September 21st, 2010

Romeo Beckham: He’s Designing Sunglasses. You?

Image: Daylife/Reuters

What were you doing at eight-years-old, Kickettes? If your answer is “innocently playing on swing sets” or not-so innocently “shaving Barbie’s hair into a fetching fawk-hawk”, best you go sit on the naughty step. Clearly you’ve little career motivation.

Take a page from Romeo Beckham’s book of ambition: the little guy is following in his mum’s footsteps and is now signed up to design his own collection of designer sunglasses. Apparently Romeo B has a keen eye for fashion, and has been pestering his parents for his own shot at accessory design.

No, seriously.

Names for the collection, (such as ‘Bambino Beckham’), were considered before being rejected in favour of the simpler ‘RB’, which will adorn the shades. Both Mr and Mrs Beckham are said to be thrilled.

It is unknown whether this foray into design will lead into other fash-opps for Romeo Beckham (NYFW next season anyone?), but is definitely another step on the ladder of world domination for the Beckhams. We can’t wait to see what he comes up with, and if he can convince celeb pals such as Suri Cruise and Gordon Ramsey’s kidlets into his designs.

Nothing like a celebrity kid to remind you of all that you have/not achieved in life, huh? Still, we adore little Romeo and will happily contribute to any pocket money causes he may put his little mind to.

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82 Responses to “Romeo Beckham: He’s Designing Sunglasses. You?”

  1. KMS says:

    Lil' RB is definitely gay. And yes, he looks a lot like his mom.

  2. MissTorres says:

    Awww I think little Romeo just looks like his dad. Cute!

  3. DeeRoma says:

    They still might.

    Sorry in advance. Unless you're enjoying the laughs we're providing. Then, Cheers!

  4. Dame Suzy says:

    Chill out, dolls. A celeb kid going the productive route versus the way of the druggy is a good start for a kid, not that the former cancels out the latter but we can hope. I for one would welcome a fresh face to the obsession with his mom. God bless her but is no one else sick of seeing her mug?

  5. Dreamgirl says:

    The only thing more ridiculous than this very idea will be the parents who are going to buy them.

  6. Sodakiss says:

    This is wonderful for any eight-year-old to be able to do such thing! However, I don't see this going towards success. This is a waste of money for any parents who would buy a sure-to-be expensive glasses for their children who still don't know the value of their stuff, and more than that have a time period of using it, like 2-3 years at the maximum.

    Anyway, Romeo B is adorable and I love him :) So I'll support whatever he does.

  7. yasemin says:

    I think RB will be confused with Ray-Ban. That should have been thought over more.

  8. JulieFromParis says:

    I finally read the original article about how Romeo probably ended up in a room where he had to point out Sglasses he liked and I thought I'd share an anecdote with u:

    When my little one was about 3'n' half, a friend of mine used to make her try on kids outfits for some brand, and asked her if she liked them/ would wear them or not,…… Once, my daughter answered " I like this dress but why is yours so ugly??? " pointing at the dress my friend had on!!!! Embarrassing moment, yeah….. :)

  9. LoseThatGirl says:

    Is he bringing back those horrid bowl haircuts too? One fashion that was better left behind in the '70s.

  10. JulieFromParis says:

    Im 25, have a job i love and am about to go for a walk and coffee on a very sunny day, in a beautiful city, with hubby and daughter. So no, I dont consider not having designed sunglasses at the age of eight ruined my life :)

    A very good day to all of u kickettes :)

    • Rossanera says:

      Je suis grave jalouse :)

      • JulieFromParis says:

        oh, désolée :( Ce que je voulais expliquer en fait, c'est que pour moi, le bonheur et le sentiment d'avoir fait quelque chose de sa vie, ça passe aussi pour des choses toutes simples :)

        Sorry :( Just wanted to show that, to me, happiness and the feeling of achievement are also a matter of pretty simple things:)

        • Rossanera says:

          T'as raison, il y a rien qui me fait plus heureux que s'asseoir dans le soleil avec un verre de vin blanc et mes amies !

