August 3rd, 2009

Rock Bottom: They Had To Hold Her Back

WhatsherfaceSo, it’s come to this.

Nereida Gallardo was outside a nightclub in Majorca. Her ex-boyfriend, Cristiano Ronaldo approaches, unaware of what lies in wait.

She pounces, and is promptly escorted off the premises by security.

Cristiano continues to walk, never breaking stride nor acknowledging her presence.

While the shame of this moment radiates across your computer/mobile screen, let’s take a moment for some gentle reflection.

A year ago Cristiano broke up with Nereida via text message.

She then denied being dumped. Numerous times. We all knew the truth. So did the skanks, skeevies and condom vendors in Los Angeles.

Alas, the girl with the CR7 diamonique earrings and matching tattoo refused to accept it.

Then, she realized that telling her story of being dumped to the masses could be quite lucrative. And so it goes.

Surely this must be the end? How on earth will whatsherface salvage the career she’s worked so hard to build? Milking her relationship with C-Ron in the media until we pay her to stop was a major success. Indeed, just a few short days ago she was happily gyrating in a night club and now..?

Now, we laugh. And feel a little guilty in the process because: damn. Right?

UPDATE: Apparently there will be video of this incident. Why? Because we’re hearing Nereida was there with a camera crew for some sort of telly program. And that makes it… worse.

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38 Responses to “Rock Bottom: They Had To Hold Her Back”

  1. Avenath says:

    That just reeks of desperation…i actually feel sorry for her…well, a little bit anyway…

  2. aristeia says:

    She amuses the crap out of me. I feel bad for her that she’s gone bananas over CRon, but whoever floats your boat.

    Girl you need to move on. B/c that train has left the station, sister.

  3. The Fourth Official says:

    Throwing her a bone, the hair cut is cute.

  4. FootballerChick43 - says:

    Seriously? Wow. And I completely agree with Bubbly_Cheryl – to be blanked is embarrassing enough, but to be blanked by CRon? She should get a paper bag to wear over her head now.

  5. suzie says:

    Nereida<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> sweetie,<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> your<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> 15<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> minutes<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> are<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> over.<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> Stop<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> trying<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> to<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> stretch<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> it<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> for<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> along<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> as<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> you<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> possible<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> can<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> and<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> get<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> lost.<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> No<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> sympathy,<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> shd's<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> just<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> a<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> fame<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> hungry<SPAN class="wbr"></SPAN> wench?

  6. Julia says:

    They just MATCH. She is exactly the kind of woman that matches Ronaldo. For real now, I say.

  7. Lolinha says:

    What is the matter with her??!! I felt a little sorry for her, but those feelings died when I saw the pic you included of her in the club. I think she lost it with the tattoo… P.S. I have to admit that on some sort of a sick level I find this endlessly entertaining. Crazy, yes. But also very entertaining.

  8. boo says:

    i still think they were good for each other *hides*

  9. Jelly says:

    You can't call her a woman. What kind of behaviour is this? She needs help and cristiano needs a woman that can fight this bizarre witch when she pounces again

  10. bitterlemon says:

    I just had to come back and laugh about this again. I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. Poor whatsherface.

  11. Genevieve Gourcuff says:

    I feel sorry for her now. Find some self-respect, girl.

  12. Liz says:


  13. mrs shay given says:

    i feel embarrased for her , she needs to get some self respect . mad bunny boiler !!

  14. uneditedmara says:

    I’m sure this has happened to a lot of CRon’s women. Bad thing for her, she doesn’t know how to slyly worm her way into being his WAG. There are other ‘ballers, dear. Let’s move on gracefully.

  15. kaya says:

    meh… she’s milking her 15 minutes of fame. it’s a sort of “grab and hold on” lite if you think about it! 
    in a way, knowing that she brought cameras gives me a weird respect for her. how many women have shagged him, hoped he’d call back and quietly sat around watching their phone? she’s going to drag their pathetic romantic fling through the gutters for as long as people want to hear about it (and presumably be well-compensated for it.) LOL. 
    anyway, i actually think she’s almost cute with the short hair and relatively little makeup (for her) in this photo.

