May 12th, 2009

Quote of the Day: Miguel Torres on Beauty

image“There are women who don’t have the bodies to be models, but I think they are absolutely beautiful. I don’t care how one dresses or what their measurements are. I like their personality, behavior…

A girl can be the perfect size and shape, but it won’t mean a thing if she can’t put two words together. Beauty also comes from within…

When I meet the right girl I will do whatever it takes to hold onto her.”

Real Madrid defender Miguel “I know all the right words to say” Torres on his definition of beauty.

Link: Football Off Limits – Miguel Torres

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60 Responses to “Quote of the Day: Miguel Torres on Beauty”

  1. Katania says:

    such a cutie he is…

  2. Kirsty says:

    Awww hes so sweet

    what every guy should be like.

    hes a great footballer and hes so hot and now sweet..dear god

    i can put two words together Miguel.."marry me"


  3. Mrs_Torres_Gomez says:

    He is 100% sincere! He isnt even a proper starter in the 1st team and his respect for himself family and the people around him means far to much to him…. the perfect man i think… the interview is something all real madrid players get, its only just started, they have done a few!! but as all the other players (sergio) are sleeping about or have known girlfriends, wives and babies….they were curious about his love life

  4. Moonie says:

    Total Minty cuteness

  5. RossiĀ“s girl says:

    aww what a sweet boy :)

  6. striker says:

    :: melts ::

  7. Julia says:

    Why in the world would he make his love-theories public? I mean, okay, you’re desperate for a shag and what not, but this accepting? Every size and shape? You’re not even restricting it to Victoria Secret models? That really is though.

  8. Didi says:

    ……..and then Adriana Lima or whatever crosses his way and everything ends. He just wants to get some female fans I guess. But he still has wonderful eyes and a legendary surname.

  9. Baby Freya (Mrs Arbe says:

    I've never seen the fascination with him but having read that, I suddenly want his babies! That has to be the cutest thing I have ever heard come out of a baller's mouth!

  10. Meer. says:

    @ Cici: I had a crush on Peter André when I was like 7<IMG title="too funny" height="16" alt="too funny" src="; width="16"> So I don't take that entirely as a bad thing

  11. mrscudicini says:

    mmm…such pretty words from a pretty boy- now shut up and take your clothes off…

  12. Ivana says:

    He would be beautiful even if he couldn’t put two words together… :-)

  13. Forever Torres says:

    Awww how cute. It seems that people with Torres in their name really are lovely x

  14. bundesliga says:

    I literally "Aw"ed out loud when I read that. I wish more people felt that way and expressed it.

  15. Meer. says:

    …My heart skipped a beat and I felt spontaneous butterflies in my tummy. I don’t care who said it, it’s just something I wish any guy I cared deeply about would say to me.

    Oh, and Miguel? Yes, you are cute no matter what you say. But don’t let me stop you now that you are doing so well spinning all the girls around your fingerLOL

  16. suzie says:

    He's becoming more like iker everyday.He's just adorable but too young for me to want to tear his clothes off. Those eyes though- wow.

  17. Cici says:

    no amount of bullsh…erm I mean sweet talk will hide the fact he looks like Peter Andre!!

  18. Filthygorgeous says:

    *swoon* I wasn't a fan of his until he said that. I know it's probably all bollocks and he's probably banging someone who is as ridiculously hot & she is dumb – however, for a footballer to put together a string of sentences like that, and sound (dare I say) eloquent – well that in itself deserves a round of applause!

  19. Erin says:

    Aw, Minty. If he actually feels that way, then he's perfect! LOL

  20. FootballerChick43 - "Mrs.Ballack" says:

    I just fell in love with Miguel Torres. Oh my God.

  21. oyun indir says:

    good archive very thanks

  22. winnie says:

    he is soooooooooooooooooo hot.

  23. mertz says:

    those words make me want to have his babies. what a lovely fellow. i have tears in my eyes. i hope he means it.

  24. Maggs Bob says:

    OMG I just melted!!!!
    This is the b/s us women love to hear. I won’t be sleeping tonight!

  25. nikki says:

    did he really mean that or did he just say this to get our attention.. I’d love to believe him but I can’t !

  26. Sara says:

    Do you know where and when he said this ?

