July 2nd, 2010

Robin Van Persie: Conference Room Chit Chat

Robin Van Persie talks to the media prior to the Netherlands v Brazil game this aft. He also took time to discuss the 40 ft electric fence he had to erect outside his house to keep Kickette staff away. Psht. We got stilts, baby. PS: The socks/sandals? They all do it. We are choosing to ignore.

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15 Responses to “Robin Van Persie: Conference Room Chit Chat”

  1. Ana;) says:

    Lool the 1st thing I noticed was his socks and sandals or should I say slippers but he looks relaxed so thats good. I suppose maybe this is at the hotel or something, and he came down from his room to do the interview…I don’t know. I’m just trying to justify it, he’s soo yummy!

  2. Ms. Emma Krkic Perez says:

    awww, look at him tower over the news presenter like that.:D

  3. Blackwood says:

    who cares? Those feet enabled Holland to win over Brazil.

    As far as I'm concerned, he can wear any kind of shoes he wants.

    My dream of an Argentina/Holland final is closer!

    I just hope Argentina finally get past Germany tomorrow…

  4. emma says:

    i loooove him! <3

  5. sahar says:

    I love robin van persie. even though i ama brazil fan, holland is my second fave team so i don’t mind the loss that much. also robin is one of the hottest guys, i think his temper makes him even more sexy.

    • YasminMarisa says:

      I agree that his temper makes him more sexy. Glad there’s at least one other person that thinks that.

  6. iida says:

    Oh, I don't mind the socks/sandals. It's not his feet I'm looking at anyway.

  7. Nina says:

    What a fine fine looking man… and Go Netherlands! So happy Brazil is out :)

  8. Aisha says:

    He’d look even more hotter in a pair of clogs.

  9. I actually LOVE the socks+sandal combo! Makes em look very sexy!! Go Holland!

  10. missdeutschnetherlan says:

    i dont really mind at all. its not whats on the feet for me, but Persie's upper body area and good looks certainly do help.

    Congrats Netherlands on the wonderful win against Brazil!

    I was rooting for you the entire time… :D

    • MissEstonia says:

      Me too! I think I'm just a little bit too excited and happy that Brazil are O-U-T!!! GOOODBYE! :)

      • ABrazzz says:

        Yeah, I think I can understand where it comes from… I mean the "bit too excited and happy that Brazil are out" thing… I guess when you are a five-time champion team, this is the kind of reaction you get from people when you lose… Guess it's purely outta jealousy…

    • senora ramos says:

      oh me too! hup holland! i’m sooooooooooooooooooo excited they won!!

  11. MissEstonia says:

    Believe me, I'm the first one to loathe–and moan about–the socks'n'sandals trend, but I DO think it's fine if you're in a sporting situation. Which he clearly is…so it's somewhat excusable.

    And I will admit, whole-heartedly, that after refereeing assignments or football matches or gym sessions, I frequently engage in socks'n'sandals wearing! :( I'm sorry.