December 4th, 2007

Randoms: Xmas Cuties and Booties


John and Toni Terry hit the Playhouse Disney Celebrity Christmas Party on the weekend.  On this we will say: holy delicious children, these twins are scrumptious puddings of coffee brown eyes and delectable designer gear. Please note the thigh high boots on Toni.  Undercover minx alert, Kickettes. Also, there were no other celebs at this thing, unless you count Victoria Beckham’s sister, Louise.  And we don’t.

Not sure about anyone else, but we’ve already eaten through days one to 24 in our traditional chocolate advent calendar. The lads at Fanbanta have a solution, albeit a less chocolatey one: the WAGvent Calendar. It’s festive, and boobalicious! Link: The WAG-vent Calendar

Father-to-be Ricardo Kaká has won the European Player of the Year award, over Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Deserved? Or was C-Ron robbed? Didier Drogba came in fourth, proving yet again that terrible hair is never a true dictator of talent. Link: Kaka Wins European Player of the Year Award

An interesting ‘blind’ item in The Mirror of late: “Which premiership footballer slept with the mother of the girl who rejected him? The mum felt blue and branded him rubbish in bed.”

We hate having to use our brains for anything other than wardrobe co-ordination, but this one has got us in serious contemplation. Anyone getting a clue from the colour ‘blue’ in the clue?

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34 Responses to “Randoms: Xmas Cuties and Booties”

  1. outsource says:

    I dont think KaKa deserved it. I mean, obviously he is an amazingly talented player…but this is the world footballer award. That means domestically, in the champ league and internationally.

  2. Cesc's lil bird says:

    In South Africa we also say soccer but if you’re speaking to someone you know watches the beautiful game and follows it intensely (i.e stalks, obsesses) then you would say football. Like i’m probably one of the small percentage of girls in my school who like football and i’d say soccer in front of them so they at least get wat i’m saying. I’d say football to da people who actually get wat i’m speaking about. You know how all the top players went to America to like educate them about soccer? Like Beckham and Pele? Why can’t they come to South Africa? We have a killer rugby and cricket team but man does our soccer team suck (yes, soccer because they are not worthy of being called football)

  3. Elise says:

    Glad to hear it, Cate.  Now let’s all link arms in a big football/soccer huddle! <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="smile" style="border:0;" />

  4. Cate says:

    Well, what about truck/lorry, chips/crisps? It’s just language. We technically speak different dialects. When I’m speaking to a bunch of Brits or a British website I’ll call it football, and when I’m speaking to Americans I’ll call it soccer.

    And definately there’s a different quality, no doubt. I completely understand if MLS is not your cup of tea, and I recognize there is definatley a different level of play between the two leagues, I just object to one being slandered when there’s no reason. We don’t meet in competition, we’re not stealing your players, there’s no reason to be insulting over what is basically a baby league. And yea. I’m not mad or anything. :D

  5. Elise says:

    Yeah, Cate, I probably shouldn’t have opened that one up.  I really have no issues with MLS.  There’s different quality in America just as there is in England.  It really does drive me nuts, though, about the football/soccer thing.  I know it’s just a word, but for some reason it just makes me insane.  In America, if you say football, everyone thinks you mean NFL. Aargh!  I really should just let it go… lol

  6. Jenna Ryan says:

    Elise, say football anyway. It’s twists their minds. <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="smile" style="border:0;" />

    I’m American and the only time I say “soccer” is when I am referring to what I played as a kid (it didn’t merit being called “football,“ I’m afraid).

  7. Cate says:


    I’m not sitting around saying that the EPL is full of over-paid prima-donnas who are more worried about their paycheques than a love of the game. A little respect for people’s home leagues, thank you. I’m not above making nasty comments about a rival but there’s no reason to slander an entire league.

  8. The Fourth Official says:

    Elise, I’m getting a strong feeling that Mourinho will be the man.  But, he’s being a bit coy for me.  Myself, I think Capello is a great candidate, and I think he clearly wants the job – but the poor English will be a problem.  (Though, if a heavy accent was a criteria, then half the Scottish coaches in the EPL and SPL should be out of a job, ‘cause most of the time, I can’t understand a bloody word they’re saying.  <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="wink" style="border:0;" />  I would *love* to see Robert Green get a leg up – that fits in tidily with my plan to sweep house in the national side.  Nope, I’m not a Joe Cannon fan – MLS, what’s that????  <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="smile" style="border:0;" />

  9. brandy says:

    Heheheh Elise! MLS is NOT real football!!!!! I have so much disdain for it, especially when they try and act like they are real players/clubs/league. It’s really just B-league for American Football in my book. FFFSSS!!!