  27. Christina V says:

    Oh Miguel my darling.. haven

  28. Kate says:

    it came up because he was interviewed regarding his privat life for…
    he said some other things, like
    he likes that women are nowadays equalized to men
    and that he likes to visit the US as a backpacker and try to learn english there.

  29. Kate says:

    It sounds sweet, and as hope dies last, i

  30. valentina says:


  31. Sofie says:

    ok, someone get a mop, because I just melted and am lying in a lovesick puddle on the floor…:)
    also, filthygorgeous, I agree with what you said! his speech is impressive…but why did he even give it? how did it come up?? oh well, at least it did <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="wink" style="border:0;" />

  32. Raina says:

    Does he say this and date a Victoria Secret model?

  33. Karina says:

    I want to believe him!

  34. Oh!Lampsy! says:

    I think it’s total PR. No more no less.

  35. kaylan says:

    how did that topic come about? whatever

  36. Adri says:

    *guh* I've always had a crush on him, but now?? How quickly can I get to Madrid and have him say "I do"? Good lord!

  37. Eternal Dreamer says:

    I'm guessing the reporter was a woman. A hot woman.

  38. PersephoneDisco says:

    God, he actually sounded a bit sincere.

  39. Lola says:

    Miguel, darling, love ya.

  40. HiL says:

    Awwww.. that's sweet.

  41. LizB (Mrs. Vucinic) says:

    *sighs dreamily* I had a crush on him before but now I'm pretty much in love…

  42. alessandra says:


  43. Pingu says:

    miguel obama

  44. Pingu says:

    oh my god.

  45. Genevieve Gourcuff says:

    I seriously doubt that he actually means this… but good on him for putting the effort into memorising the right words to make himself sound good!

  46. FirstTeamCoach says:

    Hahahahaha never believe a word that comes out of a mans mouth, especially a Ballers mouth! Of course he does not care how they dress, he wants them naked. Personality = skank shag me! The words he wants to hear "Shall I give you a B J/shag" or "Do you want a B J/shag" is stringing more than 2 words together! <img src="; alt="too funny" title="too funny" width="16" height="16"><img src="; alt="too funny" title="too funny" width="16" height="16"><img src="; alt="too funny" title="too funny" width="16" height="16"><img src="; alt="too funny" title="too funny" width="16" height="16">. Yes he knows the right words to say, dangerous, very dangerous for the young innocents amongst us !!!!

  47. aristeia says:

    There are words there? *is focused entirely on the picture*

  48. Becca says:

    This man is perfect.Im in love with him too FC43! Hes just soo sweet. I want him!

  49. HoneyBee says:

    OMG he is so hot-:-P I don't care if he could say two words or doesn't speak at all-I would love to(okay I'll censure this part).

  50. Nelly says:

    Okay, so how many of us really believe he actually means this? I highly doubt it! Watch him have a big boobed blond size -0 bimbo on his arm soon. Sorry girls if I skeptical about this, but guys say this but what they really mean is that they want a hot girl with brains.

  51. MrsXabiAlonso says:

    Awww, I've never been a fan of his really, but that was super adorable. *sigh*FTC I know you're prob right, but I'm going to stay in my fantasy land, everything has a nice rose tint to it :)

  52. Malin ("MrsFern says:

    Erhm. Hrm. Minty, coming for you.

  53. MrsXabiAlonso says:

    Awww, I've never been a fan of his really, but that was super adorable. *sigh*FTC I know you're prob right, but I'm going to stay in my fantasy land, everything has a nice rose tint to it :)

  54. Kelly says:

    next plane to madrid leaves manhattan this evening….

  55. ferzie says:

    That’s nice,Miguel:)

  56. Rebecca says:

    @ Genevieve Gourcuff: I agree. It’s too good to be true…

  57. kimmila_2000 says:

    wow. that’s all. wow

  58. 'TorresNubianQueen' says:

    awwww…..right thats it am off to find him and strutt my stuff in front of him while saying intelligent words *runs off to pack a suitcase* loooolzhes sooo sweet ;-]

  59. kate says:

    Ohhhhhhh be still my beating…

  60. Malin ("MrsFernandoTorres", if I may) says:

    Erhm. Hrm. Minty, coming for you.