March 6th, 2012

Raffaella Fico: Balotelli Does It Better

virgin C-Ron Cristiano Ronaldo ex fling hook up

Her rumoured former fling once supposedly spoke of his super sized sexual adventures, so it was only a matter of slow-news time until Raffaella Fico (Mario Balotelli’s current girlfriend) spoke out about her own partner preferences.

City star fireworks house strip club fineLa Gazzetta dello Sport originally reports:

“Apart from Balotelli, I’ve only been with Cristiano Ronaldo. And I can assure you that Mario is much better.”

It’s not clear if Miss Fico meant as a player, person, lover or mini-bike rider, but it’s good to know skanking it up still pays dividends.

Speaking of C-Ron, gossip mongers were speculating about the party being over for he and Irina last week, which was silly given the fancy schmancy scarf Cristiano Ronaldo Jr was wearing around his daddy’s girlfriend at Sunday’s Real Madrid v Espanyol match. Kid’s showing early signs of actual style, Kickettes, and that to us is the most impressive news of all.

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34 Responses to “Raffaella Fico: Balotelli Does It Better”

  1. RetardAlexander says:

    Alexander, you are one complete and utter idiot. What the hell are they supposed to do, NOT have sex with them because in the distant future when their grand children are dead, there won't be any of that "kind" left? You can go screw yourself, you dumb sh*t.

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  3. aps says:

    Maro better get a DNA test.

  4. Alexander says:

    Why is it that African immigrants go for European women most of the time? Don't they like their own women? I'm sure Mr. Balotelli could have found a nice Ghanian woman, but no.

    The funny part of such couples is this: generally, black men prefer the look of white women over black women. But what they seem to not realize, is that by doing such an act, that is by partnering up with women of a different kind, they are destroying that same "kind" they find so attractive.

    It takes two Italians, or at least two Europeans to make a white European.

    And I'm not being hateful. He is being completely disrespectful to white Europeans. We have a right to exist too!

  5. 2ez says:

    mario beleeterrli FTW

  6. Agnes Wonka says:

    Please, remind me who Raffaela Fico is….

    I think Irina looks cute while taking care of CR Jr. :)

  7. littlegreenpea says:

    Wow. She sure gets AROUND TOWN.

  8. Loninha - Brasil says:

    Women object? For me as well, with that kind of statement shows that sex is like drinking water, so unfortunately we women fought to be recognized and value terms mercemos here comes this pile of poop and talk this pile of crap,! It's disgusting I'm sick of this kind of human being that makes the fact a man lie with a low and repuguinante advertising!

  9. isoccer247 says:

    as one of the many (assume) guys that read kickette, i have to say this… it is a tacky comment, if she actually said it. surely she would say that anyway…
    next if any of you think your guys are not going to the "pole ballet" regularly you are sadly mistaken. only difference is balo doesnt drink so his club behavior is 9x better than most. we only know about him going because he is indeed famous unlike the guys, myself included that you all deal with.
    i've played football (soccer) at every level aside from top flight pro & all the guys i play with would be happy to only have a sober trip to the poley on their resume… ;)

  10. Jenni says:

    A little bit saddened by how much everyone else here seems to hate Balotelli. Am I the only one who likes people that are interesting? Cristiano Ronaldo's love life has always been sordid. I don't see how he has any kind of moral high ground over Balotelli, who may well have grown up by the time he, like Ronaldo, is 27. Not too much, though, I hope. I still want him to be fun!

    • mata says:

      Not everyone, I think it's that tacky Berlusconi bunga-bunga "lady" a lot of us don't like, I actually quite like Balotelli most of the time.

      • Jenni says:

        Coming back an hour or so later and reading your comment, plus seeing I've got four likes, has cheered me up a bit after watching my Arsenal go down fighting! I think that whatever Raffaella has done in the past, she really does love Mario… She turned down presents from him in the past to prove she didn't love him for his money, and in light of the strip club reports, she said, "For me, he can go to a strip club, if he does nothing wrong, with friends, but I have to say that the end always comes back to me because I am his favourite." Now that's trust and confidence… Plus, Mario's gone on record this weekend as saying she's the best thing that's ever happened to him. I can't be too cynical!

        • mata says:

          Well, bless your faith in human nature, I for one would love to be proved wrong about her but I admit I am still cynical about her motives. Time will tell.

  11. Caitlyn says:

    I wonder if she gets caps depending on how many footballers she beds or meybe it's just crabs depending on how many stripers and hookers they bed?

  12. Love Sergi says:

    Eww the mere thought of Cristiano ever being with this woman sickens me! She's perfect for Balotelli, I find both of them very appalling!!!

  13. Caitlyn says:

    Declaring his love on the pitch one minute and caught at the stripers the next……….. Priceless.

  14. Inveja_Mata says:

    After this Balotelli can pretty much guess what will happen once they are over. Or maybe they will fulfill Mancini's dream, get married and live happily ever after! lol

  15. IrishBlue says:

    Spoken like a true lady. The elegance…

  16. mimi says:

    Classless chick got a classless boyfriend. I can´t stand Balotelli for many reasons.

  17. WOW101 says:

    Of course she would say mario is better. Would you tell the whole world that your ex was better if ur currently dating a new person? Especially if u r a nobody doing nothing & they pay for ur luxurious life???

  18. mata says:

    I wonder what Ronaldo thought of her in bed. Not much, evidently, considering how swiftly he dumped her. And it looks like a smart move, if that tacky comment is any indication of the woman.

  19. Baby Lily says:

    Never liked her.
    Irina is so much prettier for CR and has a proper job.

    • Gladys says:

      Funny that people thumbed you down. I agree, and I'm hardly a CR fan. Have to say, I'm not glad that the thumbs down is back, but maybe it has to be there for the comments to work properly again.

      • Baby Lily says:

        I know. Personally I think that Cristiano really looked for somebody like Irina and that's why he might've not been as 'interesting'. Probably because he wasn't interested.

  20. Kat22 says:

    “Apart from Balotelli, I’ve only been with Cristiano Ronaldo. And I can assure you that Mario is much better.”

    Classless. Nothing like gossipping to the media about your love life. But what do I know – maybe I'm just old fashioned.

    • mata says:

      You're right, it is vulgar and tacky, and we'd be disgusted if a man spoke of an ex-girlfriend this way, comparing her in bed to his current girlfriend IN THE PRESS, and it's no less wrong for a woman to do it.

      I think the point she was really trying to get across is that she's only slept with 2 men, I've noticed in the press that she goes out of her way to try to portray the image that she is demure and chaste, trying to shed her image as the bunga-bunga girl who tried to sell her body online. Ha Ha Ha.

  21. Jayy says:

    Dear Lord, somebody burn that coat. Well if shes okay with Mario gallivanting to strip clubs till the early hours of the morning, then she can clearly speak about anything.