November 30th, 2009

Red Carpet: Manchester United for UNICEF

Dimitar Berbatov you are the don dada

Nemanja and Ana VidicManchester United got suited, booted and wifed up last night at the United for UNICEF charity gala.

Though we were happy to forgo our daily online retail perusing/purchasing in order to pick up a few of these photos, we’re experiencing a post-shopping adrenaline crash. Why? Because there’s a serious lack of fashion disasters going down on the red carpet. Everyone looks rather splendid. We’ll have to save our pointing and judging for a later date.

Our top picks for the night go to Nemanja Vidic and his insanely hot wife, Ana as the couple most likely to give us “the feelings”. Dimitar Berbatov takes the prize for best suited. He’s the Continental. He wins at everything.

More pics of the players, dates and tuxedos after the jump.

Link: Donate to UNICEF here.

Edwin you're looking very bad ass lately. Kudos.Wes and Leanne BrownMichael Owen you are one fertile goalscorerRio FerdinandMichael and Lisa CarrickWayne and Coleen RooneyPatrice and Sandra EvraJonny Evans, Darron Gibson and Danny WelbeckRyan and Stacey Giggs

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38 Responses to “Red Carpet: Manchester United for UNICEF”

  1. evadare says:

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  2. [...] Evra joins his Manchester United teammates in supporting UNICEF with his [...]

  3. Kahtilyn13 says:

    Ok, Vidic’s wife looks pissed. Van der Sar’s wife look’s awful as well as Wes Brown’s. Owen’s wife looks old yet adorable. Rio has an awesome Baller Bitchface going on. Carrick & his wife look too much alike in the face it’s scary! Coleen looks 10 years older than Rooney! Evra’s looks like a traditional pissed off french woman. The boys look silly in their penguin suits! And Giggs’ wife is beautiful.

    • ally25 says:

      bit harsh there…

      the best looking wags are stacy giggs, coleen rooney and hayley fletcher

  4. Claire says:

    OMO.My Berba CUT His Hair..
    He LOOKS Good..
    But He Will looks More GOOD ..If I Were Beside Him,LOL
    Love ALL The Boys “HOT”,,I Envy Their Wives,*SIGH*!!
    The WAGs ..I Think Lisa And Ana The BEST^,^

    But Wait..I Did Not SEE My Scholesy??

  5. craig smith says:

    No mention of the red carpet i fitted on sunday afternoon got 2 meet the saturdays though lol, before setting of home for me tea. Great cause.

  6. sarahbeth says:

    Berba looks HOT! Love the haircut! And Vidic looks awesome as always. His wife is so lucky. (sigh)

  7. FootballerChick43 - says:

    Can't say anything bad about footballers supporting UNICEF :)

    Good on you, ManUtd.

  8. carly says:

    Omg, the Continental …did he really get a haircut? Could his pose be more perfect? One foot turned to one side, the other opposite, and still looks like he’s going somewhere. hahaha XD

    I think Coleen looks rather cute; Louise Owen on the other hand is looking a bit …older.

    • kaya says:

      Actually, besides Colleen, I kinda think all the ladies look older than their men. Maybe they are?
      Btw, I find all the Berbatov stuff hilarious, but anyone mind clueing me in on where all the “don’t you find me incredibly hot?” stuff came from? Did he actually say it or is it just the way his body language screams it?

  9. sarah19mufc says:

    does anyone know if darren fletcher was there? i would like to see his girlfriends dress she always looks very pretty.

  10. Amy MUFC ( : says:


  11. Lucy says:

    Coleen is the worst looking of them all, I mean WAGS

    • ft9ftw says:

      awww, really? i think she looks happy and adorable here and she looks fab especially just poppin' out that bubba of hers.

      vidic and edwin's wifeys look the best to me.:D

    • ft9ftw says:

      awww, really? she looks adorable and happy there. and might i add fab especially after giving birth to their bubba.

      edwin and vidic's wifeys look to be the best to me.:D

  12. Oh God, I just love them all. *squeals* Like Dimi’s new haircut (goodbye to the Alice band finally!) Lisa Carrick looks gorgeous (pregnancy glow!). But I think my favourite pic is Jonny Evans, Darron Gibson and Danny Welbeck. Young, Red and So Talented. And from all accounts, really nice lads too. Thanks, Kickette, for recognizing a very important event in the United calendar. And well done to the club for supporting a very important cause – HIV prevention and awareness. By the way, for UK girls who subscribe to MUTV, there is a documentary airing tonight about Ryan’s work with Unicef in Sierra Leone.

  13. Jessie says:

    The guys look GREAT! The Wags don't look so hot to me. I feel like a few of them (Louise, Leanne) look really old, much older than they are. Vidi's wife looks nice, but it's an awkward photo of her. Giggs' wife is really pretty and I like her dress too. She looks the best to me. Cols looks good, not great, but she accessorizes well.

  14. DIMI!!!! Lovin' the new 'do! I didn't think it was possible to make him any hotter but this new cut is just the ticket. Everyone looks fantastic!! Coleen looks fab (like I had any doubt that she would – she's always fantastic), and my fave Lisa Carrick is rockin' that white dress. So proud of my team and how amazing they look on such an important occasion. :-)

  15. Adele02 says:

    i think all the lads look gorgeous, as they always do.

    How gorgeous does Coleen look?? she looks fantastic to say that bubba isnt that old. Also, how long are Sandra Evras legs?? i wish mine were that long, and looked that good. lol

    How on earth does Mrs Owen walk in heels like that when she is how many months preggers??

    Does anyone know if Gary and Emma Neville went??

  16. FirstTeamCoach says:

    One year, I am going to reserve a table at this do !

    Who is with me??

    The lads have outdone themselves as usual and all the ladies look fab.

    A lesson in how to look great whilst pregnant and post pregnancy !

    • Jo says:

      FTC, I’m saving up for it! Count me in. I love Mitko’s new cut and Vida looks scrum-diddley-umptious (blame the sugar). For me, Lisa’s looking the best. The others look good but Lisa seems to be glowing (wink).

  17. Regiane says:

    HELP! The link for Michael and Lisa is broken!

    And I'm dying to get a better look at her shoes!!!!!

    All of them look good, the boys are adorable as usual…

    The Continental is rockin' his new haircut and suit…

    Vida looks supreme in a suit… Oh those blue eyes…

    The WAGs look fine, I just didn't like Louise's coat (loved Kickette's caption though…)

    Maybe coz leopard print is not my cup pf tea…

    Not a fan of white dresses (brides aside) but I've got admit Stacey looks really good!!! (and I bet Lisa too, if only I could see it enlarged!)

  18. Addendum: I'm going to record and post the MUTV program on Ryan's work for Unicef. It will be up later in the United thread in the community for anyone who would like to see it. :)

  19. Merel says:

    Annemarie looks nice. :)

  20. HiL says:

    Oh they all look so amazing, I love my team :)

    Lisa is so gorgeous.. I love her.

    Nemanja looks so good in a suit.. and Jonny Evans is so adorable!

  21. bubbly_cheryl says:

    ohh… my favourite boys look super sexy like always! (and i must say… i am really jealous of leanne (just wondering is she pregnant? cause she looks like it from another picture i saw), what i wouldn't give to be standing that close to wes… oooo…)all those girls looks great!

  22. MissesManchester says:

    Oh :( wheres John o'sheas wife?? She always adds comedic value!

  23. autumnmaple101 says:

    Oh the lads look lovely as usual!