March 8th, 2012

Rangers FC: Rights Or Responsibilities?

Scarper while you still can or hang in there and hope for the best? Ally McCoist and his boys have some tough decisions to make. Image: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images.

It’s crunch time at SPL club Rangers FC, Kickettes. The future of the club depends on the outcome of protracted negotiations between players and joint administrators David Whitehouse and Paul Clark, who must cut costs.

If the players do not accept the structured pay cuts” offered by Whitehouse and Clark, substantial  redundancies would follow across the whole staff, which could leave Rangers unable to fulfill this season’s fixture schedule.

Maurice Edu is among the most valuable assets Rangers holds. Image: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images.

Apparently though, it isn’t the proposed wage restructure that’s causing the delay. Personal terms in player contracts are a stumbling block, with “seven or eight players” failing to agree a deal. Gregg Wylde, a former winger with Rangers explained the reality of the situation after accepting voluntary redundancy with no pay off  earlier this week.

I volunteered to walk with no redundancy package today to help the other people in the club who have families, like the kitchen staff.”

It was dragging on and on so I just decided to put my hand up to go to try and save some jobs. I just wanted to help the club.

What do you think of this, peeps? Would you take a pay cut in order to help your employer out of a hole and your colleagues keep their jobs? Do you think that football players should be more inclined to consider such a move because of the financial benefits they receive? Or is it wrong to hold them to ransom just because there’s a perception they earn a stack?

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6 Responses to “Rangers FC: Rights Or Responsibilities?”

  1. Alisha says:

    I'm a Rangers fan, supported them my whole life, can't imagine not having them tbh, I think what Gregg and Mervan have done is absolutely incredible and i'm annoyed at the players not willing to take cuts, yes it's not their fault but if they cared about the club enough, they would do whatever it takes to help us survive!

  2. thelovehater says:

    There was an article about some players staying through the summer and then leaving…another (and shaky source) says that Boca will go to Vancouver. I know how quiet and fast these things go considering his move from St Etienne to Rangers. *le sigh*

    I have been in a finance situation where the top tier has had pay freezes and cuts (they are not fun but necessary to keep a company running). I say go with the cuts.

  3. Jayy says:

    Kickette I'm really worried about BocaMuffin :( I hope he stays!!!!! Poor babeh

    • criss88 says:

      Sorry, I’m selfish. If Bocamuffin goes to Vancouver it will make my moving there this summer worth it! I’m sure the women of the West coast will agree. But is the GF Lita coming too? Won’t she miss being so far away from her roots in Europe? We can take GOOOOD care of him for her….

  4. Kennedy says:

    I agree players should be helping out. Even the lowest paid player makes in one day more than I make in a month and I have 2 uni degrees. Suck it up!

  5. gigi says:

    With the average, "non-star" Prem League footballer making upwards of around 400K a year while the line cook in his club's kitchen is making less than 40K, I think that yes, the players should be finding ways to help out. Think of it is the sports incarnation of noblesse oblige.