July 19th, 2010

Rumour Control: Iker & Sara’s Engagement, Cristiano Ronaldo’s Waitress

Let’s address the two stories that are filling up our inboxes with panic, scorn, and scorn-filled panic. We must warn you though, you may not be satisfied by what we have to offer. If you’re looking for closure, you shan’t be getting it here.

Let’s start with the Pastasauce rumours of an engagement with the mighty Iker Casillas:

- At this point, all paths for the wedding story seem to lead back to reports from In Touch, Spain. Within their story about the engagement, quoted sources are listed as “friends of” the couple.

- Repeat, at this stage, this is really the only source. All other reports seem to have started with them.

- Considering the speed at which Real Madrid comments on stories like this, not to mention it being highly unlikely Iker and Sara would keep something this big a secret, we’re going to hold off sending our wedding present just yet. (Note, we’d buy them a Pasta-maker, natch.)

- Here’s what we think happened: Pre-World Cup, Iker was interviewed by El Larguero, who asked him what he would do if Spain won the World Cup. He replied, “Shave my head or get married.” Post WC, when Sara was queried on these statements, she quipped, “He should shave his head, shorter hair suits him.”

- When they pushed on whether the pair would be getting married soon, Sara said she had no plans to get married because she wanted to concentrate on her career.

- Cue hysteria over whether Sara “turned down his engagement” or whether it’s a red herring to cover their actual engagement up.

In summary, no one really knows what’s going on.

Much like the latest rumours about Cristiano Ronaldo’s baby mama, who has been “outed” by tabloids as a one-night stand waitress in America.

- To that, we can only say if someone was paid gazillions of dollars to keep quiet, this surely isn’t the person.

- However, we are much more on board with the “one-night-stand gone baby mama” angle being closer to the truth than the ridiculous surrogacy talk.

- But: the likelihood of “Cristiano’s friends” talking to the British media? Anyone who knows Cris, knows that his closest friends are his CWQE (Cousins With Questionable English).

- And, since we all know the women rule the Ronaldo roost, surely any statements worth trusting would come from Cristiano’s sister via the Portuguese media, as they did prior?

- Forgive us our skepticism, but we are slow to jump on-board the many reports that still have the wrong (female) baby attributed as Cristiano’s son.

In summary: no one knows what’s actually going on.


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118 Responses to “Rumour Control: Iker & Sara’s Engagement, Cristiano Ronaldo’s Waitress”

  1. l says:

    whether you agree with the below article or not, it is a interesting read:


  2. Molly says:

    Iker, why don't you just take a gigantic, sharp knife and stab it through my already broken heart! Thanks! :( :( :(

  3. dikaa says:

    am i the only one who think sara and iker are great couple? they’re both simple person (despite the fame) and both are down to earth. really wish the best for them

    • Senora Sonrisa says:

      OMG!! Do you not realise that this is extremely ambitious people, and that neither of the would have looked twice at the other if he or she for example had been one of the lower staff of Valdebebas :-)

      i do not mind any one liking them, they are after all a handsome couple. But please try to be a tiny bit realistic :-)

      face it! she is a girl in search for a rich famous man and he is a baller in search for a trophy woman to show of in front of the other ballers ant the fans.

      and i would like to remind you that iker loves to show off in public remember his fooling around with beckham, eva g, ramos, villa etc etc. Mind yuou this pretty little thing is just one in a long row…

      • LaBrightside says:

        Sometimes I have the feeling that girls expect footballers to date “normal” women. They do not live in a normal world, they are in the spotlight so why should they date normal women? Kissing someone is not showing off imo, he was happy at that moment and wanted to share that happyness with his girl and the world. And why should she search for a rich guy if she earns her own money? May be not as much as him but she does earn money. No matter how the girls look, what they do, everyone sees them as a gold digger. I also work, have my own appartment, so if I would date a footballer does that mean that I am dating him because of his money and fame???

    • Jenn says:

      i agree with you, i like these two.

  4. fembot says:

    Ugh I don't like pasta with my Iker!

