November 29th, 2011

Role Call: A Flurry Of Facepalming Footballers

Nicky B. Basic, but perfectly functional. Gareth Copley/Getty Images.

Oh, the good old facepalm. So versatile, it’s available in individual or multi-user varieties and the more up-to-date versions are equipped to convey a spectrum of emotions – not just embarrassment when you make a heinous and very public error in your work-day.

As usual, footballers are setting the trend, so let’s take a look at the options available for this fashion forward look, shall we?

The ‘Munch’ – Aaron Ramsey, Arsenal

Image: Scott Heavey/Getty Images.

Named after Edvard Munch’s ‘Scream’ painting, this example conveys a level of horror usually unavailable in basic facepalming. We can only assume that Aaron missed the opportunity to catch a glimpse of RvP’s tunnel turn (we didn’t), but we would reserve this for empty biscuit tin-related shock in the Kickette kitchen.


The ‘I. Just. Kant’ – Teemu Pukki, Schalke

Image: AP Photo/Martin Meissner.

It might look as though Teemu is devastated by his side’s 2-0 loss in the Bundesliga, but actually he is rather cleverly making use of the ‘I.Just.Kan’t's dual-purpose functionality. Teemu has crap hair, you see, but you would never know that by looking at this photo. Win!


The ‘Epic Fail’ - Ezequiel Schelotto, Atalanta BC

Image: Marco Luzzani/Getty Images.

Sometimes, things are so devastating it’s not possible to convey the corresponding emotion with one’s hands alone. A simple drop to the knee accompanied with a classic facepalm motion is an easy and quick way to overcome this hurdle.


The ‘Mentalist’: Antonio Di Natale & Anibal Isla, Udinese

Image: Dino Panato/Getty Images.

Grabbing a pal’s face in the throes of joy is clearly a boy thing. We tried it this morning and the shrieks over collateral hair mussing and make-up smear-age were too much to bear for any reasonable length of time. We also couldn’t think of a circumstance where a facepalm/grab would be necessary in our tranquil workplace. Apart from around that damn biscuit tin, of course.


The ‘Compulsory’: Paul Robinson, Bolton & Seamus Coleman, Everton

Image: Chris Brunskill/Getty Images.

One of the few occasions where the facepalm is an inevitable consequence of an action. Have you ever tried receiving a firm blow to the head and resisting the urge to throw your hands up to the affected area? It’s like trying to eat a donut without licking your lips. Can’t be done. Definitely. We’ve researched that, as well.


Did we miss any good examples, Kickettes? Avail us, while we nip out for a good solid padlock. And possibly a Krispy Kreme selection box.

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15 Responses to “Role Call: A Flurry Of Facepalming Footballers”

  1. ras says:

    Can't believe this list doesn't include the classic bitchfacepalm from the game BBC lovingly named "Liverpool ruin Torres' Chelsea debut":…

  2. MissRamsey says:

    Facepalming or just plain damn posing, I am seriously beginning to think we should atleast consider the option of putting the beauty that is Aaron Ramsey on the F5 list. GAWD DAYUM THAT BOY IS TO FINE. <3

    • littlegreenpea says:

      I KNOW RIGHT?? It's taking waaay too long!! especially after that team gb picture, and nothing?!

    • liz says:

      i agree completely. ramsey is so hot and yummy oh boy oh boy f5 would be justtticeee if he doesnt it would be awful. death

  3. Caitlin says:

    I think you missed one Kickette. Let's call this one 'I can't believe I left Liverpool for this'…

    P.S.: Just to add, this is meant tongue-in-cheek and not in a nasty way. :-)

    • AC_USA says:

      I like your name for the photo :) Nando is just becoming more and more depressing by the day (to me) :)

    • Ninanoir says:

      Ooh, epic picture of the face-palm! Gotta love Nando.

    • Catie2838 says:

      Love it. Nando has the sad puppy quality to him, doesn't he?

    • IrishBlue says:

      In fairness, I must admit that is quite funny.

    • April says:

      Oh, Nando. Probably sported a few of those tonight. But in fairness, some were probably aimed at himself.

      I join him in the facepalming. In fact, I've moved on to headdesk.

      • Kat22 says:

        It seems to be going from bad to worse for him at the minute.

        I have to say I do feel for AVB – he looked positively shell-shocked during his post match interview last night.

        • DebS says:

          I feel his pain. The two goal scorers were inexplicably unmarked and the passing and ball possession was horrible. Hopefully he'll get the chance to get some new players in January that will help. Mata's been a Godsend but he can't do it alone.

        • April says:

          Part of me feels bad, because he inherited this lot without a good deal of time to spruce it up, and the players were starting to meld earlier in the season and just stopped… but the other part of me asks "what did you honestly expect with that lineup?" Certainly not a win.

    • Jen says:

      Love the title. Maybe Nando had a few of those today, when for the second time in nine days Liverpool trounced Chelsea at the Bridge. Poor Nando.