June 14th, 2011

Real Madrid: Shilling For Spain

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via poprosa.

Our newly founded ‘Marketing Ploy of the Week’ award must go to the Spanish government, who have cleverly utilised their capital’s most wondrous sights in a new video to promote tourism. Yes, several Real Madrid players, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Sergio Ramos and Sami Khedira have been dressed up, blown out, made up and thrown in front of a camera in order to espouse the virtues of their adopted home city.

In this work of epic genius, we find out (among other, fabulous details) that Karim Benzema likes tapas (although he may have been a bit scared of it at first), that Sergio Ramos is being perpetually stalked by an awkward flamenco guitarist and Sami Khedira has hearing problems.

How the hell we would’ve got through the week without this, we don’t know. It doesn’t bear thinking about.

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52 Responses to “Real Madrid: Shilling For Spain”

  1. [...] bullshit. No way Messi was at a party with girls. WSN WAG of the Week: Xoana Gonzalez coming soon. Real Madrid Stars Promote Tourism to Madrid Obvious marketing ploy to get you to come visit Madrid. We now know Cristiano Ronaldo, Sergio [...]

  2. jsint11 says:

    I want to visit Spain now! Loved the view. Spain did not look so bad either. ;)

  3. futurewaginthemaking says:

    omgggg that was amazingly cute! i love my rm boys<3
    and now i really wanna visit Madrid!!!!

  4. brana says:

    total football is fantastic

  5. rikcy says:

    i like madrid

  6. catalina says:

    spain soccer is so sexy!

  7. Lulu says:

    The only thing that came to my mind was…… YESSSS I NEED SPAIN!!!

  8. Dino says:

    Visit Spain.
    Visit Barcelona.

  9. Mariella says:

    The spots here are now probably overflooded with girls hoping they see one of them

  10. Femz17 says:

    That's it I'm off to Spain!

  11. Céline says:

    Wait .. what? No Pipaa?? :( This video makes me want to order the next plane to Madrid thogh <3 HALA MADRID

  12. Céline says:

    This video makes me want to order the next plane to Madrid. :D Can i get a ramos for free next to that please?

  13. elizabeth says:

    Need to find my passport now…..this just made my long tired day so much better

  14. Tsuyoshi says:

    i like real

  15. ciotog says:

    But where is Pipita?:-(

    Speaking of boosting tourism Fernando Llorente and Javi Martinez (and Aitor but he's not in this video) do wonders for Blibao. (They are mostly talking about Athletic but at 3:45 and again at the end Javi speaks a little English in preparation for the Europa League!) Beyond Cute!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZ5mEj_Qpwc

  16. JA7 says:

    Omggg ur sooo lucky!!! Spain definitely looks and sounds beautiful! :)

    • Winnie Mata says:

      man it's ah-may-zing! the next time i go i'm definitely going to try to go to Barcelona!
      if i had one complaint about Madrid it would be the fact that there were no beaches!
      otherwise it was a blast! i'll be older next time so i'm definitely going to hit some clubs!
      the good ones generally open at around 1:00 a.m though lol!
      man those people know how to live! :)

  17. @mezz98 says:

    Awesome! *off to book flight!

  18. kristine says:

    Ole indeed Mr. Ramos, yes yes I would like to Ole you, thank you very much….

  19. gin_in_teacups says:

    Whoever is the head of tourism for Madrid is a marketing genius! This makes me want to go to Madrid SO bad, not just because my boys are all so damn fine, but the ad really just makes it seem incredible.

    Now on to important matters – Sergio is too cute! Of COURSE he mentions flamenco. Kaka is also looking particularly sexy here. And when he mentions taking Luca to the zoo – be still my beating ovaries.

  20. earidurt says:

    the best looking club in the world !!!!!!!!!! sometimes i think the real madrid management purposely pursues the best-looking footballers…how can all the players be so attractive?! damnnn. benzema. have my babies!

    • Love Sergi says:

      I agree completely. There is maybe a couple of players on Real that aren't quite up to par, but every single one of them in this video are just so cute. Kaka is beautiful I almost died! Sergio is too cute. Marcelo, I love. Of course, Cristiano is gorgeous. I've seen them all in person, except for Ozil and Kaka, and I love Real. The most beautiful team in the world! Now, if they can claim more titles in Spain, then they have it all.