  10. Elise says:

    Fourth, I’m laughing at your comment about Scottish managers!  I feel the same way.  I spent about a week with a guy from Edinburgh a little while back and half of our conversation consisted of me saying ‘What?‘ 

    Well that’s two votes for Robert Green now. I’m certainly not a West Ham fan (don’t like that lot at all) but I haven’t been able to not like Green.  It was sealed for me when I saw him make those two penalty saves recently, one against Portsmouth in injury time (I was holding my breath and fully prepared to cry if he missed it after a great game of goalkeeping) and…I’m sorry to say I can’t remember this instant who the other one was against.  So it was ‘interesting’ watching the Chelsea/West Ham game the other day.  The fans were so vicious it made it a bit easier, but I still felt bad for hoping that Green would let something in.

    I agree with what you say about MLS.  It’s like it’s not real football.  I mean, they don’t even *call* it football, FFS!  Now I’m just being mean. wink

    I would be willing to believe that Jose was just riding the wave of support to land the club job he really wants, (and I don’t think that makes him a bad person) except for this talk about him having a plan already in place to present to the FA when they contact him.  If it’s true, then I’d say he’s changed his mind and truly wants to manage England.  He did the same thing, with the detailed plans I mean, with Chelsea, so it rings true for me.  I guess we’ll see.

  11. Sarah x says:

    Totally Agree With The Advent Caledar Girls x
    His Kiddies Are So Cute <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="smile" style="border:0;" />

  12. <3 JT says:

    i <3 JT nd them kiddies r sooo cute (of course! thier related to him) nd so wot if he gets a bit hot headed on the pitch its his job, he’s the captain he gonna be passionate int e? plus he luks really fit when hes mad :D x x x</p>

  13. Emma says:

    His kids are adorable! I Heart JT, despite his cheating on his wag.

  14. Cate says:

    Wow.  Fourth Official, you drank a big ole glass of Haterade this morning didn’t you?

    Alright, I’ll say it.

    I ‘lol’ed.

    Though I’m with Fourth on this one, Elise, sorry. If Stevie G., God love the man, did half the shite JT did, indeed my love of Liverpool would cause me to reject him as a person. If you love the club so much, think about how much Mr. Terry is tarnishing Chelsea’s good name with his disreputable actions. That man is captain? say the outsiders. Chelsea has some pretty piss poor standards then.

  15. The Fourth Official says:

    Sorry, Elise – didn’t mean to be all ugly and unladylike.  I really shouldn’t frown and grimace so much – it causes crows feet. <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="wink" style="border:0;" />  But I’m still hurting over England’s elimination from Euro 2008.  And I’m really worried about World Cup.  I am one of those rare Mancunians who believes that playing for one’s country IS more important than playing for one’s club.  Then when I read about JT’s antics and see his behaviour on the weekend, it just reinforces to me that we need to clean house on the national squad.  However, I’m still awaiting that text message from the FA urgently requesting my presence in London to solve the mess.  <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="smile" style="border:0;" />

  16. emmetbeth says:

    I dont think KaKa deserved it. I mean, obviously he is an amazingly talented player…but this is the world footballer award. That means domestically, in the champ league and internationally.

    Domestically? Meh… Ronaldo was better. Champ league, yes he kicked arse, but internationally? He pulled out of the Copa America! He couldnt be arsed! If ronaldo pulled out of playing for portugal in the euro he certainly wouldnt have gotten second place.

    So yeah, for that reason i dont think he should have gotten it.

  17. Elise says:

    Well, Fourth, you never know.  Brian Barwick is talking to everyone else, so why not you, right?!!I do feel, however, that you should take along someone with perhaps a differing perspective… now *who* could I mean?…to assist you in your clean-up efforts.  wink  I do realize that I am, at least on this page, in the minority on the JT supporting thing, so I expect to take the hits for it a bit.  As I’ve said before, on the one hand I wish John (and all the rest of them for that matter) would be the shining example of what’s best in men, but, on the other hand, they are footballers and that kind of lifestyle, I think, lends itself to the kind of activities that might not be exemplary.  I’ve accepted this as part of loving football.  As for the on-the-pitch stuff, I still just don’t see anything wrong with John’s behavior there, and certainly nothing that tarnishes the club.  Anyone willing to give as much as he has on the pitch over the years, for both club and country, will always inspire my devotion.  I find myself watching other defenders playing (no offense to anyone else’s favourite defender) and thinking to myself “John Terry would have blocked that” because the man just seems to have no fear. That kind of commitment is why I fell in love with him in the first place.  Sigh.

    I’m actually feeling a bit hopeful about the World Cup now that Mourinho is seeming such a strong candidate to fill the spot.  Even if he isn’t the one, Capello seems the next likely candidate and he’ll supposedly bring along Zola as his assistant.  Either of those scenarios I find encouraging, so I choose to live in hope. (And hoping that Robert Green will get a chance with the next coach.  By the way, I’d like to hear your thoughts on that, Fourth.  Any opinion?  Aren’t you the one who also mentioned liking Joe Cannon?  I see similarities there.)

