December 16th, 2010

Rio Ferdinand & Cesc Fabregas: The Clothes, They Wear Them Well

This right here? It’s a post for our gentleman readers. We know you’re out there; we’ve spoken to you before. Others of your ilk have also spoken out directly on our website.

Now, lads, we understand that (some of) you may not care to comment about short tents or WAG fashion (though this photo of Gareth Bale’s, uh, situation garnered quite the response on Twitter). However, we ask that you pay attention for the length of time it takes to read this post.

Above is Rio Ferdinand. THAT is how you wear a suit, lads. Great cut, perfect trouser length, appropriate amount of cuff showing below the jacket, exemplary tie knot. Bravo, Rio! Since the men we know tend to appreciate the direct approach, here goes:

If you look like this in a suit, the only thing the ladies will be thinking of is taking it off you.

Click through to see who else was there. Not so subtle hint: Cesc!

The Sun Military Awards were held in London last night. The event honours Britain’s military heroes and is attended by starts of screen and sport.

As you can see (at left), Cesc Fabregas decided to show up looking fine in a suit. The Arsenal midfielder brought a seriously swoon-inducing amount of stubble to the party. We couldn’t love his bow tie anymore than if we had tied it ourselves and given him a pat on the bum before sending him out for the night.

If. Only.

David Beckham brought along his eldest son Brooklyn, who looked quite dapper for a little guy. Don’t worry, we will not discuss “the barnet that shall not be named” any more. We’re certain it’s only a matter of time before Becks sees the wrong in his ways and comes crawling back to Kickette HQ with a short cut and some bon bons. (Image via Bauer Griffin)

Frank Lampard and his lady, Christine Bleakley were there as well. We take no issue with Lamps’ suit and give him snaps, but nude heels with a black dress and feathered clutch, Bleakley? Who told you to do that? We’d like to speak with them.

Lucky for Bleakley we’ve just launched our new Style Files blog, which offers tips on how to spice up a black dress with colorful accessories. We suggest she visit and take notes. Soon. (Image via Ian Gavan/Getty Images Europe)

See how brilliantly we self-shill? We’re learning from these footballers.

So Kickettes, and fellas (if any of you have made it this far), which player do you thinks the best in his suit?

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44 Responses to “Rio Ferdinand & Cesc Fabregas: The Clothes, They Wear Them Well”

  1. ArsenalFan says:

    Cesc, you make my heart go DU-DUN-DU-DUN <3

  2. @AgnesWonka says:

    Becks looks like Sergio Ramos!

  3. @AgnesWonka says:

    thank you Cescy…for existing, for looking so tremendously hot……….and for attending the event ALONE!!!

  4. Laura says:

    Cesc for sure! I'm wondering why you spelt colourful the American way?

  5. FTC says:

    Ooohhhhh Rio is sizzling hot.

  6. Zahara says:

    rios good, but cesc is sex (duh)
    oh how carla is lucky!

  7. laligaforladies says:

    Rio's always fabulously dressed, but doesn't give me the feelings like Cesc.

  8. BlackRose says:

    the stubble steamingly becomes him. He's dorky, yet he's cute, yet he's HOT. And please Cescy: more beard! It keeps you and your female fans (especially me) warm during the winter.

  9. Johanna says:

    My vote goes for Rio, he looks dashing. The suit is perfectly cut for him.

  10. rainstarmcgee says:

    Rio, you are such a dapper man! and Cesc…oh Cesc, you are just the cutest thing ever, man i love that sexy stubble! Becks..please lose that hair style!

  11. Anon says:

    I quite literally squeaked OUT LOUD when I saw this post, and the comments. I refuse to turn and see the faces of people around me.

  12. @MadMarlz says:

    Rio's suit is super classy and i think it suits him perfectly! I love, love, love Lampard's get up too so it's a toss between the two. I usually would go for Fabregas but somehow his suit does him no justice at all

  13. farahmancunian says:

    I wish Cesc shave his neck. And why show the vest Cesc?