  5. Einah says:

    I'm missing some of the usual girls 'round this Iker news :) Guess they're as speechless as I am :)

  6. NeedMoreCoffee says:

    There is no way Ronaldo wanted a baby. People who say he used a surrogate are completely ignoring all facts about him. It's absurd. Period. Plus, all this speculation is useless, for all we know, NONE of the "facts" are true at all. We don't know if the mother is american, ONS, conceived in the states or europe, where the baby is, how much the mother was allegedly paid, if she's young or old, WE KNOW NOTHING. And ppl (like possibly his family could LIE, they're human). So maybe the child wasn't even born in june. We haven't even seen the child…so people need to stop judging what they know nothing about. He can't win anyway, if he had a child and gave the mom full custody he'd be villified for that too. All I do know is that a person who was desperate for a baby doesn't leave the baby right after it's born and gay men don't sleep with anything that moves, just like a straight man doesn't sleep with men. Think about it.

    • NeedMoreCoffee says:

      “Gay men don’t sleep with any WOMAN that moves”. Really, do any of you know gay guys that continually sleep with MANY, MANY, MANY women? My gay friends couldn’t even get it up near one woman, much less 100s.

      • NoCoffee4u says:

        **This comment has been deleted. **

        • NeedMoreCoffee says:

          Really? Name some. If a gay man wants a beard, he usually marries one girl and then ignores her. He doesn't sleep with woman after woman. Also, if you're so certain he used a surrogate to get a baby, why doesn't he want to spend time with that baby? If it was a planned birth, why'd he plan it during the world cup? Explain your ludicrous opinion.

    • LaBrightside says:

      The thing is: I do not need to know when the baby was born, who the mother is, how much money he paid, if he paid, what he paid bla bla. The thing which should show people what kind of ignorant and selfish guy he is, is the fact that he let his mother take care of the little boy while he was seeing his bimbos in NY. When you become a father, be there for your own kid. No matter how many paparazzis he wanted to keep away (that is the excuse of his fangirls). If you do not want want to stand in the spotlight and deal with the press, then behave like someone who tries to keep his life PRIVATE and not to publish it on Facebook…*smacks head against wall* if he paid for the silence, why even feeding the animals of the press with a statement like that? The dude is a publicity whore.

  7. sophie says:

    why oh why has no one else noticed the photo of cristiano in a pair of very tight pants – where are the rest of the pics?!!! please don't tease us like this Kickette

  8. Evodia says:

    Please! Please! Please! Can we stop talking about Cristiano! Atleast until he comes out of the closet. And as for Iker and Pastasauce… I can't lie, I'm super-jealous!

  9. Lizzeth says:

    Iker and his domestic partner Sara go on vacations to a "secret" location.


  10. Trish says:

    The waitress story is BS. If the child was born in June that means it was conceived in August. In August he wasnt vacationing in the USA, at that time Spanish La Liga games had already started. The alledged “friend” is a cover up cause now Ronaldo knows that the truth about his surrogacy has come out and now his PR team is doing damage control by coming up with this one night stand BS story made up by his publicist.

    • l says:

      The surrogacy story was most likely the damage control. Unless CR turned out to be gay (and going by all the kiss and tells that is hugely unlikely) than surrogacy suggested that it was a (probably very well) planned and intentional child (where for one reason or another he wanted to cut out the middle man of having a baby's mother whom he'd have to deal with long term or with a huge paycheck) in comparison to a unplanned/accidential conceived (w/o protection?) by a ons/ short term fling with someone who's a hooker/golddigger/fameseeker/underage/young and don't release the decision they are making (so ethical issues), etc…

      • Lizzeth says:

        What came before, the chicken or the egg? Originally, the story that came out was that he used a surrogate and specific details where provided including the nationality of the surrogate, location of the fertility clinic, how much she was paid, ect..I’m pretty sure that Ronaldo’s people didnt expect all that “private” information to come out so quickly, so now they have done their damage control by coming out with this new invented story of a one night stand to deviate people’s attention from the real issue/truth.

        • l says:

          At this rate if the press do not even manage to confirm (and agree on) the basic details (not necessarily specifics) than the press and a lot of the public will still be talking about this well into the football season – which in that case it doesn’t matter which version of this is along the right lines, the man himself, his pr, madrid, nike, etc… will hate that as it would be taking attention away from (standout?) football season – which lets face it after this he needs to maintain that top 5 player ranking to at least be taken seriously in his professional life, if that goes downhill than all these rumors will be the last thing he will be worried about!

