October 28th, 2010

Random Pickups: Three Things That Improved Our Day

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As we pine for ice cold vodka and weekend footy to soothe our work-weary souls, motivation levels at Kickette HQ are bordering on empty. So instead of some proper content, we give you this – three random moments that made us pick our faces up from our keyboards and smile:

Numero Uno: Becks pranking an unsuspecting masseuse on hidden camera for the Ellen De Generes show.

Highlights include: Shirtless Becks, asking the masseuse to call him “Ricky”, saying he has a phobia of thumbs,  mentioning that he has skin ‘like baby peaches’ (we always suspected as much David) and sighing over how hard it is to be pretty. Props to David for being such good sport and being genuinely hilarious. We love!

P.S Check out ONTD_Football to see how Daddy Becks fared when telling Brooklyn B about the birds and the bees.

Numero Dos: Oprah wearing Victoria Beckham

Oprah looked fabulous in a nude dress from Victoria’s AW 2010 collection as she accepted an award the Maria Shriver’s Women’s Conference on Monday. Mrs B was delighted at the endorsement from one of America’s most powerful women and took to twitter to demonstrate her glee.

Go Victoria! Getting Oprah in her designs is a major coup and we’re v. happy for her.

Numeros Tres: Rio Ferdinand’s #EGGS

Rio’s Twitter hashtag #EGGS to call out haters and stupid people on the internet everywhere is something that we’re adding to our vocab as we type. We love, and feel this is another example to add to the growing pile, of why footballers on Twitter is complete genius.

So, whats making you smile on this dreary Thursday Kickettes?

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43 Responses to “Random Pickups: Three Things That Improved Our Day”

  1. BarcelonaFan says:

    hahahaha. who knew becks could do comedy!?! that was hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. loveu2much says:

    omg that was the most hillllllarious thing i saw all week and watching 4 days after it was posted i am officially in love with david now

  3. Suy says:

    Not so sure about the number two but everything else YES!

  4. MAya says:

    I love Ellen!!! She just made my day by haveing Becks do that!!!

  5. IrishBlue says:

    Awh fair play to David, nice to see he's up for a laugh! I bet his skin really is like baby peaches….

  6. ZaharaSpain NTBarca* says:

    that vid is too funny!!
    who knew david beckham was that funny?i know its ellen telling him what to do and all (you gotta love ellen) but he manages to keep a straight face!

    i love ' its really hard to be pretty'

  7. dontaskmetosmile says:

    Who knew Becks was so funny? I love that he was so game! And he kept a straight face the entire time! How'd he do that? He did better than Dennis Quaid, and Quaid's an actor!

    My fave moments include: the last of his cleansing breaths, his dramatic "owww. That's to hard" with matching hand to the forehead, singing "Happy Birthday" to Ricky, and of course, the moment he took his shirt off.

    I will save this video for when I feel stressed/sad/bored/frustrated

  8. @Annnanas says:

    What made me smile and laugh today is a big F A I L from madrid/Özil-fangirls http://yfrog.com/7bozilfanfailj
    I suppose they wanted to offer him a blowjob (what I consider pathetic enough) but insted they insulted him :D
    Even google translator could have done that better, I hope that Mesut didn't saw it ;)

    • @Annnanas says:

      BTW, this is a fail for the admins of the Real Madrid website too as they put it in the vid without looking up what it means

      for all of you who don't speak german – 'Sie saugen Schwanz' is literally like 'you suck d*ck'

  9. mcgee says:

    Ellen is already AMAZING….add some SEXY David Beckham and its pretty damn awesome/amazing/sexy/funny/BAMMM sosososososososos sososososos sososos funny!!! if i was that masseuse, i would die!

  10. Amandinha says:

    oh my god, i missed you so much while i was away, kickette!

    and this video was the perfect "i missed you" hug! :x

  11. Johanna says:

    That was extremely hilarious! Thanks.

  12. @AgnesWonka says:

    David ILY…I'd love to be that masseuse!

  13. Bettie says:

    If I was that masseuse I would have fainted the moment David took off his shirt, have MERCY!!!

