May 7th, 2010

Red Carpet Ratings: Manchester United

On Tuesday night the Manchester United lads and their WAGs put on their finery and headed to Old Trafford for their annual Player Of The Year awards.

Fash-wise, it’s hard for the fellas to get it wrong in this situation. After all, their night likely consists of putting on the same tux they wear every year, making sure their lady doesn’t hit the bubbly too hard and not saying anything embarrassing when interviewed by the in-house TV channel.

The girls, however, have it much harder. A cracking outfit must be produced or they face ridicule from the masses. (Yes, we mean us.)

Fortunately for Ana Vidic (above) there is no ridicule to be had here. She looks stunning in a floaty blue dress with a killer pair of Jimmy Choo booties and matching clutch. Surely we can amend the F5 to include her too?  She gets top marks from us.

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Coleen and Wayne Rooney Manchester UnitedColeen Rooney continues with her winning fashion formula by pairing a navy blue RM by Roland Mouret dress with a pair of Christian Louboutin Maggie pumps.

We’re not too keen on the clutch with a tail and it looks like she forgot to take the price sticker off those gorgeous red soles. We’ll forgive her new mummy brain for that one. Grade: A-

Hang on, here’s the news part: Wayne swept the awards. Congrats, Roo!


Michael and Louise Owen Manchester UnitedMum of four (!) Louise Owen turned up with her pocket-sized hubby Michael in a lovely red and floral print dress.

We’re invoking the “Any woman who has birthed that many babies and still can put her shoes on the right feet is superior to us in all ways” clause of 2004, and giving her high marks for just showing up. Also, we’d like to know what eye-cream she uses. Grade: A


Ryan Giggs’s wife Stacey turned up in a flattering asymmetrical black sheath, which she paired with… black accessories.

She looks gorgeous, but all the black seems a tad morose. Perhaps a high carat diamond necklace would have upped the ante a bit? Call us judgy, but we often desire more bling of the “dripping in diamonds and riches” type from our WAGs.
Grade: B


Rebecca Ferdinand also chose a cute LBD on the night.

An over-sized clutch, sparkly bracelet, and a pair of nude Louboutins rounded out her look.

Rebecca looks beautiful, but the outfit? Meh. The husband? Yes, please.

Grade: B -


Annemarie van der Sar brightened up the joint with this lovely printed body-con dress.

We take serious, serious issue with the crazy-making sheer footless tights, best left in the reject dressing rooms on the Pineapple Dance Studios reality show. Truly, we can’t think of any circumstance where they should be worn. The dress is as angered as we are by this decision.

Grade: C


And… bringing up the rear, we have Nani’s girlfriend, Daniela Martins. Where to start, Kickettes?

Daniela is a gorgeous girl, but this dress looks like she picked it out of the bargain bin at Lipsy. (Or the dressmaker at Spearmint Rhinos). Also, boobies or legs – pick one of the assets to show off to the masses, not both. Still, there is a small consolation to be had here with her cute little Fendi bag.

Grade: D

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45 Responses to “Red Carpet Ratings: Manchester United”

  1. ilovenemanjavidic says:

    it pains me to see how gorgeous vidic's wife is. :(

  2. Linda says:

    To answer one of the questions about Michael’s and Louise’s baby. It’s a baby girl, was born in February or March (I don’t remember exactly) and her name is Jessica.

  3. Evodia says:

    Daniela… I threw up a little bit in my mouth. Where on earth did Nani find her? And most importantly, how is she managing to hold on to him fo so long???

    Coleen never disappoints.

  4. Susana says:

    I love Mrs. Giggsy’s dress, but it’s so blahhhhh without the sparkle. Her hubby looks adorable, though.
    Anne Marie…oh dear…it looks like a flashdance nightmare.

    And Daniela…well…all I can say to her is it’s time to get off the pole. The Daisy Dukes she normally wears with these heels are bad enough, but arriving to a fancy do looking like your man picked you up on the way there…..tacky.

  5. Nikki says:

    I HATE Manchester United but I have to say their WAGs ( well most of them ) can pull it together for a classy occasion .

    I LOVE Anna’s shoes *dies* they are soooo sexy !

