October 16th, 2006

ronaldo watch: the man bag

This photo of Mr. Ronaldo offers much fashion food for thought.

The man bag.

The lizard belt.

The jeans that seem just a little too tight, even for our liking.

The man bag.

Wait, we already said that.

Cristiano, honey, we know you’re a buff piece of Eurotrash, but you need to fix up.  We can help.  Call us.  We’re on the speed dial, under “F” for “fashion crimes against hotties”.

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22 Responses to “ronaldo watch: the man bag”

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  8. geek shirts says:

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  9. Can't wait to try Ronaldo's bag!!! I think it will be more amazing experience as well. I was seeking forward to see new stylist bag. Thanks for this allocation!!!

  10. davidk says:

    what a bunch of jealous toads. this guy is amazingly good looking. eat your hearts out all of you. gay or straight he's gorgeous. if he had on a 3 piece brooks brothers suit with black leather briefcase, you harpies would still find fault. get over yourselves all of you. you only wish you were that good looking and that young and that together.
    shame on all of you……………..

  11. Kris says:

    This latin guy is so handsome, dressed under a polo shirt, with the strange bag in his arms. It is cool with the lizard belt, but the soft outside made it unshapely at all. While a business man carrying such a bag, what a funny it will be.

  12. Haha, great bulge indeed

  13. He rolls with the who’s who of the celebrity world and has a lady hanging off each hand when he is on his countless television appearances or cruising in one of his many rides—including a sharp, red Ferrari.

  14. Adhishree says:

    all the signs are there,lol but lets just hope for the best!
    Cristi,baby,please don’t be gay:P You’re SUPER hot.

  15. Eros Blass says:

    Well I must tell you. The guy looks great! He does not need any help from anybody in order to be dressed up.
    The problem is the people in the States don’t know ANYTHING of fashion and good taste. First they think that a man with a “bag” is gay. I thing that is just ignorant. That is not a purse. that is a bag that contains Gym stuff.
    Second, wha do Americans know about fashion and good taste? Their people enjoy walking with NO shoes, burping and farting the most common thing. and ALL the fashion you have Came from All other places in the world. Do tell and Italian what to wear. Go watch the Simpsons … That is all you got.

  16. tamz + han says:

    fuckin hell hes soooo buff !!!!!! .x.x.x.x.x. !!

  17. Ricardo P says:

    all I have to say is…please…please…don’t judge us by this guy’s…em…man bag.

  18. Anna says:

    let’s not confirm the obvious…but all the signs are there. damnit, he’s still fine!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, he even sets off the finely-honed gaydar of other gay men.  If it walks like a duck…

  20. Aiza says:

    at least his hair looks fairly normal…minus the blonde bits.