January 5th, 2010

Real Madrid: Hot Property

Sharesies please?

Much in the way we need to regularly (aka hourly) check our horoscopes in order to feel safe and secure, we also need to know what’s happening with the homes of professional footballers. Such is life.

Back in Cristiano Ronaldo’s Manchester United days, most of his off-the-pitch antics occurred in this “offensive, brutal and insensitive” £4 million mansion in Alderley Edge, Cheshire.

Cristiano's UK diggsSaid crib may have had the neighbours up in arms, but C-Ron ignored their pompous protestations and carried on entertaining and being entertained regardless. Bovvered?

Of course, as soon as Cristiano made the move to Madrid, we eagerly set our Google updates for some property gossip. What part of town would he move to? Would the new place have the in-house sauna, swimming pool and “media room” he had grown accustomed to in dear old Blighty? Would there be a custom-built underground direct tunnel to Gucci?

Well, it’s taken him six months, but C-Ron’s search for the perfect pad is over. Here’s the run-down:

Location: Based in the exclusive modern suburb of La Finca, one of Europe’s most mackadocious residential areas. It was already one of the most fashionable places to live for Madrileños, but with Cristiano’s arrival, it has now surpassed itself. In fact, we hear man bag sales are already up by 56% locally.

Land mass: Would you believe Cristiano has gone modest? He opted for an estate of only 5,000m2 (53,000 square feet), which is one of the suburb’s more humble houses. (Most of them measure in at 10,000 m2). We’re concerned the neighbouring financial high-fliers will scoff at the mere bedsit he is living in.

Costs: Worth €4.7 million to buy/ €9,000 a month to rent.

An FYI: Due to its location in the south of the capital, La Finca is also favoured by Atletico Madrid’s players. Indeed, Cristiano’s new gaff was the former home of ex-rojiblancos striker Sinama Pongolle. But, that’s by the by. The information that interests us most is the fact that Fernando Torres has a place there as well. He’s already our ideal Boy Next Door and we would defo be giving him a knock to borrow some sugar. And milk. And bed sheets. Etc.

NB: Stalkers be warned. The entire La Finca community has triple security control, infra-red cameras and 24-hour-patrol teams. Not one for amateurs to attempt to infiltrate.

But fear not, Kickettes. Upping the odds of a “chance” encounter with a Real Madrid fittie is the ever-dependable Xabi Alonso, who is giving up his gaff in the zona to relocate to the heart of the capital.

xabiLos Alonso tried suburbia on their arrival in Madrid, but Wisteria Lane was not to their liking. They’re packing up and moving to the upmarket Barrio Salamanca (think: Bond Street), home to all of Madrid’s best designer boutiques.

Xabi and Nagore are well-versed in city centre living, having spent their stint in Liverpool on the Albert Dock-home to a handful of other Reds’ ballers, such as Martin Skrtel and a few of the Hollyoaks’ dollies.

Christoph Should Xabi run out of toilet paper, he can rely on his teammate Cristoph Metzelder, the only other whites’ player that lives in the barrio. Metze’s love for old-fashioned buildings was apparently the deciding factor in where he chose to live.

The German picked his spot on arrival in Madrid, and had it decked out to suit his tastes. We are most sure he spends his days in the plush penthouse calculating pi and listening to Bach. Maybe now Xabi is in the hood, he will invite him round for a game of chess and an Earl Grey.

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52 Responses to “Real Madrid: Hot Property”

  1. Susana says:

    I can't decide if his new house looks more like my dentist's office or an abandoned building at Area 51. I prefer the one in Alderley…at least it has green grass, ample trees, and landscaping.

    But I suppose it's CR's money…

  2. [QUOTE] Should Xabi run out of toilet paper, he can rely on his teammate Cristoph Metzelder, the only other whites’ player that lives in the barrio. Metze’s love for old-fashioned buildings was apparently the deciding factor in where he chose to live.

    The German picked his spot on arrival in Madrid, and had it decked out to suit his tastes. We are most sure he spends his days in the plush penthouse calculating pi and listening to Bach. Maybe now Xabi is in the hood, he will invite him round for a game of chess and an Earl Grey.[/QUOTE]

    You killed me Kick, I'm crying with laughter LMAO

  3. Sana says:

    I wish i was that grapes of fruit.
    So, he would eat me up lol i love him, or what i love more. I will feed him and be his SEXY black slave.
    I want him so badly. LOVE U CRIS

  4. Senorita Iniesta says:

    All right then … tomorrow, I’ll make use of Nandos’ freezer, til I’m cold enough to trick Cris’ infrarot cameras, sneek in, have some fun there and later get heated up by Metzte – the tea, of course … And, if my precious time allows me to, I probably show Xabs what REALLY happens in a city like Madrid …

    Just kidding. All Í’m going to do is feeding Cristiano with grapes until he burts // until I get melt …

  5. lamis says:

    Cris is simply AMAZING! I mean if he moved right next to my house i’d FLIP OUT! I’d probably stay next to my window 24/7 incase he passed…Just adore him!

