August 13th, 2012

Raffaella Fico: Baby Daddy Disappointment

In a recent poll of Italian drivers by, 21% of respondents said Mario’s the least reliable celebrity to buy a used-by-a-VIP car from. No surprise there, really.

In an interview with Italian tabloid ‘Diva e Donna’, which hits newsstands tomorrow, Raffaella Fico accuses her ex-boyfriend ‘baller of harassing her to the point of stalking, saying he’s been calling her off the hook, sometimes even as late as one o’clock in the morning.

She’s already penned the player a letter via the press before, so we shouldn’t be all that surprised that Miss Fico is at it again.

Yet we are.

In the spirit of participating in the court of public opinion, let’s hear the former showgirl turned virginity auctioneer out before we judge.

“I want to make an appeal to Mario Balotelli:  Please stop calling me constantly in the middle of the night. Let me have some peace and quiet. I want this to be a calm, tranquil pregnancy.”

“Mario must have called me over thirty times. I thought he was calling to find out how I was, but he shouted and called me names. He was trying to stress me psychologically. I think that’s what he’s playing at: he wants to stalk me. He upsets me. All I ask of him is respect: if not for me, at least for the sake of our son in my womb.”

So the two are having a son. The baby name selection process begins.

As for the DNA test Mario asked her for, Raffaella told ‘Diva e Donna’:

“Asking me to take it was humiliating, but I can’t wait to get it over with. And that will be only after the baby is born. It would be too risky now because I’d have to take an amniocentesis test.”

“Mario knows well that the baby’s his: he’ll come out of this badly.”

Random factoid: the Man City star has been in higher-than-usual spirits as of late, happily obliging requests for fan photos during a midweek shopping spree not too long ago. Rumour has it he left the Manchester city centre store, Intro, empty-handed.

But we digress.

According to the magazine, Raffaella had to cancel an upcoming holiday cruise at the last minute in order not to risk a miscarriage. And so, her sympathy story ends with a stern warning:

“I’m disappointed in him and I’d never get back together with him. We’ll meet for the good of the baby and that’s all.”

Oh, hon. We’ve all been there, said that, but c’mon now. We all know he’s already onto the next, so a reunion between you two just isn’t going to happen.


Kickettes, anyone care to place five five on Mario (or his people) releasing a very Balotelli-esque “Bish, please! You’re a money-grubbing hoochie with snatchy hands that want money” type of response?

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21 Responses to “Raffaella Fico: Baby Daddy Disappointment”

  1. This is a scandal you, I do not like this。

  2. the3riad says:

    It is really sad to know that the actress was in deep tension and worry during the last months. I have read on how she was harassed by her boyfriend and really feelin pitty on her. I hope she will be getting her rights soon.
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  3. S.P.D says:

    Good luck super Mario in ur career,

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  4. babygender says:

    Motherhood is such a wonderful thing!!!

  5. Pleased to be here and see this. Wish them happy.
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  6. This balotelli is just hidious,he should be ashamed!

  7. Caitlyn says:

    That poor unborn child. smh.

  8. Nicola says:

    FFS, why must she run to the media all the time?! She should just block his calls, change her number or report him to the police if these alleged calls are bothering her so much! She makes Nereida seem elegant and media-shy.

  9. mabel says:

    OMG she is so pretty! The baby will be stunnin <3

  10. She is only looking for fame!!!!
    I live in Italy and I'm half italian but i think that situation like this one are so sad!!! Shame on her!!!

  11. Dee espinoza says:

    I wont be surprised if a few years or months later daniella semaan pulls of this move!true fact is that footballers(some)are just blind when it comes to picking women!

  12. Sara in Paris says:

    Balotelli is going to be left with a lifetime reminder of his glory days.

    Let's hope for him it will be his only lifetime reminder.

  13. Jayy says:

    Refined as always Raffaella!

  14. rachael says:

    The only one I have any sympathy for here is that poor little baby, hope they both grow up and stop this public bickering once its born poor little mite.

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  16. Sara in Paris says:

    Will the rich and famous footballers ever learn their lesson? No good can come out of a relationship with famewhores like Fico.

    Good luck Balotelli, now you’re gonna be stuck with a lifetime reminder of your hard partying and sexing young days!

  17. ruby says:

    If that's translated from Italian, then I wouldn't be so certain that the baby's a boy – they'd use the same word to mean boy or girl. I heard elsewhere that it's a girl and is due in December.

    • nila says:

      I dont get why someone pushed the negative bottom, seriously. Ruby is right, even if Raffaella used figlio, can mean both and I also heard she is expecting a daughter. Said this, can she stop talking to the media?

  18. lima says:

    “Bish, please! You’re a money-grubbing hoochie with snatchy hands that want money” !

    just that.

  19. aps says:

    Does she have to run to the media with everything? She's' trying to look for sympathy but she's not getting it.

  20. tammyv says:

    what is most amazing is that pick has all pinks on the right and blues on the left and poss/probable baby daddy dead center. Well done photo picker, well done.

    That said… I really kinda love his crazy bum