March 16th, 2011

Robbie Savage: Gone Racing

Original images: Getty Images/Daylife.

If you’re a young woman with plans of nabbing yourself a filthy rich footballer, you could do a lot worse than hanging around the Cheltenham Racecourse during Gold Cup week.

A haven for the kind of guys who don’t feel as though they’ve partied unless they’ve blown several thousand pounds on a hot tip, Cheltenham Races is the destination for any blinged out boy or girl. Some may consider walking around without a bottle in one’s hand to be weird; for our purposes, it’s ideal.

We can confirm that our spies have been in the area, but so far the only person they found was Robbie Savage, who was looking harassed in the champagne tent as punters pressed him for autographs. Rumours that he set up a picnic table to encourage the interest are extremely mean.

We also hear Sav is a bit of a guru at the betting, winning three thousand pounds on one race alone. For this reason (and the fact that we are actually quite cruel women), we have photoshopped Robbie’s face onto famed horse racing pundit and loud person John McCririck. If you like what you see and have not eaten, please click here for further images of John.

Meanwhile, we’re keeping tabs on the player situ at the Gold Cup and will give updates as the tipsy tales emerge…

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2 Responses to “Robbie Savage: Gone Racing”

  1. seriously I mail you pictures of a Danish hottie and you don't even reply and now you post about the ugly mutt Robbie Savage? Is there an imposter around?

  2. Linda says:

    You are so wrong for that picture! hahahahaaha