  11. Winnie says:

    Wow all I can see is Victoria as Romeo in this picture. What an adorable family!

  12. Ash Menon says:

    Thank god they dumped the Bambino thing. "RB" is MUCH MUCH nicer. This may actually kinda work, since he looks uber-grownup for an 8 year old. If nothing else, it's going to make for some serious sibling pressure.

  13. Rossanera says:

    Kickette, what do the little numbers beside the thumbs up/down icon mean?

    • Leya_S says:

      I think you get points for good comments. So if 20 people "like" your comment and hit the thumbs up, it'll say +20.

      …although all of my comments immediately post with a +1, so I'm a little confused by that as well…

  14. DeeRoma says:

    Whatever happened to letting kids be kids? At 8…I was…um…crushing on my brother's youth soccer team.

  15. Rossanera says:

    This is all kinds of ridic.

    I mean, Fernando Torres and I are the same age. I look at him and go, oh, look at everything he's done: shattered EPL records, produced a beautuful child, written a book, and won the World Cup. Meanwhile, what did I do today? Let the boys from my antitrust class talk me into getting tanked with them in the middle of the afternoon "because it's so nice outside!"

    Kinda puts things in perspective, no? But, Nando's in his late twenties! Now the eight-year-olds are able to remind me that I am inadequate? FML.

    • pipita says:

      i feel your pain!

    • littlegirl says:

      why inadequate????i think we don't have to compare ourelves to the other people…if you study what you like or have a work you enjoy, and have a family and some good friends, what is your problem???you really need to be famous, witer, winner of a cup to be special?what should i say?i woke up at 1 pm because i spent my night working in the hospital…call me stupid but i like it! please, don't feel so bad…
      however…i try to understand how you feel, thinking as you:
      "Fernando Torres and I are(almost) the same age. I look at him and…no, i can't write what i'm thinking!"
      (i hope i make you smile a little…)

      • Rossanera says:

        Stavo scherzando, sono contenta con la mia vita. So come sono fortunata.

        • Rossanera says:

          Translation for the non-Italian-speaking Kickettes: my post was intended to be sarcastic, my life's really not that bad !!!

        • littlegirl says:

          I was hoping you were sarcastic!!!! but i know how easy is to feel bad when we look at famous people life!
          i wish you all the best…and i still love Nando, even if his life is better than ours XD !
          …the person who i really envy is his wife!!!!

          (ti scrivo in inglese perche fosre ci capiamo meglio e capiscono tutti…ma mi diverto tanto quando mi rispondi in italiano!)

          • Rossanera says:

            Haha, why, is it that bad? I never actually write it out.

            • littlegirl says:

              no!! is not bad, you write well and i can understand, but is a little bit funny because some little funny errors reveal that is not your language!

              i'm talking about your italian, but i don't know how my english is correct :) !!!!

  16. Simone says:

    Looks like David's hair is thinning.

  17. Zinny says:

    Yea, I love Victoria and David but wow. If the kid wants some creativity, buy him an art set! It's just spoiling him. But it's their child so they can do whatever they please, I suppose.

  18. Simone says:

    His mom is probably the one doing the designing but she is using his name kind of like Madonna and Lourdes

  19. Kokonut27 says:

    Oh puhleeze. How about teaching your kid to do something else with his limitless opportunities than DESIGN SUNGLASSES. I mean. The world is choking on them. How many variations on two lenses can you have?

    Why doesn't he design suede and mohair getaway schooners for Pakistani flood victims? That would somehow be less offensive.

  20. Lex says:

    I'm not sure how I feel about RB sunglasses, but I do know that this picture makes me swoon.

  21. JVD says:

    If Victoria ever wanted to know what she'd look lie as a man wait until he is 18. Too cute.

    As for his sunglasses… well, maybe if he makes his millions before he hits puberty he'll never have to make an embarrassingly awful perfume commercial where he and his wife fake love in an elevator. Just saying.

