October 23rd, 2009

Red Carpet: Dead Man Running Premiere

Rio and wifey Rebecca

Man Utd’s Rio Ferdinand and his wifey, Rebecca were out on the red carpet in London last night for the premiere of Dead Man Running. It’s a film staring 50 Cent and Danny Dyer; Rio and Ashley Cole (Chelsea) helped to finance the production.

We know Rio gets some stick for having his hands in a lot of pies – and obviously, the pitch should be his main focus. But out of all the footballers that like to dabble in extracurricular activities, we’re never annoyed by the projects Rio comes up with.

Of course, his dabbling comes second only to the master of multi-tasking, Fernando Torres. If only the two would join together and launch a joint shopping mall/reality dance competition. We can dream.

Now, on to the sartorial selections: who do you think got their look right on the night?

Click through below to see the range of fashion inspiration and rejection on offer.

Note 1: Jamelia? That ain’t your husband.

Note 2: Carlton Cole’s tracksuit. All about keeping it real/street/hood? Or just lazy?

Note 3: Why didn’t Cheryl accompany Ashley? Apparently she was meant to be on the red carpet with him.

Bacary SagnaAshley and Didier

Jamelia: that ain't your husbandCarlton Cole dressed up for the occasionAshley coleRio Ferdinand aka Mr. Clutch

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24 Responses to “Red Carpet: Dead Man Running Premiere”

  1. Blackgirl says:

    Is it neccesary for you guys to be so racist? if white girls want to marry black men, then its purely their choice.

    I just thought you all hated players like Diouf because of his attitude but after reading all your nasty comments i have just realised it's all about the colour of his skin.

    Kickette is such a fun site, stop being hateful and racist. Its just plain ugly. " made in uk and James"

  2. Leesy Lou says:

    Is Didier crouching down to make him self look smaller? Or make Cashly look taller? Or just to fit through the door that strangely people seemed to have been photographed infront of???

  3. MadeInThe_UK says:

    Black players footballers feel by dating a white woman or even marrying them they will get accepted more inot society lol yea right you still black blud

  4. Avenath says:

    Methinks Carlton Cole lost his laundry…either that, or someone burned down his closet…

  5. James says:

    why do so many black footballers date white women? it's bizarre

    • Susie says:

      Speaking as the aunt of two beautifull bi-racial children, how is that “bizare”?

      Who cares what skin tone the person has, footballers (or anyone else) should just date who they like and thats it.

  6. Flowie says:

    I think Rio should teach his wife to dress up..it’s very weird darling…but for Rio he’s juast look faboulous

  7. BibaBoo says:

    Lmao at Carlton Cole, Rio looks fab, Rebecca looks intersting but really pretty, Drogba can do no wrong in my eyes, I really wish John Terry or Frank Lampard had been there, I love lampsy. Jamelia looks fab and so does 50 cent.

  8. Susie says:

    I really cant figure out Rebecca's dress. The fit is really weird. A little loose on top but choking at the neck, with slashes at the sleeve? Someone mentioned her wearing gloves….except those arent gloves since you see her fingers holding her clutch.

    Id take a match to that dress.

  9. [...] Rio and Ashley cole helped finance a movie starring 50 Cent. Pics from the premier. – Kickette [...]

  10. Dreamgirl says:

    Rio looks great as always and I really like Rebecca’s outfit.

    We are seeing a lot of ripped jeans at the moment. I thought they were gone. :(

  11. Elise says:

    Rio and Rebecca look fantastic! I love her outfit. Ashley looks flipping awesome. Damn. Love the trousers. Didi is rocking his own look and it works for him, though I can't say I love it. As for the others…well….lol

  12. FootballerChick43-&q says:

    Rio looks really, really good. Am very, very impressed. Carlton Cole looks absolutely ridiculous. Really? Could you not put forth ANY effort? Ashley Cole looks amazing. Oh my goodness. And Didier… that man is a god, I think.

  13. Rio looks great, and I like Rebecca’s dress. Great colour and interesting cut. I think she’s wearing gloves, which I find a very sexy look. (See the coach scene in “The Age of Innocence.” )

  14. Boo says:

    some people should just stick to footie! and i mean leave the fancy dressing to someone else. (actually i mean the dude in trackies)

  15. Love Rio’s skinny tie.

    Rebecca’s outfit: looks like her little kids got a bit too creative with their art scissors. Very strange.

  16. Boston Red says:

    Very interesting. I’m completely confused by what Rebecca’s got on, but Rio looks scrumptious. I can’t see Jemelia because that photo won’t enlarge. Cole looks ridiculous in that tracksuit. Put on a suit or at least a pair of jeans, man. And why isn’t Cheryl here supporting her man?

  17. carly says:

    Have a feeling 50 Cent has a gun pointed at Jamelia's back…

  18. Riya says:

    Overall verdict = unattractive. I find none of these men even remotely good looking. Maybe because they are all buffoons on the pitch…

  19. Liz (Mrs. Vucinic) says:

    At least it's a D&G tracksuit? er no, that doesn't make it any less awful. Sadly. Who wears a tracksuit to anywhere other than the grocery store?

  20. Sarah says:

    Sagna's wife is pretty. And hahaha did Cashley and Drogba go as a couple?