    • iloverealmadrid says:

      omg they actually do , i remember reading how perez didnt wanna sign Ronaldhino, cuz he was unnattractive.

  21. Lily says:

    Ramos was so awkward. I need to start learning German soon (and Spanish because mine sucks). For some reason as of lately I’ve been hating on Kaka, I can’t stand even looking at him. I’m glad that he wasn’t called up for Copa América.

  22. thelovehater says:

    Sign me up! Tapas and Flamenco dancing! I agree that the tourism board would be overloaded for the summer with ladies if they had filmed this without their clothes on. I'm here to help :)

  23. JA7 says:

    As if i needed another reason to go to SPAIN..thank u beautiful boys for encouraging me to come to this beautiful country! I loved this vid, it was soo nice of how they gave an outlook on such a beautiful country! I will DEFINITELY go there (once i get some money).

  24. xoWinnie says:

    oh! and the sheesha bars were super fun!

  25. Kristina says:

    Oh Germans, with your problems pronouncing the "v". I luw you.

    • catliu says:

      Wisiting Spain sounds iwwesistible, no?

    • bääääääää says:

      yes it's funny….but if you listen carefuly you will hear that Özil even speaks german very different …. like a foreigner.. a turkish boy…. :)

      I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Mrs. Q.Borri says:

        i love it too… he just sounds so sexy!!! wao i will visit him anytime… anytime!! :) )

  26. prettypeyton says:

    how freakin' adorbable, sexy, gorgeous is Kaka?!?! I want him.

  27. Bri says:

    All I see is Kaka. Oh my goodness Ricky. So nummy and adorable.

  28. I <3 Ramos says:

    just being with in the same zip code as these MEN already makes me want to visit Madrid…
    NOW living on the same street …or … better yet the same house would definitely make me want to live there permanently! ;) :):D

  29. Rosa says:

    Karim Benzema <3
    Just come to me Karim, and I'll make you all the tapas in the world. :)

  30. Sarah, Madrid says:

    Ramos flamenco love is refreshing ole ole for the hotness provided in this video I am willing to overlook what Khedira is wearing too :p. You know what this ad is more like a stalking guide for us than promoting tourism Good job Madrid!

  31. marie_04 says:

    when Ramos said Ole with that gorgeous smile… it seems like the world just stopped….AWWWWWW! my heart is melting…. <3<3<3

    Thanks a bunch Kickette! ;) :):D

  32. Kristine says:

    Love it! Sergio’s buttery velvet voice saying Ole…My perverted mind went straight to bed! Oh, his sexy swagger kills me!
    I am planning a visit to Spain, and a visit to Madrid. ; )

  33. Haha, as if Özil! Museum? Theatres? Come on!

  34. someone who likes films and books says:

    Yes I will totally visit Madrid! And Ozil is enumerating where we will go for our date :p :p

    Seriously, my heart skipped a beat!

  35. @MsReisDS says:

    I pretty much love Ramos' "Olé" <3

  36. Devilish-x says:

    Aw cute ad! Oh I would have liked to to hear Ramos speaking english :) hehe

  37. Chefdi says:

    Oh Kickette ~ once again you make my day and everything is right with the world! I am going to get addicted to this video and I'm especially excited because *today* I start a new post as a TAPAS CHEF at a brand new restaurant … I think it's a good sign!!! I haven't yet been to Spain but thank you again, this really feeds my obsession and my "Spain on the brain"!

  38. chay says:

    All i can say is 1:07 … did i just melt all over my chair? omg, benezema could recite a parlimentary speech and i would still melt all over my chair!

    • Rosa says:

      He could read me washing machine instruction manual and I'd happily sit there and just listen to him <3

  39. JCJ says:

    LOVE IT! Book me a seat on the next flight to Madrid!

  40. Kat says:

    What, no Iker?

    But it's not like the Kickette Army need convincing to get our butts to Madrid. All they need to provide are their addresses, and we're there!

    Oh, and Kaka. Of course his thing is the zoo, where he goes with little Luca. How predictably adorable.

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      Yeah right where is iker? But again Ramos should have mentioned visiting him as a favorite thing for him to do in Madrid and mentioned his address no?

    • xoWinnie says:

      lol second point–brilliant!