October 4th, 2012

Road Trip: Jessica Lawlor Gets Some Driving Tips From Stephen Ireland

As is evident in the above clip, Jess is about as bad of a driver as Stephen is a liar.

We can’t fault her for it, though. Ever since the iPhone 5 did away with Google Maps, we’ve lost all sense of direction too.

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5 Responses to “Road Trip: Jessica Lawlor Gets Some Driving Tips From Stephen Ireland”

  1. Green 4 says:

    He has the strongest Cork accent ever, ha.!!!!

  2. Jayy says:

    I don't see all the moaning about manuals being hard to drive! Most people drive manuals in the UK and its so easy – just a couple of gear changes ;)

  3. Carlee says:

    If she has such a hard time driving, what did she do with that pink Bentley he had so famously bought her?

  4. Bekka says:

    How can you drive with those shoes?

  5. [...] Nada en la vida de ambos ha sido precisamente barato, empezando por una boda muy costosa o una casa en la que viven con todo tipo de lujos. Lo que no sabemos es si Stephen se aburre o que no le queda dinero para pagarle clases particulares de conducir a Jessica Lawlor puesto que hay un vídeo muy gracioso de los dos en YouTube en el que Ireland le da consejos de conducción. [...]