  18. MrsJamieRedknapp says:

    Ahh, how cute to see JT being a family man instead of a thug on the pitch or drunken mess off it.

    Thats an interesting idea that mums can get some baller action.  I have four b.e.a.u.tiful daughters I could use as bait.  And I’m quite sure my youngest wouldn’t object if I hooked her up with certain yummy ballers.

  19. Gina says:

    I’m with Amoral Elise tongue wink on the JT thing. Since I’m not English, I can conveniently ignore all discussion of captainly behavior. And just concentrate on being a dirty old woman!

  20. Gina says:

    Hooray for that rumor! Since I am old enough to be these lads’ mother, it’s exciting to have some frail hope for a baller hookup.

    Except that I have no daughter to use as bait <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="cool smirk" style="border:0;" />

  21. michelle TN says:

    I love Didier Drogba!—even though there are some hair disputes (i personally do not think it is THAT bad), he’s such a funny guy.  did you not see how how he shivered after he scored his goal during the Chelsea vs. Rosenborg game? LOL.

    As for Kaka winning the Ballon D’or, mmm . . . he deserved it.  Though C. Ron is a very exciting player, he didn’t win b/c he needs time to mature.  He will win one day but this year is Kaka’s year.

    And true dat to Cate.

  22. carly says:

    It seems that the picture is preventing people from reading the rest of the post.

    That France Football award is always presented to the player who wins most silverware and Kaka won the Champions League. I still think C-Ron had the most exciting (in all meanings) season of all…

    About that rumour – my brain is freezing blue and I have no idea.

  23. Becca x says:

    The Perfect Family.. Aand Those Kiddies Are Soo Cute <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="smile" style="border:0;" />  I Just Wanna Steal them And Take Them Home… Do You Think They Would Notice?

  24. Livi says:

    I am impressed, I think that Toni looks gorgeous in this picture. The babies are adorable.

  25. The Fourth Official says:

    Don’t know if cuddling the babies and being all jolly and holly and elf-like is ever going to redeem John Terry in my eyes.  He’s a drunken, bad-tempered wanker.  My SO, who does not follow football, watched the West Ham match with me on Sunday, and when JT got all ugly and “in your face”, my SO said with disbelief “And that’s the guy that is captain of England?“ 

    Yeah, John, you are all class, all the way.  A**hole.

  26. Johnna says:

    Such a wonderful wonderful picture of the Terry family. I love JT, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Toni, and the twins are just about the cutest things I’ve ever ever seen and I don’t even like kids.


  27. MrsXabiAlonso says:

    Those kids are gonna be heartbreakers, soo cute.

  28. Elise says:

    Wow.  Fourth Official, you drank a big ole glass of Haterade this morning didn’t you? lol

    I do get why some people don’t like him personally. I, myself, am apparently quite without morals because aside from the tiniest twinge of disappointment, the only thing that enters my mind when he’s done something wrong is ‘damn, why didn’t he do it with me?‘. As for his willingness to be contentious with the refs, I like it.  I think he should be that way.  (Get ‘em John!) He’s the captain, and should be passionately fighting for his players, especially when there’s no Jose (at least not right now!!!) or someone like that on the sideline to do it instead. If I didn’t love Chelsea, perhaps I’d feel differently, but then again there is the possibility that I’m just an a**hole, too.  <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="wink" style="border:0;" />

  29. Elise says:

    I love John Terry!  I love him, I love him, I love him.  I LOVE HIM!  I just don’t care about all the crap he has (allegedly!) done, or whether or not he’s too harsh with the refs, or whether he’s made the right fashion choice with that puffy thing he’s wearing.  I just DON’T CARE!  I see him in this pic, with Toni, and those beautiful babies and I am so wrapped up in a moment of JT love, I’m stupid with it.  And so jealous that I think I may have to go and cry a bit.

  30. Cesc's lil bird says:

    No doubt a dirty chelsea playa… Speaking of which, john terry’s lil munchkin dumplings are da cutest thing ever! But da boy is especially cute. I want one of him!

  31. Cate says:

    Those kids are gonna be heartbreakers[.]

    If they’re anything like their father they will be. Yes, Fourth. That man is captain of England. McClarin was an effing wanker, and I can’t believe he got a severence package.

    Obviously the rejected baller was an Everton boy. Chelsea has too much on their plate at the moment, I think.

  32. tammyv says:

    OK those are the cutest kids ever!  And Go Toni workin the super sexy boots and mirco mini at the Disney party! 

    As for the Advent calendar – we should get on that!

  33. brandy says:

    SOOO don’t get the John Terry attraction AT ALL. There is not one thing appealling in him. I’m not even “meh” about him, I think he is hideous.

    For some reason David Nugent popped into my head as the rejected baller. That would be AWFUL! Not only was he branded as itty bitty, he would also be known as shite in the sack. Double Whammy!

  34. Robin says:

    We should do our own advent calendar – but with footballers!