November 5th, 2009

Red Carpet: Mladen and Despina Petric

Mladen and wifey at the GQ awards

Mladen Petric (Hamburger / Croatia NT) checks to see if his wife Despina has eaten anything this week. We kid, we kid. But still, someone throw this beautiful woman a jacket potato with cheese or something? They’re at the GQ awards in Germany, btw.

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16 Responses to “Red Carpet: Mladen and Despina Petric”

  1. Julia says:

    OMG they are so made for each other! And she’s just prettybeautiful XD

  2. Maggie says:

    Does anyone know what dress she's wearing?

  3. Emela Buntic says:

    I've met him in person ! ! ^^

    Why won't Kickette sign me up?? ;(

  4. MydeerSrna says:

    Beeeeautifull xx

  5. FootieCutie says:

    ok am i the only one who noticed her nose ?! .. Any way i like her dress just a lil bit too thin

  6. Fer_Lahm says:

    The nose, omg.

    He looks like Karim Benzema a little bit.

  7. FootballerChick43-"Mrs.Ballack" says:

    I ADORE her dress. They both look absolutely brilliant. No fuss here :)

  8. Venice says:

    Wow yeah she’s thin. She had a baby a year ago.
    They always look so in love in pics, so sweet.

  9. Merel says:

    Beautiful dress. And she can indeed gain some weight but hey, the dress is what matters.

  10. HiL says:

    Yummmm Petric is cute.
    She -is- really skinny.

  11. Sarah says:

    Wow, I really like her dress.

  12. LOVE that gown. If Boston Red can ID it, that's my New Year's Eve dress right there.

  13. Baby Freya says:

    She doesn't look unhealthily thin to be honest, I think that she must just be a naturally petite person. She's got more meat on her for her size the VB

  14. carly says:

    It's probably a weird camera angle, I've seen skinnier people in this blog. I like her dress…and it seems all-black is really fashionable in men's party dressing lately.