  6. rubyqueen says:

    i agree the shoes are soooooooo gorgeous.but i really do hope their fake.??i hate it when they slaughter animal's for clothes and shoes.!!! i really love the dress too.mmmm..

  7. BarcelonaFan says:

    mmmmm… personally thought ana looked so so. i guess the poofy hair ruined it for me. it's just a bit too… dynasty-ish. coleen gets top marks for me though. as for the other wags… well, they all just look a tad cheap to me.

  8. Redgirl says:

    Whether it’s the dresses or too many Dubai sunrays, but some of those WAGs look rather old and leathery considering how young and super-pampered they are. Mrs Vidic definitely the best.

  9. Ana;) says:

    Ana does look a little like cheryl here that was my first thought then after I saw her outfit and agreed she looked good plus she does have the likes of vidic on her arm lucky.

  10. nina_s_ says:

    Not crazy about any of these stylings in total.

  11. Inés says:

    Wayne, I want to have your babies!

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  13. rubyqueen19 says:

    can i say i absouloutly adore mrs giggs dress..just but for all the other’s.!!!when your husband/boyfriend earns a whopping load of cash why can’t these girl’s ever buy a decent outfit.???their just awful.!!!

  14. Megan says:

    Ana looks like a mix between Cheryl and Olalla here

    Gorge shoes

  15. Alessandra says:

    wow, coleen looks great! but ana looks the best, hot daaaamn, that wag looks better and better each time i see her!*-*

  16. Danika says:

    Ana’s dress is Halston Heritage while Louise one is Roberto Cavalli. And AneMarie outfit was bad also the hair!

  17. Ella says:

    Ana is just beautiful. I don't love the dress, and I hope the wind is doing that to her hair, but she's so pretty it all works anyway.

  18. C16 says:

    Ana and Vida are my prom queen and king.

    They look GREAT.

    Loving Louise and Stacey's dresses too.

  19. klyn312 says:

    eeeeeeeeeee!!!! I want to scoop them ALL up and have a little after party!! (well save for Nani and Daniella…sorry there is a Strict dress)

    LOVE IT KICKETTE, thanks for this! eeeee!

  20. Merel says:

    Ana looks like Cheryl with that hair. That said, Ana is more attractive. That woman really knows how to dress fierce without overdoing it.

    Annemarie looks great.

  21. LaVidaLoca says:

    btw. am i the only one a bit worried about ana´s post baby figure ?

    was she always that skinny ?

    ok, she´s got 3 machos under her roof eating her nerves and probbably her pounds, but it´s on the verge of too skinny …

    maybe because vida was so often injured and at home ?

    also known as the shaggy weeks ??? :-)

  22. cutecurls says:

    Love Ana’s boots!! Dress, not so much. Looks like she’s swimming in it, does her figure no justice.
    Kickette is spot on with the rest.

  23. LaVidaLoca says:

    first of all: congrats to roo, absolutly deserved!

    congrats to vida too, fur such a wife. :-)

    coleen? i still don´t see it …

    my number 2 is mrs. (and mr.) giggs … hot hot hot

    daniela looks like a hooker, as always, but i must admit i would miss something, if she wouldn´t dress like that. as in any group, also in a group of wags somebody has got to do the hooker-part …

  24. Venice says:

    At first I thought Vidić’s wife had weirdly puffy hair, then I figured it must be the wind blowing at her back. She looks lovely, I agree.

    I really loved Mrs Giggs’ dress, especially the neckline. But yeah, a bit of jewelry would’ve made it better. And good to see Coleen Rooney in another elegant outfit.

  25. Michaella says:

    Goodness did Daniela miss the memo, to come in clothes. Anyways Mrs Vidic looks so beautiful, i want to have a love affair with her clutch bag. Coleen looks good, amaxing post baby figure btw. Stacey looks nice, louise= okay. Rebecca dear, i adore you but that dress does nothing good to you. Oh and Mrs VDS, what a swaetheart, such a great dress/shoes combo why ruin it w/ the leggings (maybe she was cold)

    and on the other side,the boys are looking fine esp Rio and Nemanja and Mr Giggs, in a hot(much) older guy way, looks hot as.

    • klyn312 says:

      LOL, trust me darling, when you hit 36- you will not think you are "much" older.. believe it or not, the 30's are the new 20's . hee hee!