  6. saad says:

    lolllllllllll, from where you got that pic?????? i am surely pinging it up on my blog

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  9. Pamela says:

    Kickette, where do the Barcelona players live?

  10. Pamela says:

    Can we get a pic of the house in La Finca he just purchased? Where did he live before?

    I dont like his UK home. The architecture/desing in awful, the color too(orange!). Looks tacky.

  11. zatti says:

    CRon is actually building a pool and gym in the house! he gave an interview in "marca" telling about his life and all! it was so cute!

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  13. agger♥lover says:

    wowza!!!! he looks hot there and this is comming from some one who *HATES* him. haven’t seen his house tho…. for his sake i hope his taste in real estate is better than that of his taste in women.

    • mila_casillas says:

      I love Cris but his taste in women tickles my funny bone. He has dated some serious dogs. :p

    • ignaiad says:

      I agree! I couldn't wait till he left the EPL but I have to say, Spain must agree with him. I think it's because he's less orange. (O the irony that he's paler in Madrid than Manchester!)

  14. truly_thata says:

    Kickette love Madrid, and I love you! Danke :D

  15. Yao says:

    Ronaldo’s Madrid house is *miles* better than his Alderley Edge manse, which just reminds me of so many McMansions here in the U.S. I’m not partial to modernist architecture (at least for living in), but at least the La Finca place has more character than his English abode.

    Have there ever been any footballers with an affinity for good architecture who don’t opt for giant boxes with two swimming pools?

    • laz says:

      agreed – i don't know why so many ppl like that American mansion type style. i'd imagine they are impressed with the size and don't bother noticing the design quality but to me that particular style is just tacky – to call it good design is a insult to architects who actually design good buildings – at least the spanish architect who designed that la finca area of madrid put some thought in the design process but even that house is unambitious.

      i don't think there will ever be any footballers (and probably not many sports people in general) who have genuine good taste in architecture or design in general but i've never met any professional footballer so there could be one who knows his gaudi's from his lloyd wright's so you never know!

  16. MissEstonia says:

    Trust me, I want a multimillion euro megahome as much as the next girl, but…that house is HIDEOUS! Perhaps it doesn’t go with my style, but I LOVED the Alderley Edge house, and hate the one in Madrid.

  17. Nando and Ronaldo on the same street. That’s more than anyone can take.

  18. Anya says:

    Nando lives in England right now which means that his crib is empty…so maybe I could move there?
    All I need to do is to find the way to pay him €9,000 a month to rent it.

  19. Morky says:

    He might have money, he might have muscles, he might have diamond black earrings but I'm guessing CRON doesn't have editors rights on photos after a shoot…

    • moody^^ says:

      i don't understand why you, and people like you, are so mean! why do you always have to criticize? are you perfect? flawless? do you always dress appropriate, do you look like after a make-up session in the morning when you wake up? are you always unselfish, humble and modest? and if, let's say, you are, that still doesn't give you the right to always criticize. don't like, don't look!

      i've read a lot about cristiano's life and although i didn't like him at first, i have to give him a lot of credit for being the amazing footballer that he is and for winning everything that he has through his own work. so who cares if he has acne, or he is not always perfect. news flash! people aren't perfect. i know this is a website where we comment mostly on the appearance of footballers but come on, you're picking on him for nothing

    • mila_casillas says:

      I am convinced Marca photographers hate poor Cris. They have him make some seriously whacked out poses.

  20. Miss_S says:

    53,000 square feet- €9,000 a month to rent? that's really cheap.. In Hong Kong, if you pay €9,000 a month, you can only rent a 3000 square feet apartment.

  21. imhereforthenando says:

    C Ron and Nando living in the same area… Now that's just too much. The place is going to implode from shear sex appeal.

  22. Inés says:

    what else did you expect from him? to live under a bridge?

  23. Rosey says:

    I don't think he/we have to worry about Nani…he is closer now to a certain buck-toothed, crazy-eyed stalker that hunts for fame like lions do for food…that is a bigger worry….

    Also, I don't think his Cheshire home has sold yet…I wonder why?? (see above)

  24. RONALIZA says:


  25. Louise says:

    I am abnormally pleased that Xabi has ditched ho hum suburbia and moved into the city. It perfectly suits the urbane, cultured man-about-town image I want him to fit into to. He really should consider moving to New York for a few years after he retires. He'd adore it.

  26. I heard there's a secret tunnel in the basement that leads back to Old Trafford.

  27. Aw, Cris should have stayed in the UK where stalking opportunities are more encouraged. A triple security covered community? Hope it keeps Nani out!