  16. kate says:

    i feel sorry for her too.
    no one knows why christian dumped her but…..i think her behaviour here may be a reflection of why …. or he just is a bit of a basterd and cant stand being with a woman for to long before losing interest.
    i like them both and thought they where good together despite all jealous bitches out there calling her names.
    anyway even though she stooped to the bottom by selling her side of the story i think she had good reason to go the mass media since Everyone was talking about her she should at least have her say right…..

  17. Boston Red says:

    I don't know if I feel sorry for her. But she is definitely a sad, sad woman. On the other hand I agree with Lolinha… she is unintentional comedy gold LOL

  18. Serves her right, she’s crazyyyyyyyy. Get some dignity, chica!

  19. Ella says:

    Holy humiliation!  This woman is INSANE!  How can she be so utterly shameless??  I bet this isn’t rock bottom, she can go lower.  And the way he didn’t even glance in her direction….ICY.  That’s beyond cold.  (But she deserves it)

  20. MissChelsea says:

    CR7 is narcissistic and nasty, who the hell wants to date a guy who pays for sex and sleeps with anything(paris,whatsherface)? No thanks!

  21. Lizzie A.K.A "T says:

    *tries to feel sorry for her* Nope. I can't.

  22. strawberrym says:

    Agree with you The Fourth Official, her haircut does look nice (feels embarrassed at complementing her)

  23. bubbly_cheryl says:

    nicely put Ms Kickette, i feel quite embarrased for her, to be blanked is bad enough but by c-ron, that's even worse

  24. Missy says:

    OMG!! I may never stop laughing over this one…my stomach is hurting now. I don't even need to see the video the image in my head is quite nice!!!! LOL

  25. Eternal Dreamer says:

    I think that this is the only time that I've felt even slightly bad for this fame who**. Maybe she really did like him and wasn't just after the money/fame? I think I wouldn't feel so bad if I felt like CRon wasn't a total skeev as well. I have to agree with b_c and FC43 on this one. She needs an intervention.

  26. Rossi?s girl says:

    MissChelsea I agree with you!!

  27. nicki says:

    His taste in women is about as good as his taste in jeans.

  28. ruby80 says:

    She's not right in the head.

  29. Nelly says:

    well, you can't blame a girl for trying, right? However, she needs to realize that, to Cristiano, she was just another girl on his long list of conquests. The truth, Cristiano does not respect women. He may be the best footballer on the pitch, but off, he is bout the worst man on the planet. I have said this before, adn I repoeat it again, Cristiano is one of my favoriate footballers, okay, so he's my fav., I'll always respect him as a footballer, but I have lost respect for Cristiano the man…I cannot stand manwhores, or men who find pleasure in using women. Of course, the women are to blame too, like this chick. In my opinion, Cristiano has allowed fame to get to his head, and I don't mean that he should not enjoy the fruits of his hard work, I just wish he would do so in a more tasteful way.

  30. Johnna says:

    Wow. Just wow. I want video of the incident at the club though, because that would be brilliant.

  31. Erin says:

    I expect a bunny boiling any day now…

  32. Krissy says:

    I do want to see this on film. Oh Cristiano, definitely prepared for instances such as these.

  33. bitterlemon says:

    This CANNOT be a true story! OMG. I am so embarrased for her. HOWEVER, I understand. Cristiano is the s*&t. He is sooooooo worth it. I am laughing so hard my sides are hurting.

  34. strawberrym says:

    Lol, this is true. Just saw some pics on HolyMoly

  35. Fer_Lahm says:

    A year ago Cristiano broke up with Nereida via text message.
    Inmature? no, thanks.

    In a fact, I used to hate him, but since he started playing for Real Madrid I started saying that he’s one of my favorites (but I still thinking that he’s UGLY), but I really feel sorry about her, he broke up with her in a text message, but what she did makes her look like a whore, so I dont know in which side do I’ve to be.

    Anyway, Nereida, darling you need a good hairstylist who tells you that those extentions doesnt make you look good.

    Love you all.

  36. Becca says:

    Does anyone even care about this skank-ho?

  37. carly says:

    I want to see it, I admit it. As long as CRon isn’t in the video much. lol