          • Lizzeth says:

            Its not that the press hasnt agreed on a version, but people will choose to believe whatever they want to believe. I dont think this will take attention away from football season though. People are already enthusiastic waiting for football season to start, with or without Ronaldo. Although if he wants to mantain top 5 level he better step up his game cause competition will be more fierce this season.

  11. LaBrightside says:

    Seriously I do not get all the fuss about this Ronaldo Story. Do you honestly think that a waitress would be THAT stupid to accept money if she could have far more money she had ever dreamed of with his baby at her side? Interviews, photos, more interviews….That woman would never accept money just once from him and stay behind closed doors. The only possibility is that the woman is underaged and wanted an abortion. Probably he also wanted it but then told his mummy about it. Dolores might be strange sometimes, but she is religious and wanted to send her own daughter into hell when she divorced her husband, so Dolores might have said to Ronaldo that an abortion is not acceptable. Ronaldo. You can buy an underaged girl and her family, but never an adult. So I stick to it: Ronaldo is an ass who paid for his baby, but do not want to do anything with his baby. While the baby is in Portugal he needed to prove the world that he is not gay by hanging out with his bimbos in New York. When are all these fangirls going to get rid of their Ronaldo tinted glasses and face reality? He could kill someone and still half of these fangirls would find excuses for his behavior. Oh geez.

    On a better note: Congrats to the hopefully soon married couple. Face it girs, a man would never kiss a woman in front of the TV if he did not love her.

    • Senora Sonrisa says:

      As i have said before to show of in front of cameras is one of casillas favourite past times.

      and then he has the nerv to complaint that he wish to keep his private life private!!

      and once again love has nothing what so ever to do with this :-)

    • Lizzeth says:

      There's no underage pregnant girl in this story, although there's probably a 40 yr old surrogate.

      • l says:

        presuming because of the sept dates the child would of probably had to of been conceived in europe, looking at the laws of consent in europe, in most europe countries it be very difficult to actually do so knowingly (esp in spain which is a surprize – when did the uk become one the stricter (group of) countries when it came to do so ?):


        • Berry says:

          Exactly. The child was conceived in September, and at that time Ronaldo was already in Europe playing with R.Madrid, so that would make the story of the waitress in USA completely false.

    • Ana says:

      I truely believe CR can be gay and is trying to hide it by paying a surrogate mother. I just don’t get why everyone thinks he’s an ass.

  12. Dominique says:

    Iker and Sara are so cute together! Since I think he's cute but I'm not in love with him I think it would be great if they got married :) (cesc and carla on the other hand…NOOOO…) and Cristiano is such a talented player … just wish he's concentrate more on the sport and less on endorsements and women!

  13. Ana says:

    I think people are too quick to judge C-Ron.
    The information that we have about him comes from unreliable sources.
    I don’t believe any tabloids. So I don’t think Ronaldo’s parenthood should be judged by the quantity of minutes he stays away from the baby or whatever.

    I’m not his fangirl, but it’s not right what the press is doing to him. The guy can’t even sunbathe at his own pool without being photographed and asked about his baby (and without people say his a bad father).

    Just leave him alone.

  14. EternalDreamer says:

    As much as she seems a bit too…tv-ready?…for Iker, he clearly cares about her, so there must be something there that we probably can’t/don’t/won’t see. Plus, the fact that she covered up the proposal/non-proposal by saying that she wants to focus on her career makes her more likeable to me, like she doesn’t just want to sponge off her ‘baller boyfriend. Not sure if her words were intended to dispute any potential gold-digger claims, but its a good start. They seem happy together so I’m happy for them.

    CRon. Can’t be bothered.

    Side note: is it just me or is plaid the new black for men? I don’t think there’s a man in this city who doesn’t have a “nice” plaid dress shirt! Am I missing something? Is this fad sweeping the world? Please say no!!!!!

  15. l says:

    a blog think they have identified that girl from the lux mag a couple of wks back:


    make your own mind up peeps!!

    • l says:

      hang on i just read some of the comments – some of the posters comments think that there is a 2nd unplanned baby on the way?? seriously that has to be bs – no one’s luck is that bad. My head hurts from this saga (makes eastenders look like an episode from the wombles!)

