April 24th, 2012

Rangers FC: Perfect Timing

If you have trouble finding Kickette Island, Carlos, resort to your GPS. We’re useless when it comes to giving and following directions. Images: Getty Images, football365.com.

Rangers have a meeting with the league winners at Celtic Park on Sunday, which makes the news of striker Kyle Lafferty’s two week suspension after a reported bust up with manager Ally McCoist all the more intriguing. You’ve probably read how the club’s situation has gone from awful to youhavegottobekiddingme in recent days, what with the twelve month transfer embargo, £160,000 fine and banning of club owner Craig Whyte from going near a football ever again. All because the club went into administration.

If we’d have known these were the consequences of insolvency, we would’ve never stepped foot in Mesut Ozil’s fave Chanel boutique[Ed Note: that pic will never get old.]

Anyhoo, Lafferty has reportedly fallen out with his gaffer over his recent lack of commitment, which came after some players accepted a 75% pay cut in order to prevent further redundancies across the club. This is the first indication we’ve seen of player dissatisfaction with measures designed to save Rangers – will there be more to come?

Better question: where does Carlos Bocanegra fit into this equation? He doesn’t, because our glasses need refilling and it’s his turn to fetch us some vodka whilst Lance Parker takes a foot massage break (rubbing ours *not* the other way around). In fact, he’s just hopped in his car to make the long trek to Kickette Island.

If only…le sigh.

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9 Responses to “Rangers FC: Perfect Timing”

  1. wow, amazing. ruff but not too cool, sweet but not gay :D

  2. ladys..this is a man!

  3. loveley guy, cute face <3

  4. He's just a great guy.

  5. Jayy says:

    Nothing, I repeat NOTHING will make me lose love for Boca. The man makes that hat look sexy.

  6. thelovehater says:

    He's been gone too long!! He tweeted about needing a tan – have you seen those abs lately? Yeah…can't wait to see him looking like a golden god this summer *sigh*

  7. Sara P says:

    He looks so tired. I'm a HUGE fan of the Boca….but sounds like he definitely needs to head to Kickette island for some R&R.

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  9. tobias ticklefit says:

    I think he plays his trade in scotland