WAGs in the EPL.  Link: EPL Preview, With Leather Style

imageWho knew she had it in her?  The lovely little Melanie Slade goes toe to toe with Roy Keane over his WAGs Are Ruining The Country rant.  She recently scored high on her A-levels, and says, “From what I’ve seen of the wives and girlfriends, they’re just normal girls doing their best to support their husbands and boyfriends.“ 

Please let no one question the normality of the WAG lifestyle again. Mel Slade has spoken.  With her huge ass diamond ring sparkling all the while.  Link: As Theo Walcott’s Girl Melanie Proves

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5 Responses to “Quickie Linkies”

  1. tammyv says:

    BRilliant work on the Leather Style..Genius!

  2. kickette says:

    cheers Brandy!

    we also just got this sent over from the lovely Gina:

    “the Mutu article in La Gazzetta dello Sport says: Fiorentina attacker Adrian Mutu will star in a reality show. The private life of the player and his family will be the focus of a program that will also air in Italy. A television camera will follow the private lives of the Romanian champion and his loved ones (with the exception of the bedroom, based on the contract), and also before matches. The program will air in Romania – where a battle is taking place to award the TV rights – and also Italy, United States and Latin America. The second paragraph talks about upcoming friendlies and transfers for Fiorentina. I didn’t really read it because I’d lost interest after finding out we were banned from Mutu’s bedroom!“

    What is the point of the bloody thing if we don’t get full bedroom access?  yeesh.

  3. brandy says:

    Woo hoo! Thanks for the shout-out <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="wink" style="border:0;" />

    Official Italian Translator to the rescue: Not too much detail in the article, it just says that his and his loved ones’ private lives will be splashed across the boob-tube waves. The distribution rights were well sought after in every country except England, who, my guess is, obviously didn’t want to frustrate their female viewers potentially leading to a mass exodus to Italy/Romania. Unfortunately, however, it was stipulated in the contract that there would be no camera access to his bedroom, making me wonder if I even want to watch this at all.

    I’m totally kidding of course – I will watch this show with the devotion of a saint!