  16. Pam says:

    Iker and Sara have been engaged since a couple months ago, and have been living together since last year.

  17. gossip girl says:

    iker married! i have a heart attack …
    but after the kiss saying “she is mine”, is hard to imagine that this is a remote possibility.
    message to casillas : if she says no … I do, I do, I do!!!

  18. D0li says:

    This is going to be an interesting La Liga season! How is Real Madrid’s new captin suppose to respect CR if he’s reading all this? Has Real Madrid made an official statement regarding CR’s baby?

    August 4th will be a great day!

    This new coach seems extremely stict, I’m not sure if he and CR will get along at all. Kickette do you cover transfer rumors? Because I’m reading that Guti, Kaka, Raul, and Karim will be leaving Real!

  19. DirtyBlonde says:

    CWQE is hilarious.

    And with Cristiano, all I can think is – you have a gajillion dollars – spend like $7 on some condoms.

  20. Ess-Jay says:

    I reeeeeally hope these engagement rumours are just that. Rumours. I can’t have Iker getting married. Not yet. And not to Pastasauce! :( I just don’t like her..

    Find another woman, Iker!… I’ll always be here for ya! :P

    • sodakiss says:

      I’m with you! She just doesn’t deserve him! In every single possible way. For me, I also think she’s seeking for fame. I do think she LIKES him but not as much as it should be, but he really adores her. HATE TO SAY THAT but true from what I’ve observed! I DON’T LIKE PASTASAUCE! IKER, YOU DESERVE BETTER!!!!

  21. Irena says:

    Am I the only one who wants Iker to get married to someone NOT famous? Someone simple like him! Plus it gives all of us tiny hope :P

  22. aps says:

    I absolutely love her shoes. I really like her style overall and if the rumours are true I wish them the best. Not commenting on that other story.

  23. Inés says:

    Iker and Sara's wedding is just a rumour.

    If I were that waitress, I wouldn't leave my baby!

  24. sheera says:

    congratulations to iker and his carb

  25. Jackie says:

    I really like her outfit in that picture… especially the heels. :)

  26. Violets says:

    I have recently decided (meaning, after seeing that post-WC victory kiss) that Iker and Sara are adorable, but they haven't been going out for all that long. I could see him proposing while riding the euphoric "San Iker Won the Cup" wave, but I hope that they actually think through this.

    Also, this rumor, while I still think it's a rumor, sounds more plausible than the surrogate thing. I'm sorry, but anyone who has recently spent time with a 25 year old guy (let alone one who is fabulously wealthy, incredibly good looking, and one of the most famous athletes in the world) would be able to disprove the surrogacy thing as being plausible. It's just not in their mentality, at all.

  27. Johanna says:

    Congrats to Iker and his girlfriend if they do get married. As far as the other story goes, I don't buy it. Ronaldo's baby came from a surrogate and nothing will make me change my mind. I really don't care about his life but it's ridiculous for them to make up stories and cover up the whole thing.

  28. Mrs. Navas says:

    and seriously cristiano said and i quote :”me, you, F*** F***” and then drew a heart on the window and said :”me you, kiss” when she said she didn’t understand. hmmmm. playa playa. you do your thang boy. but i strongly believe ronaldo should stop being a man whore and try to commit to one girl. in my opinion he would really settle down when he meets a girl who won’t end up in his bed after having a few drinks and she refuses to be his girlfriend. he would soooo want to be with her he’ll stop doing the nasty altogether and i’ll be so proud of him i’ll bake him a cake. but anywayzzz u know i luv u c-ron. we all do. congrats with the kid. it’s about time.

    • l says:

      out of curiosity do you see irina as possibly being this 'girl' or do you see her as just the same as the 'others' (abet a high end version of his 'normal choices'?)

