October 6th, 2009

Red Carpet WAGs: Pride of Britain Awards

Abigail ClancyThe Pride of Britain awards are always good for enticing a few footy wives and girlfriends to come out and strut their stuff on the red carpet for a feel-good cause.

And so, for your fashion critiquing pleasure, we give you:

Abigail Clancy, Cheryl Cole and Louise Redknapp, all of whom brought a wide variety of looks to the event.  Some of these looks may have involved a large amount of makeup, fake hair and false eyelashes.  Plus pro teeth whitening. And possibly a clip-on ass.

Oh, okay fine, maybe not the last one.  (But we couldn’t not link to that. Because – hello? It’s like Spanx, but with a built in booty. It’s the final frontier in shapewear, dear readers.)

So do tell: which WAG do you think nailed it last night, and who should have just stayed in and had a takeaway?

Cheryl ColeLouise Redknapp

Abigail ClancyCheryl ColeLouise Redknapp

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41 Responses to “Red Carpet WAGs: Pride of Britain Awards”

  1. rory says:

    hate the dress from abigail
    i mean she’s so pretty and then she wears something like that
    about cheryl I dont really know if i like her
    she seems to be a very gooddd loocking bitch
    and louise is looking so natural like she isnt wearing any kinda make up
    i love that look of her face her dress doesnt look that good though

  2. MegaNando says:

    Ermm Im not really jumpin for joy over any of them =S

    But i can say the one i like the least. Cheryls. So many different lenghts and shapes to it. Plus a bit too short for the occasion haha

  3. autumnmaple101 says:

    Umm all are pretty hot but Abby just edges it as the best of the three.

  4. Winnie says:

    Abbey Clancy is hot.
    trashy hot (like Megan Fox)
    but still hot.

    but i’ll always love Cheryl Cole’s brunette beauty,so I’ll just say she looked very classy

  5. Susie says:

    Love Cheryl’s dress!

    It suits her; playfull and sexy without having to let it all hang out in other people’s faces.

    And I love her kiss lock clutch. (want want want)

    I think she looks great.

    Abby’s dress is too sheer so it strikes me as being a bit vulgar for the occasion.

    As for Louise, I dislike all of it. Makes her look like she is trying too hard to look young and hip.

    The print on her dress looks like some little kids playschool finger painting art.

    Not good.

  6. Julia says:

    I like Abbey, even though her dress like really sucks. But it suits her…. just as everything else does.

    The other two? Nah, not really. Cherly looks a bit wanna-be-cute-but-just-look-old, and Luise's Shoes really don't fit.

  7. Becca (mrs lampard!) says:

    Oh Abbey, Abbey, Abbey!

    What Are You Doing!?

    Love Cheryls Looks Though, And Louise Looks Lovely Too

  8. Dreamgirl says:

    I'm with Avenath here. I don't like any of the outfits much. Saying that these are three of my favourite WAGs so all is not lost.

  9. Avenath says:

    Am not thrilled about anybody's look in particular…Abbey is trying too hard to look like Kylie Minogue, Cheryl looks like a bad version of herself and Louise looks like she is tired from all the mopping and cleaning back home…
    Oops…forgot to say great post! Looking forward to your next one.

  10. Avenath says:

    Am not thrilled about anybody's look in particular…Abbey is trying too hard to look like Kylie Minogue, Cheryl looks like a bad version of herself and Louise looks like she is tired from all the mopping and cleaning back home…

  11. dannie says:

    Louise! Stunning and she looks a hell of alot more natural then the rest.

  12. Ella says:

    From the neck up, Abby looks amazing. I’m not crazy about her dress. Ok, Cheryl is a stunning woman BUT, i don’t like her dress or her hair and every make-up artist in the world will tell you to either play up your eyes OR your lips, but Cheryl always plays up BOTH and it’s a little too much. Does anyone else think so? Louise looks boring. I hate those shoes with the dress.

  13. Mariam says:

    louise looks the best! that cannot be abby clancy, ewww so much makeup and… yuck. cheryl looks okay, don't like the hair though

  14. wandergurl says:

    All their dresses look straight out of the 80s.
    Abigail’s is the most flattering by far
    I don’t get Cheryl’s dress (she could’ve picked a better one!)
    Louise looks tired, and i don’t think her shoes really go.

  15. Lena says:

    I think Abi looks amazing! The dress is flattering to her shape, the make up is subdued, and her legs are to die for. Louise’s dress is too hard on the eyes, you can’t figure out where to look, and Cheryl once again, forgot to blend her make up onto her neck, so she’s pale white in the face, and tan on her neck. The hem makes her legs look shirt and her waist too wide, and the hair looks like she fell asleep with it in the fan.

  16. FootballerChick43-&q says:

    Abbey looks amazing. Seriously. Thats such a beautiful dress.

    Cheryl always looks gorgeous. The dress does make her legs look short, but it still looks beautiful on her.

    Not a fan of Louise's shoes, but the dress looks really, really good on her, so I have to give her creds.

  17. Fer_Lahm says:

    Omg, Cheryl look really beautiful, I adore her dress, my favorite.