      • Michaella says:

        Haha. Its just hes one year older than my mum to me i judge how old someone is by my mummy lol xxx

  26. tiliana says:

    i love louise’s dresses does anyone anything about her and michael’s fourth kid? i didnt even know they had their fourth. im sure its gorgeous like its parents anyway.

  27. Mrs.Higuain says:

    OMG I want Mrs.Vidić’s shoes!!

  28. iloveemanunited. says:

    i lovee nani but not his girlfriend urghhh :/

    • RedGirl (Mrs. Casill says:

      and if you pay attention you'll see her right earing fell off her ear and is hanging from her hair =P

      • Leslie (Hotspur Wenc says:

        Not a Nani fan at all, but I had to comment about the earring. Good catch.

        Is it me or do they both look pissed, like they had a fight or something? He's got a Bitch, Please face going and she looks like she's been crying. Maybe he wasn't happy about the oufit either.

  29. Thea says:

    Ana look's they all do. Where's Owen Hargreaves these days?

  30. topfloormaux says:

    I'm gonna jump in with my first ever comment so i can rush to Stacey's defense. I'm biased, of course, as I think everything Ryan Giggs does is perfect and made of gold. this, of course, extends to his immediate family. ;P

    I think Stacey, like her husband on the pitch, gets the job done and looks fantastically brilliant without any fuss. I know next to nothing about her, but in what photos i have seen she always seems to look great but never too flashy. She's my top pick here, but, then again…I am a bit biased when it comes to the Giggs!

    Ana Vidic looks amazing in just about anything, but i gotta ask – what's with the Rachel hair? hmmm….I'm not a fan.

  31. Thanks for the United love, Ms. Kickette.

    Lovin' Louise's burst of colour. I do like the sophistication of black but when everyone else is pretty much going that route, a splash of colour is just the trick.

    Coleen looks gorgeous. :)

    There's a really cute photo on the web of Ana and Vida where the wind is blowing her dress and they're both laughing — even with Mother Nature's intervention, they're both perfect and lovely. I'd be a frantic mess trying to keep my skirt down! ;)

  32. CR_9_Lady says:

    I would die for having Ana's boots *.*

  33. FTC says:

    In defence of Annemarie, she is recovering from a life threatening condition so I will forgive her the leggings, she may be having a confidence issue.

    The rest are lovely, I can even forgive Daniella for the over exposure of flesh as she does have the body to carry it off.

    Ryan, get your wallet out and buy your Mrs some diamonds. It is time!

    How refreshing to see Louise buck the colour trend and yes baby No4 was a little girl. Cant remember when she was born, a couple of months old maybe, and yes she is gorge!

  34. Zlatanista says:

    Louise Owens outfit was by far the best, but i kinda like Coolens too.

  35. shay says:

    Ratings are spot on Kickette! Mrs. Van De Sar bizarre choice deserves an F imo. It hurt my eyes to look at it. Nani's girlfriend looks like she is punishing her boobs for bad behavior. I wonder what they did to make her so angry?

  36. Jeepers! Thanks for the bountiful United love, Kickette. The men are delicious! Nomnomnom for men in black formal wear.

    Coleen, Louise, Stacey – all lovely. I think I read that Louise's dress is vintage. Though Col's clutch needs to be set free to roam the range again.

    Agree – Stacey would have moved up a big notch with a drop dead gorgeous pair of diamond earrings. C'mon, Ryan, you can afford it.

    Ana and Vida – I just want to dry hump both of them. Seriously, do they ever make it out of bed? SMOKIN' HOT.

    And congratulations to Roo for Player's Player of the Year, Fans' Player of the Year, and Goal of the Season! *squeezes*

  37. senora ramos says:

    love love love ana shoes. not sure about the dress.

    coleen looks fab, but those damn shoulder pads. attention all wags -> THE SHOULDER PADS DON'T LOOK GOOD!!!!

    louise, i'll go with y'alls ranking. i have a hard time looking good and i only have 1 kiddo. (but no to the dress)

    love stacy, but yes, she needs color or sparkle

    rebecca, no.

    daniela, WTH? NO, NO, NO!!