      to be honest, guys like ronaldo who i know (the playboy type) don't really change there ways and lifestyle unless they get a wake up call shocking them to change their current lifestyle. Unfortunately an (probable) unplanned baby and single parenthood has seemingly not done it as unlike most men he has the money to sweep a lot of the consequences that everyday people would experience (like paying the mum to stay out of their lives so he hasn't got to deal with her or possible negative press storys (if true) and nannies round the clock, etc…) but even though a lot of his past gf/ons have sold him old he hasn't still to be blunt still never really been truly 'screwed' by a girl that he cared about and trusted, not just money wise but more important messed up head/emotion wise (yes girls like nereida treated him with no respect and betrayed his trust but she is not the type of girl that him or anyone else is surprized when they do so – i think he knew what he signed up for with girls like her). the majority of people believe the current gf is little miss perfect as she hasn't talked and has a real job but she is smart enough to realise that if she blabs no one will take her seriously in her industry (as she seems to love attention that would be a bad thing for her) and it is debatable if her type of underwear shots are anymore of a job than what page 3 models do. The thing is she is much smarter than any of the previous ones and if she used those smarts for 'evil' as such both him and the majority of the public wouldn't see it coming or see the tracks she could leave (meaning unlike the previous ones the public could actually believe the sob stories/possible get back lies from her – damaging for him). i don't mean to be nasty but my gut is telling me that she could be the 1st girl to truly 'screw' him up&over, in pocket and head but in the long run it may be for the best as it may shock him into being a better version of his current self – but that is just my theory, i doubt many will agree with me!

  29. toot says:

    Cristiano Ronaldo is getting ridiculous now, he says he is tired of the paparazzi, and needs rest and publish the photos on facebook, now everyone knows that he is somewhere in the Mediterranean, he is striving to be a good father, but goes on vacation again with his girlfriend, Irina's The facebook is fake but she publishes that are on vacation in Europe? and then come talk that never said anything about marriage or child, is now expected to see again because of the PR it published a video of the old CR saying that he was in the U.S. to work for everyone criticized the fact that he is far from the son and his girlfriend, now let's see if they have a video of him playing football in mid-ocean.

    • l says:

      agreed 100%

      though in his defense a lot of old fashioned med men aren't really the hands on type and spend a lot of their free time out side of work socializing with his mates (seems true in his family where in the past they do regular boys only holidays when the majority of them have partners and kids at home – and you never see the woman of his family leaving the kids with the men and go off on a girls only holiday) i'm getting the impression that he is one of those men who is fantastic in the uncle or godfather role (probably because he can give the child back at the day and there is only secondary responsibility required), but a duck out of water for the father role, esp if he has old fashioned beliefs that it is a woman's job to do the tough side of bringing up a child with the father just being around for the nice bits but not involved in disciplining, etc… so the child will see him as good cop (we all have at least one member of our family like that) under rm new rules the players need to be at their training ground for silimar to a 9-5 day, and add to that travel to matches ronaldo is going to be struggling to spend the max time with his son as it is even if he chose not to have a social life in the season so he could spend that max time, but if these holidays are anything to go by the 'uncle' role will most likely continue imo!

      The fact of the matter is that the "talented, beautiful" people of the world can get excused from almost everything (a 'rule' that started back from the laws of the playground) people care mainly about ronaldo as a footballer – just as long as he's doing well on the pitch than even if he does a tiger woods than scandals in his personal life will blow over. however if he has a crap season in this next yr and/or a long term injury than i'd imagine we may see a delayed getting out of the knifes in all this.

      Perhaps a couple of yrs back he had an argument for wanting to keep his life private but if that was the case than he wouldn't be social networking like he is, doing several things that the trashy papers celebrate like xmas over or like irina or hate her date someone who has to be/choses to be in the public eye and gives another reason for the papps to track you both down and invade your private lives (it's a proven thing in hollywood that 2 famous people in a relationship are more likely to get papped on a regular bases than a celeb with an unknown who wants to stay that way because the press don't find actual 'normal' joes and janes that interesting, even if they are dating someone big, for example matt damon and his missus (i think matt actually has an agreement with the papps to take staged public shoots every so often so he can live a private life the rest of the time) if you are famous but everything/one else in your life is normal than the press will deem it as boring and lose interest as 'boring does not sell')

      (sorry bout the length ;) )

    • caitanya says:

      Toot, check out that clip i posted below about how he dissed this girl who wanted him to sign a football for her

    • sodakiss says:

      Totally agree! I think whatever he's doing right now is totally non-sense. He acts like the world's not talking about his mysterious baby and trying to solve the mother puzzle, with whatever he has posted on facebook and twitter. Just ridiculous and shameful.

