August 4th, 2011

Real Madrid: Grip It, Grip It Good

Jese Rodriguez and Angel Di Maria get close

Real Madrid’s Jese Rodriguez gets up close and personal with team-mate Angel Di Maria during their match against Guangzhou Evergrande yesterday. We approve of this method of bonding, and from the looks of it, Ricky Kaka does too. Image via Zimbio.

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19 Responses to “Real Madrid: Grip It, Grip It Good”

  1. Rafaela says:

    Kaka is always so so so cute!! I love the new kit of Real Madrid!!

  2. emmaCmorata says:

    if only it was ME and not Di Maria………..oh! sexy Jese. he has hotness dripping down from him……

  3. cisarovna says:

    If we are going to talk about RM boys grabbing each other, can we please talk about this picture…

    Cristiano's hand is exactly where? Ozil seems thoroughly entertained but Carvalho's opinion is hard for me to decipher.

  4. Por Dior says:

    Look at Jese´s face , you know his enjoying it ….. is it just me or is he biting his lower lip , Di Maria lets trade place´s NOW!!!

    First Xavi with dolphins and now Sexy-Jese, whats next …

  5. Lotte says:

    I'm all for the grabbing, you go boys! But I would've chosen someone else, *cough*Özil*cough*, to drag home to my cave :) .

  6. black widow says:

    i tell you what, i'd like to grip iker like that …

  7. Agnes Wonka says:

    they're all so sexy and cool!
    you know, nowadays seems to be on fashion boys touching each other. I see that in my students, it's incredible!

  8. dominque says:

    kickette you are so dirty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. gin_in_teacups says:

    Ahhh it's too cute! Still not sold on the new kits though…

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      not at first, but they got me after seeing how transparent it is!

      • DebS says:

        win! The commentator in their recent game was commenting on how hot it was (looked brutal) and how it made Sergio's kit stick to him. As if he needed to point that out! :p

    • xoWinnie says:

      same…that collar gots tah go.

  10. lisa says:

    i cant wait for the new season to begin… more opportunity to hate/lust Higuain

  11. earidurt says:

    i am lovin' this new kit the madrid boys are rockin'.
    and as it regards the ass grabbing….i approve! i am all for the boy on boy action babyyy. wish i could be a part of it though.

  12. Carolé says:

    Angel, you lucky b*tch! ;o

  13. Rachael says:

    Kaka looks like he is waiting in line for his turn!

  14. Sarah, Madrid says:

    I am afraid there is nothing to grip with angel Jese, :p! Kaka is so adorable with his smile.
    Is Jese growing on kickette? This is the second time in almost a week that he is mentioned which I like!

    • DebS says:

      lol someone didn't like your comment…I'm guessing the part about Angel? Poor kid is so skinny but some people are like that…like my daughter. Oh to have their metabolism!

      So happy that Jese's having such a good preseason! Glad Mou's giving playing time to the Castilla.

  15. Stephanie, ON, CA says:

    I approve of it!
    Request: more pics of San Iker please!