February 14th, 2012

Roman Abramovich & Dasha Zhukova: Digital Daters?

Image: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images North America.

Per GalleristNY.com,

“On which website, one wonders, did Ms. Zhukova meet her billionaire oligarch partner Roman Abramovich…?”

Kickette survey says: Sugardaddie.com?

Regardless of the correct answer, our hope for Dasha is that eventually she’ll do the right thing and write a book explaining exactly how one can have a career and a two-year-old kid and continue to look like a ravishing goddess of gorgeousness.

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5 Responses to “Roman Abramovich & Dasha Zhukova: Digital Daters?”

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  2. kate says:

    great plastic surgery, very hollywood.

  3. Margo says:

    Sugardaddy.com???? WTH are you talking about? Dasha is from a very wealthy family! Her dad was one of the richest men in Russia. She has enough money without Roman. Im russian and i know better, Kickette….

  4. mata says:

    Question: how to have a career and 2 year old and always look gorgeous? Answer: marry a multi-billionaire, duh! It's not like she has to do the grocery shopping, scrub the toilet and clean up baby puke, is it?

  5. Alone- Brazil says:

    I wonder what fashion magazine to read these wags. the same that I read is that it is not! God when we think no one is going to get worse and bursts with everything!