  30. Mrs. Navas says:

    wow Sara you fool. how could you not want to marry Iker? do you know how many women want to be you right now?? he’s 29 it’s time to get married and started having children. he should dump her. but i’m just saying. he seems he’s really in “LOVE” with her. anywayzzzz he should totally leave her and be with someone else. not a model or TV reporter, he should be with a normal unknown woman. like one of my fellow kickettes that are truly madly and deeply in love with him. :)

    • LaNovena says:

      i think these were all jokes. The one of Iker before the WC and the one after the WC by Sara. If I was her Id have said the same probably. An engagement is something very private and if they want to keep it private they wouldnt announce it through the radio with the other one not being there. That would be totally unromantic as well.

      • anna says:

        to a lot of Europeans it is absolutely unnecessary to get married. We believe relationships work or don't and one can committ without going to church and a white dress. In Germany probably 70% of the couples are not married and don't see one to change that anytime soon.

      • LoveFootballLoveFootballPlayers says:

        Well I agree that he should find someone who he loves and so does this girl, not that either way I care in the sense that I only like him for being a great goalie but lets talk about the “engagement”. Sorry but to most people an engagement is not a private matter. It is a time for celebration and sharing a great moment with friends and family… HOWEVER, it is only for the ones that count not fans no matter who much they love him or hate her. I do too feel she seems cold but sometimes women are not always warm not even in private but he seems warm enough for both of them. And yes, Europe seems more okay with the living together which is in my opinion as good as getting married. Whatever they decide to do I hope everyone is happy even his fans… girls I might not love the guy like you do but I too feel the “pain” since I do love a couple of spanish hotties. Long live love. And I never thought I would want so much to live in Spain though I hear great things about the Netherlands.

  31. LosAngeleno says:

    Am I the only person who thinks it’s not so bad for Sara to say she wants to concentrate on her career rather than run full steam ahead to the altar, especially since most of the wives/gal pals on this site seem only equipped for competitive tanning and professional shopping? Plus I adore Iker, so I want him to be with someone smart and independent.

    As for the other story, I’m going to start the rumor that it’s Madonna who had CR’s baby. She dropped GBH into his drink at some NYC event and date-rape IVF’d him. At least it sounds like something she’d do.

    • Rossanera says:

      No. I'm with you. Good for her. She's a role model for career-minded women everywhere, sending the message that it's perfectly acceptable for a woman to want other things for herself than man, marriage, babies, and so on and so forth.

    • Missy Manchester says:

      Re: Madonna and GBH (date rape drug)

      Not even close to being funny.

    • caitanya says:

      Los Angeleno, no, you are not the only one. This is the 21st century and anyone — male or female — who knocks down anyone who doesn't want to tread the straight and narrow "let's get married and pump out the kids" routine of the plastic 1950s needs to wake up and smell the coffee.

      I think it is great that someone like SC, who is dating the hottest man alive, who is attractive, and who has a burgeoning career, is not afraid to go after what she wants for her career. She is still young.

      And iker, being a male, can pump out the kids at any age. 29, 39, 49, 59, 69 — he should have them when he wants them.

      • eatmyboost says:

        I've always got the impression that Iker wants kids as soon as he possibly can.

    • Steph says:

      No, I agree, too. It's good that she wants to focus on her career right now. I mean, she's still young, so she still has plenty of time for marriage and kids. It's also good for her so that way, she doesn't have to depend on him financially or anything. Not saying that she does, but I'm sure some people would say that. Still not really a huge fan of her, but I get it. lol.

  32. Ella says:

    Ok, Cris’ english is nowhere near THAT bad. That is hilarious and ridiculous! I don’t know if it was an American waitress or not obviously, but I am definitely of the mindset that it was a one stand stand or a week long fling or something. Also, I think everyone has jumped to the conclusion that just b/c he has ‘guardianship’, the mother is out of the child’s life. That just means he has sole custody. The mother may have visitation. The child will just live with him and he’ll probably make most major decisions for the boy. Just my 2 cents.

    On Iker and Pasta, I can’t say I really care if they’re engaged right now. If they stay on the same track they’re on, it’ll happen at some point anyway.

  33. Zinny says:

    Concerning the Iker and Sara story: If they get married, my soul will be crushed. She just doesn’t seem like…I don’t know…she seems like a total beeatch. But who really knows what she’s like?

