November 11th, 2009

Ring Rankings: Sthefany, Toni and Abigail

Cute Couples

Marcelo and Pato take their ladies out for the evening. Photo courtesy of

It goes without saying that we completely understand the (somewhat unhealthy) craving of owning a glam and blinding engagement ring from the footballing man of your dreams. Having a high cash value prize to sport on your finger is a lovely way to seperate yourself from those that have to work for a living or clean their own houses.

As we know, some marriages can go bad, but the engagement/apology rings are often very good.

Flicking through visuals of these WAGtastic rings has us feeling a bit like Goldilocks trying to find the perfect bed. Which one should we choose? Let’s investigate.

Sthefany Brito (Pato, Milan).
Thoughts on the first glimpse of the newlywed’s rock? (above). How about “holy moly mother of eye-blinding envy”? The inadequate zoom button ain’t doing the damn thing justice.

On the flip side, Sthef’s ring is so large, we’d be afraid to leave the house in fear of getting mugged. Then again, would we even be walking the streets? No. We’d be filming video for “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not” diamond special or napping in the back of our Rolls Royce after our 24k gold facial.

Toni TToni Terry (John Terry, Chelsea)
Normally we’re fans of the bigger the better when it comes to size, but in cases such as disguising our manicures or scratching our adorable twins’ eyes out, we feel Toni Terry’s titanic-sized rock is a tad overdone.

We do like the shape, though, if it was taken down a couple of notches. Oh, who are we kidding: we want a ring large enough to require a finger assistant. No. We take it back; it’s just a wee bit too much. Soz, Toni.

Abigail Clancy Abigail Clancy (Peter Crouch, Tottenham)
Our choice? We prefer the pristine sparkler that Crouchie selected for his ladylove Abbey. It’s big without being obnoxious, and it appears her clarity outshines the competition.

Well done, chick. We bow to your third finger superiority.

thx K!

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14 Responses to “Ring Rankings: Sthefany, Toni and Abigail”

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  2. jenny says:

    Toni's ring is absurd! She must blind herself several times a day with that thing. Which might explain some of her outfits….

  3. Gigi Neville-Brown says:

    I just can't help but think that Toni is Tacky, and that ring is really, in my humble opinion, even tackier. In certain situations ladies, size does not matter and bigger is not always better. Abby's smaller, but still substantial ring has it all. Class, clarity and simplicity. Besides, if they really wanted to "prove" their love to their ladies, they would get them something far more unique, such as a canary diamond or emerald. A lot of people don't know, but diamonds are far from rare, and therefore not that "special."

  4. Fer_Lahm says:

    This is the best post I’ve ever seen in my whole Kickette life! and I go for Toni:D

  5. carly says:

    Seriously, I can’t get into this kind of daydreaming…it’s too much for me.
    Marcelo looks strangely cute though.

  6. FootballerChick43-"Mrs.Ballack" says:

    The only thing more shocking than Stglfkhjslfgkjhefany’s (I never spell it right and am too lazy to check) ring is the epic amounts of purple Marcelo’s wife. Holy mother.

    I like Abigail’s as well. Toni’s makes me wonder how she can lift her hand, while Stglfkhjslfgkjhefany’s has obviously weighed her down to the point where attempting to lift it is hopeless. Solution? Fill your bag with bricks and fake it.

  7. mrs aaron ramsey ('pool fan) says:

    my heart just died!!!!!!! marcelo’s married…….to THAT?????????? nooooo say it isn’t so. sthefany used to creep me out because she oozed uber waggery but after seeing her with this woman she looks quite normal……well thats one positive

  8. LoveLamps says:

    Frank, if you're reading this, my ring need not be as big as Toni's, but do what you need to do darling. :D

  9. xLuCiJax says:

    Sthefany's gooooooorgeous!! Alex should count himself extremely lucky! :P Good luck to the both of them! Lucija xx

  10. Mel says:

    Am I the only ono, who didn't know Marcelo is married to that woman, who loves purple (?), and apparently they had their first child this year.

    I am very shocked!!!

  11. Anna says:

    I like Abigail's ;) .

  12. Jess Gourcuff says:

    pato and sthefany are sooooo cute!!

  13. Ella says:

    Best. Post. Ever. Can you start doing a weekly "War of the Rings"? Toni's ring is ginormous. But it really doesn't seem to have great clarity. And Abby's has better "fire" as they call it, but it's not huge enough to scream out "I'M MARRYING A GAZILLIONAIRE FOOTBALLER!". So I guess I'm going with Toni. I can't get a good enough look at Sthef's ring to make a call. If anyone has a better upclose pic of it, please post. :)

  14. Riya (Come on you Re says:

    I'm gonna have to go with Toni's only because it symbolizes being married to JT. :D

    Design-wise it's Abigail's.