    Abbey, She's always beautiful:D

    Louise, adorable

  18. Merel says:

    Louise looks the best, hands down.

    The make-up makes Cheryl look old. Also the dress is not something for the redcarpet. Don't like it.

    Abigail's dress is just so unflattering. Not the shape but the color and the print. Not nice. And the make-up is just so overdone.

    Louise wins this. By FAR.

  19. RONALIZA says:

    I don't like their dresses but cheryl looks so pretty and i like her skin..

  20. carly says:

    Oh I love Louise's dress :) Not the shoes though.

    Abbey looks so much older in that first photo, must be the heavy make-up.

    Cheryl – black dress is not a bold choice but she still looked pretty.

  21. liz says:

    Louise's dress is the best, but the shoes don't work with it *at all*…

  22. DaniMrsPepeReina says:

    I like Cheryls outfit the best but i loveeee Louises shoes !

  23. Lana says:

    Abbey, Cheryl, Louse are very beautiful girls, but I don't like any of this looks

  24. tammyv says:

    Cheryl's dress belongs at a jr. high prom not the red carpet. It is a 15 year's dress, not a woman's. The skirt to it is awful which ruins the loveliness of the bodice and draping at the top.

    Her hair and make-up are lovely but the dress is all shades of wrong

    Abby's dress is just bad, and looks really cheap, sadly though she still looks amazing and flawless. That is a damn near impossible feat.

    Louise – looks well like Louise. Practically perfect in every way. The dress is divine, the legs amazing, everything else…you get the thought

  25. Baby Freya says:

    Where’s Cheryl’s hair gone?! It looks like she’s cut it into a bob!
    I like all of their outfits, especially Abbey’s, It’s not something I’d personally pick but she really rocks the dress and I love her hair.
    Louise’s boots are gorgeous!

  26. Varsha says:

    Cheryl's so pretty!

  27. Lamps' babe says:

    Well,Abbey is a stunning girl,with a stunning body,no news..but why do they have to look this old?I mean this girl is about 25/26…she does look like a 35y.o,I don't have anything against 35s..but I just cannot make sense of it,it's the same with Alex Gerrard..they do look so old..and in this pic her face does look like a porcelain doll…

    I do like the first half of Cheryls's dress..but not the rest….

    so I do like Louise…

    • N. Cabreada says:

      You know: smoking + too much sunbathing or tanning beds + alcohol + hard partying + Britain's hard weather…And remember that Abbey did drugs once, so it's no wonder.

    • Katie says:

      Biotch is 23 years old. 23!!! She looks 30 at least. No bueno.

      • Lamps' babe says:

        I didn't know about the drugs…anyway 23???I agree,she looks 30 at least!!!it's a weird world,u see women in their 30 that do everything to look like a 20y.o girl,and then you have a stunning 23y.o that does look as old as her mother..

  28. Katie says:

    Clancy- hideous dress. her feet look huge. Her face looks pretty but much older than she is. What is up with her and Alex Gerrard? Oh yeah, cocaine ages you.

    Um Cheryl's dress makes her look stumpy.

    Louise's shoes are wrong for that outfit.

    All are beautiful girls- and all of them can improve their looks.

  29. Regiane says:

    Abbey looks stunning!!! I don't think the dress made her look older. It made her look fierce!!!! Love the hair and makeup!!

    Cheryl looks good – just not a fan of bouffant dresses myself… Gotta give her thumbs up for the "fake" short hair look on the first pic! She looks so fresh and young!

    Louise – love her but she could've tried a little bit harder… I think she's too casual-looking if compared to the other two…

  30. KAte says:

    Cheryl looks hot..

    Louise looks hot..

    Abbey looks not so hot!

  31. Kate says:

    they all look gorgeous – even if thanks to stylists, make ups fake lashes etc… the result is good

  32. Abbey looks like a golden goddess but I do agree with Lolinha, the dress is a bit old for her. Maybe in 20 years it will be more appropriate for her. She should be wearing something more youthful and fun.

    Cheryl's dress – me no likey.

    Louise, I don't like the shoes but the dress is funky.

  33. Posh says:

    The first girl and Cheryl look gorgeous. the last one should have stayed home and gone to bed early. Seriouly that god awful hair, dress and shoes. And hardly any makeup. She is def. not pretty enough to go for the au-natural look.

  34. torres4ever says:

    Cheryl looks gorgeous. I love her hair style. Abbey's dress pattern isn't that flattering on her

  35. penie labeouf says:

    Cheryl is the prettiest of all… but where is her sexy brunette hair?? i didn't see it….

    Louise is cute,but i don't like the shoe… it's too much… and doesn't match with the dress..

    Abby… the dress is horrible… uuhhh… and her face is usually… looks like a b***h….

  36. HiL says:

    I like Cheryl's the best. she looks extremely cute with that dress!

  37. Lolinha says:

    Abbey's dress is too cougarish for my taste, but I'm glad she's discovered skin colored underwear.

    I like the upper part of Cheryl's dress, but the hem's making her legs look a bit short, in my opinion. The dimples make it impossible for me to hate her for always looking perfect.

    Louise, my favorite… At first I thought she was holding a men's shoe in her hand (because of the lamp behind her).