  14. ayesha says:


  15. ayesha says:

    i luv that videoooo! lol it was amazing :)

  16. Jo_ says:

    [opens bottle of Grey Goose] Well, that's it for me. Martinis, anyone?

  17. Awesome ideas here, thanks. I actually took the plunge and got me some chickens last week! Now I have more eggs than I know what to do with!. You might like these egg recipes.

  18. Lily Montella says:

    hahaha David you are hilarious!!!!!!!!

  19. theodora says:

    this video is just amazing! i couldn’t stop laughing when i saw it :D i love the beckhams so much..!! :)


  21. <3slovelyballs says:

    as good as Shirtless Becks? Pantless Becks of course: http://www.thesuperficial.com/david-beckham-in-ti…

  22. GracieB says:

    that was freakin' hilarious! go Becks!!!

  23. eeraaa says:

    Watching Pique be sprayed with a water bottle. Then lose the ability to be serious while being shot by a photographer. Ahhh, my imagination goes wild with the idea of a half naked Pique soaked in water, though in my world I would prefer it'd be champagne. Because I'm a lady like that.

  24. Jen says:

    Brilliant!! Couldn't stop laughing! How did Becks keep a straight face?!

  25. freddiegirl says:

    Omg…that's hysterical! I think Dave could probably do comedy if he wanted once he retires from football; his comment about having skin like peaches is just awesome!

  26. lovealwaysyours says:

    Also glad DB's video made it this way… Even my cynical little self didn't immediately delve into it being a PR stunt so much as genuinely funny… I'm with Lunare- Kickette's pro-Becks status has made me a convert.

    As for what's getting me through this dreadful Thursday? One of Britain's greatest exports (not doing with football)- the movie, "Son of Rambow." It's wonderful. That with my afternoon Starbucks and getting to read Betty Smith's gem, "Joy in the Morning," this Thursday is turning out to be quite wonderful. Thanks Kickette!

    Everybody, take care and have yourselves a lovely weekend! :) )

  27. This. http://bit.ly/bxvFvR Roy Keane with his dogs Triggs and Ossie. It's by photographer Adrian Houston, and it's up for auction to benefit the Guide Dogs charity. I think it's a gorgeous photo, and even if I don't win it, I hope I drive the price way up so the Guide Dogs get lots of money!!

  28. shay says:

    Becks was brill! Do I feel thumbs?

  29. Bebo Ronaldo says:

    I shit myself laughing at this and then got so hyped that I went and commented on the WRONG video (feels embarassed) :S

  30. Lunare says:

    LOL. David was completely, absolutely hilarious. I can't believe it, but I'm actually starting to like him. I keep reminding myself he's played for MU and RM and he's not the type I usually like, but it's useless. Kickettes, you've done what no one else managed to do during 8 years I'm watching football – you made me like David Beckham. And I'm grateful to you.

  31. Lucy says:

    I loved David on Ellen. That was too funny.

  32. Angela says:

    That video was so so so so so so so so so so so so so amazing so so so so so sososososo amazing. haha

    • Fernanda says:

      Hahahahahahaha…. You stole the words right out of my mouth!

      Loved the video! I couldn't stop laughing when I saw it. And major props to David for not cracking up! The part where he sings Happy Birthday? Hilarious!!!

    • PP Longstocking says:

      LOL! I was laughing too and I'm at work, should be doing…you know…work.

    • Mrs.Navas says:

      no actually it was so so so so so amazing so so so so so so so so so so amazing. david is so so so so so so amazing and so so so so so so so so funny. lol

  33. Leya_S says:

    Haha YES! I was hoping the Becks video would make it on here. He's such a sweetie.
    I would have to say that the Beckhams are definitely my favorite footie fam…although the Villas and the Torreses and the Kakas(?) are up there!

    Rio Ferdinand is just brill. I really adore him. I'm going to actively try to use #EGGS next time there are haters on Kickette!

  34. CarmenOcio says:

    I love how Becks left it to Victoria to tell Brooklyn about the birds and the bees! And I think Oprah looked fabulous in VB's dress. I love how her dresses looks fabulous on everybody, no matter what shape or size. Plus, the designs are simple but still elegant

  35. Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

    Just fantastic the whole thing! I needed this today. Becks is so funny and sweet!