August 26th, 2011

Rafael & Sylvie van der Vaart: Partners In Paraffin

Wax figures. They never do look like the real people, but rarely does that stop Madame Tussauds from giving sculpture another go.

The latest famous floating heads to enter the the Amsterdam division of the world’s most well known tourist trap (coming September) are Tottenham’s Rafael van der Vaart and his missus, Sylvie. Thoughts on the craftsmanship in progress, Kickettes?

Personally, we love the VDVs, but not enough to spend our hard-earned time and money on visiting their exhibit.

And definitely not as much as we love Googling ‘things to eat in our refrigerator’.¬†Ya know, so we don’t return to our beds disappointed.

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4 Responses to “Rafael & Sylvie van der Vaart: Partners In Paraffin”

  1. littlegreenpea says:

    why is sylvie's head bigger than rafael's…?

  2. IrishBlue says:

    Hmmm….Sylvie looks like Sarah Harding from Girls Aloud.

  3. Rafa says:

    Looks like somebody pooped on VDV's head xD