  22. Hannah (Mrs Gerrard-Lampard-Torres-Terry-Fabregas) says:

    A little OTT dont’cha think?? Yeah, mabe the kid has talents but I personally don’t really care. The beckhams have enough fame in their name ( I like that line ) to fill 2 lifetimes but it is still early days you never know, he might actually be good

  23. jellenp says:

    Really. Does this family need more of our money?

  24. Megan says:

    He probably needs sunglasses because his poor little corneas are burning looking at his Hot McHotterson father!

  25. WTF says:

    WTF, let the kid be a kid!

  26. Leya_S says:

    I'm not saying children don't have style, but really?

    btw, thanks Kickette: "Nothing like a celebrity kid to remind you of all that you have/not achieved in life, huh?"

    Haha! I actually think about this on a regular basis; I'm 22, and I think about people like Baby Bojan, Theo Walcott, Pique, Neymar, Jozy Altidore, David De Gea, Thomas Mueller who are/around my age or younger than me and they've already achieved 1234832987349587349 as much as I will in pretty much my entire life.


    • SlyMysteron says:

      I’ve been thinking about that ever since I turned 21. I just remember that athletes (the worst being gymnast and tennis players) and models, lose most of their childhood to peak in their late twenties. They then restart and spend the rest of lives trying to figure out what to do with it. That bit of snark should make you feel better :)
      It can also be used when being put of by stories of overprivileged/ celebrity children, just up the identity issues.

    • Rossanera says:

      Haha I said the same thing about Nando.

      • Leya_S says:

        oh man, he was the love of my LIFE in '06 when I first saw him a WC!!! But I was only 18 then and just finishing my first year of university, so I was still optimistic and excited about life.

        Now, I'm a year out from school, working in part-time in an unrelated field, and thinking about how once I dreamed of traveling, working a well-paying job in my field, and then moving to Europe, getting married and starting a family at 25! I'll be 23 in January, so that's 2 years away…yeahhh, ain't happenin'

  27. Eli aka NG says:

    This is ridiculous, seriously

  28. littlegirl says:

    compliments! i can't draw now at 23 years old…
    however, maybe is professional deformation(i'm a nurse), but the kid seems a little….sickly…

  29. Nicolleeeg says:

    I have a hard time believing this is true….

  30. MrsVilla-to-be says:

    I love this whole family,as extravagant as they are! Oh,he`s so cute!!! (Yes,Romeo too, but I was referring to HIS DAD!)

  31. BarceLisa says:

    Good: at age eight, I fell in love with the beautiful game of football. Its been a happy love affair ever since.

    Bad: at age eight, I fell in love with New Kids On The Block. I liked their comeback single plus the boys have aged well. Still, not something I'm proud of.

    I had a good childhood and I don't really envy celebrity kids but its good to see Romeo has inherited his mum's entrepreneurial spirit.

    • DeeRoma says:

      Ah yes, NKOTB. Yeah. I think my boy band insanity happened in 10 year intervals. *Hopefully in 2019 the vicious cycle will be broken*.

      • Rossanera says:

        NKOTB was my first concert. I was 5. I remember because the older girls on my block (who were 8) were really mad because I got tickets and got to go and they didn't. Then … the BSB when I was 10. Then Hanson when I was 13.

        You CAN break the cycle, Dee!

        • DeeRoma says:

          NKOTB was my first concert too in 90 or 91. Wasn't too into BSB but I was a huge fan of a certain Ohio foursome that included Nick Lachey. Then in 2009 saw one of the NK reunion shows. I was a raging with the next day due to maybe an hour of sleep. Ahhh good times.

          • Rossanera says:


            I just had to.

            (I feel like we might be dating ourselves here. God, this was more than a decade ago … I'm more than 2 decades old!)

            • DeeRoma says:

              Love it! When I think back to those days I do have to laugh.

              Eh, I'm embracing my age. If 40 is the new 30…then I'm 23. :)

              • Rossanera says:

                I miss those days. My only worry was whether I'd be busted by the nuns at school for wearing nail polish.

                I don't wanna grow up.

                • DeeRoma says:

                  We'd get busted by the nuns for rolling up our skirts. That's the danger of an all girls school next door to a college campus….