  14. SoccerLoverrrr says:

    david beckham u are a fine fine MAN! sometimes i wish i cud dress up as carla so cesc cud be with me :p

  15. Catie says:

    Rio's very GQ, but Cesc is Sex with a bowtie.

  16. jellenp says:

    CESC! A revelation!

  17. Matilda says:

    I'm all in for Cesc ..

  18. LuvinBale says:

    Can I just say that Rio Ferdinand is one dapper looking motherf*****!!! Damn he is fine- I don't think there ins't a suit out there he couldn't rock.

    "If you look like this in a suit, the only thing the ladies will be thinking of is taking it off you." Amen to that Kickette!!!

  19. blitzenTO says:

    Cesc Fabregas has made a liar out of me. I used to say I wasn't attracted to him. I mean, look at him! Beetle brows, blinding white overbite, out-of-control neck stubble! SO not hot. But…but…somehow…he snuck up on me. At some point I started to get the appeal, and then suddenly WHOA! He's HOT!

    It's the silliness, you see. A man who is that comfortable being silly is seriously sexy. Especially when he can switch over to serious, responsible "captain" mode just as easily. And apparently the boy also knows how to wear a suit. Mmmm!!!

    • Crackers says:

      Ahahaha….you've been tripped up by what we like to call 'adorkability', haha! To which I can only say: join the club ;)

      • Bri says:

        The same exact thing happened to me this summer with the Ramos. I swore I didn't like him…I thought the long hair and headbands were retarded and that he looked like a cheese nip…but then I found myself google imaging and ultimately swooning with absolutely no understanding why…now…let's just say there may be a picture of him wandering around on the beach on my bathroom door…next to the picture of lashes coming out of the sea of course…

        • blitzenTO says:

          I forgot to mention what tipped me over the edge–the arty B&W portrait Cesc has in his place of himself adoring his tiny lapdog Chloe, and when he let a male Spanish TV personality "kiss" him on the lips because "what the heck, right?" Awesome. And very very sexy.

        • krnflakgrl says:

          LOL!! Same here!!!! What is it with that "google imaging" it sneaks up on you and you're like, "Why am I searching for this guy?" LOL!

    • krnflakgrl says:

      I was exactly the same way. I had never even noticed him until he sported that beard at the World Cup..then all of a sudden it hit me so hard it almost blew me out of my chair. Now, I adore him. Shaven, not shaven, in a tux, in sweats..doesn't matter, he's the shizz!!!

  20. LoseThatGirl says:

    Rio! That skinny tie look wins hands down.

  21. Jo_ says:

    Rio…nnnfff! Thank you, Kickette.

  22. @Ruizi_S says:

    cesc is effortlessly hot and cute. it doesnt matter how hes dressed if u know what i mean. he's just so adorable in every single way!

  23. Taskeen says:

    Rio's got some siriuzz style! And I love how Cesc is such an awkward hottie if you get what I mean? Very dapper indeed. Ha and love "We couldn’t love his bow tie anymore than if we had tied it ourselves and given him a pat on the bum before sending him out for the night." – You ladies never fail to crack me up hehe

  24. Leá says:

    Cesc, why you so cescy? The stubble is ridiculously handsome.

  25. mobbdeen says:

    Rio won.

  26. anna says:


  27. Starsarella says:

    RIO bb bt becks looks good minus that hair -.- WHAT IS IT?! ugh

  28. mamaly says:

    rio looks almost as good as xabi.
    you've got to love David, wrong hairstyle or not, best Dad.

  29. David´s hair is a no no, Rio looks great also Fabregas (athough I hate him) and Brooklyn looks like Peter of the Chronicles of Narnia or it´s just my imagination??

  30. Mountain Wag says:

    Cesc could keep the facial stubble but would do well to shave his neck for a formal event. It's a sad day when Beck's hair is more eye-catching than his face (though not in a good way). And Rio, well I count him as a butta-face…everything looked right, but his face. He's the antithesis of hot.

  31. jey says:

    Rio does it better

  32. Doli says:

    I don’t understand the Cesc appeal.. I’d rather date his gf or gerard pique

  33. game714 says:

    Cesc Fabregas hands down!

  34. AKA says:

    Rio for sure!