January 29th, 2010

Romeo Beckham: Better Than Frozen Yoghurt

A question: do you think Victoria and David Beckham spend every spare moment they have trying to get snuggles and neck-sniffs and bear hugs from this beautiful boy? Because he’s just plain edible.

Romeo was out with his mum, brothers and grandparents at Yoghurt Land, btw.

Random: Victoria Beckham is scheduled to co-host The View in America on February 17th.

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14 Responses to “Romeo Beckham: Better Than Frozen Yoghurt”

  1. Molly says:

    He is so cute!!! He looks just like his dad circa. 1995-1997

  2. hoda says:

    wow he is such a handsome little guy.mind you i prefer him with shaved head!!like dad!

  3. aps says:

    He's absolutely gorgeous with his badass tatoo. lol

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  5. Riya (Come on you Reds!) says:

    Awwwww <3

    LOLz I never watch the View but I might have to watch this epi with Mrs Becks on it ahaha.

  6. Ella says:

    Precious! And I'm totally going to try to catch VB on The View!

  7. merve torres says:

    woowww handsome j. beckham ;)

  8. Sophie says:

    I love that he has a fake tattoo on his arm. That makes him look even more like his dad!

  9. Sweet boy. That’s a HUGE tub of frozen yoghurt!!

  10. HiL says:

    aww he's so sweet.. you can tell he is going to be reaaally handsome

  11. caitanya says:

    i hate to sound negative, but he looks just like his mother, who is quite unattractive. I hope his looks change as he gets older to look more like his father.

  12. tammyv says:

    I love Yogurt land!

  13. smithda says:

    I agree he is adorable and the most handsome of the Beckham boys. That being said he is the spitting image of his mom.