                  Neither do I.

                  • Rossanera says:

                    Oh that too. My most vivid high memories include the repeated cry of "FILLE! Ta jupe!" (Literal translation from le francais: "Girl, your skirt!") … sometimes when I am out with le ragazze we'll just say it to each other for a giggle.

                    Our school was across the street from a boy's school. SERIOUSLY. Whose bright idea was that?

                    • DeeRoma says:

                      Heck, we just all took the back stairwell 95% of the time.

                      Man, that one day the college had a scavenger hunt and went through our cafeteria…mass stampede to check the makeup. So all the girls who didn't need to fix their hair were the ones to "help out." :)

                    • BarceLisa says:

                      damn that Donnie Wahlberg. him and Marky Mark are responsible for my lifelong attraction to bad boys.

                    • DeeRoma says:

                      I was into Joe and Jordan. Then Nick and Drew. Drew wasn't a bad boy…he was a sarcastic wiseass. Clearly, you would realize WE got along real well.

                    • Angie says:

                      I'm going to admit that I saw the NKOTB reunion concert all 3 times it came to the DC area. And yes, I swoooned when Jordan sang "I'll be Loving You Forever" <sigh> and I loved him as much now as I did when I was 9. And in college, 2 friends and I road-tripped to Myrtle Beach to see a quartet of boys from Ohio, led by Nick Lachey. Right now, I sing along with my daughter's favorite boy band, Big Time Rush (they're actually a Nickelodeon TV show). Maybe by 40 I'll be done with this madness. Doubtful, but I can hope.

                    • DeeRoma says:

                      That must have been a fun road trip. I did two road trips to Cincinnati [1 for FanFest 2003 and the other for a reunion show in 2005 at a place called Club Purgatory]. Those were the days.

                    • BarceLisa says:

                      I love you ladies. seriously.

                      have to give a shoutout to the original boy-band, New Edition. The whole New Jack Swing era IS something I am proud of. I heard NKOTB and New Edition could do a tour together this summer. Just the thought of that makes me feel faint.

                      lol anyone under 20 reading this thread is probably giggling away at the ancient music references. I don't care, I have nothing but good memories.

                      Sorry for not staying on topic Kickette but any walk down memory lane for me involves high-top fades, torn jeans and Boston accents.

                    • DeeRoma says:

                      I love the Kickettes too. Ooooh NE and NKOTB? *insanity will ensue*

                      Memory lane for me also includes making fun of the music videos as well. That's just how I roll. ;)

                    • Angie says:

                      You all make my day! So funny you mention NE because a few minutes ago Johnny Gill's "My My My" came on my Pandora station and I thought, "wouldn't it be great if New Edition were planning a reunion tour?"

                      Do you remember when they actually showed music videos on MTV ;) Ah, memories….

                    • BarceLisa says:

                      you mean like this one?:

                      I love this song and video so much I would have its babies. No other words to describe it.

                    • DeeRoma says:

                      Boyz II Men…ahhhhhh! Loved them. Especially Michael. Damn the things that voice could do…

                    • DeeRoma says:

                      I always wouldn't mind some of Ralph Tresvant singing "Sensitivity". Sigh….

                    • Rossanera says:

                      Ace of Base. Remember them?

                    • BarceLisa says:

                      "I Saw The Sign" and "All That She Wants" right?. Bless European pop music.

                    • DeeRoma says:

                      Yup that's them.

                      Color Me Badd anyone?

                    • BarceLisa says:

                      oh yes, loved them too. For me a landmark moment in 90s pop culture was when they appeared on Beverly Hills 90210. Please don't mention Milli Vanilli, some things are just too painful to remember.

                    • DeeRoma says:

                      Wasn't going there.

                      90210 yup…

  32. Mrs.Navas says:

    this ain't right

  33. Maribel says:

    Love the Beckhams, but this is a tad ridiculous.

  34. Tasty Torres #9 says:

    I def won’t new contributing, that kid is set for life. I’ll keep my money