December 21st, 2009

Bayern Munich: Rockin’ Out

Gomez Lahm Klose

No, your eyes are not deceiving you, Kickettes. Mario Gomez really is channeling Ozzy Osbourne along with teammates Miroslav Klose and Philipp Lahm. The boys readily agreed to showcase their hard-earned video game skills in public to assist Germany’s “Room77” for a special music video entitled “Hope” this holiday season.

Although the lads were able to make beautiful music together this time around, Gomez admitted he’s tone deaf and Klose said he forgot everything his six years of piano lessons taught him.

It’s all good, guys. Don’t you know we love our ‘ballers to come packaged hot with limited brain power? Just stand there and make charity look pretty and all will be right in our world.

All proceeds of the single will benefit the SOS Children’s Village Ammersee.

Lead singer Looks Good Tickling the Ivories

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15 Responses to “Bayern Munich: Rockin’ Out”

  1. lisa says:

    the best team is bayern munchen i love you so much

  2. Eve says:

    Philipp Lahm – Beautiful inside and out.

  3. Julia says:

    It’s for a good cause, so I won’t say anything mean. No really, they don’t look ridiculous at all.

  4. NinyaC says:

    This is so cute I love things like these!

  5. Senorita Iniesta says:

    Can't believe you are reporting on this …

    This is sooo ridiculous … well, at least they embarass themselves for a good purpose …

    • Dee13 says:

      judging by your name, i suppose if it was barcelona in the exact same situation, then it'd be adorable as hell right…?? and you'd be applauding kickette for 'reporting it', no…?? ;)

      just sayin'…

  6. FootballerChick43 - "Mrs.Ballack" says:

    Aw, I love Bayern. The video was supercute. Am impressed :)

    How can you forget everything your piano lessons have taught you? I haven’t taken for four years and still remember every single piece I had to play, from dorky elementary school pieces to Moonlight Sonata.

  7. carly says:

    I applaud, these Bayern people are always making goofy and funny things.

  8. Dee13 says:

    OMG… i *LOVE* this… anything done for charity gets a total thumbs up from me… friggin love these guys… *~* mario, you can sing to me in all your tone-deaf loveliness any day… ;D

    oh and last time i checked, gomez was tied for 3rd in scoring – only 4 goals behind the leader, so whatevs…

  9. agger♥lover says:

    god damn lahm’s irrestable eyebrows!!!!!!!! gomez is uber smexci but why is it that he looks like he can’t carry a tune in a bucket :/

  10. HiL says:

    this is soooo awesome! Marito looks so good as a singer ! lol
    Lahmy as a drummer is so bad ass XD

  11. Der Lutscher says:

    Being tone-deaf is the least of Gomez's worries. He is also field-blind and striking-useless, that's the problem.

    Bayern Boys look very warm and cozy with the kids, but I didn't like the song much, it seemed too pop-sounding and smiley for such a theme.

  12. Anna says:

    Lahmy!!!!!!!!! That's adorable *_*. Bayern's Andreas Görlitz is a guitarrist in "Room 77", and Lahmy has a foundation and has helped SOS Kinderdorf before. This kind of thing just makes me like him even more ;) .

  13. LizB (Mrs. Vucinic) says:

    Awwww the music video was super cute, and surprisingly in English.