    As for C-Ron, I knew from the minute I read that scripted little message on his FB that it was either some prostitute or a one night stand. There’s no way he just wanted a kid that bad. Sure, he said in interviews that he wanted to be a father but he said that he wanted to be married. And if he REALLY wanted to be a father, wouldn’t he be in Madeira? Not in New York doing absolutely nothing productive (or so it seems?). Like you said, Kickete, no one knows what’s going on. Frankly, I’ve stopped caring. I used to worship Ronaldo but his behavior kind of puts me off now.

    • l says:

      actually the press have seemed to have lost ronaldo right now, but he has been in several locations since the birth of his child. The time line is so far (if anyone is interested in keeping track):

      17th june – 1st july morning = south africa for wc

      1st july morning – 3rd july midday = portugal

      3rd july midday – 12th july midday = nyc (+ travel time to and from his accommodation in portugal)

      12th july midday – early morning 17th july = in the algarve with family (up for debate how involved/time he spent with his child as the pap shots had a habit of him going to dinners, funeral in other side of the country and walking around by himself in towels – papps could of caught him at bad moments!)

      early morning 17th july = left by himself to algarve airport to catch a connection flight at lisbon airport, has been missing/papps haven't caught him for 3 days (however his gf reportedly left the swimwear week in miami early to be with him and the man himself has just released vaca shots on his facebook (http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=189895&id=81221197163&ref=mf) which look recent as he is v v tanned – don't know the location (though i'm sure some members of the press will be able to identify the location, which for the record… seriously ronaldo, you want privacy but then you upload personal photo's and perhaps help the press in tracking you down in your current location, seriously not the cleverest thing if you really wanted a private life imo) but my guess in the pool photo the surrounding roofs seem to be flat (spain and portugal have a lot of low pitched terra cotta roofs) which is more of an italian coast style (perhaps greece/ cypress), my guess is that he is currently in a south central european destination on yet another holiday with the gf!)

      that's my research on the footballer version of 'where's wally' – don't even want to think about the new theories on the baby's mom as the press will not crack it for a while yet (though i think they will uncover it within the next 5yrs) – the mirror could of been true if it wasn't for the dates (which none of the press have actually started researching his activities in sept, where at somepoint in that month this whole whatever began! – the press need to up there game and not write any more rubbish until they have a legit theory where all the dates add up!)

  34. menaka_barca says:

    i love what shes wearing..

    hey theyre good together and are obviously in love so im all for their getting married..all that matters is their happiness

  35. C16 says:

    I must say that I like Pastasauce’s shoes in that top picture. :D

    And does anybody really think Iker would get married this soon? I have my doubts but you never know. Let’s just wait and see…

  36. Stephanie says:

    I don't think Iker and Sara are going to married. They are just a few month together, and with his other girlfriend took it long to so..

    They will wait.

    I adore Iker! He's soo funny!

  37. Rumours are the most fun! Who wants to know the truth, anyway? The journey is so much more fun than the destination!

  38. Steph says:

    About the Iker and Sara rumors, yeah. I’m still not buying it, since it’s only really been “reported” by like, one source. And I agree, if it was true, I seriously doubt they’d keep that a secret. And same with the Cristiano thing. I’m definitely buying the one night stand theory, too. Nothing else makes as much sense as that. :/

    • aurrie says:

      lol..the fact that iker is all over her now…i doubt that HE despite being private…would keep it a secret.

  39. aurrie says:

    ummm…sara has great fashion sense….but i still dont like her lol..call me bitter and she isnt the most beautiful person in the world…but what matters is that iker loves her…..

    oh hell……i want them to be cursed….DOOMED lol

  40. Deedz says:

    Good to know that’s all cleared up. Haha, all in due time I guess. =/

  41. Dru says:

    Am I crazy for saying I actually admire the Carb for wanting to concentrate on her career for now (if the rumour about him proposing is true)? She's my age, so I can completely relate to that issue- we're not in the 1950s any more, and I like the fact that Iker is in love with a woman who does her own thing and has an identity that doesn't mainly consist of being his girlfriend. Though if they do get married, that would make me very happy too, I like them together (and think of the gorgeousness of the potential bubbas!:))

    Side note: she has beautiful hair, and I love her shoes. How is it that the continental/South American WAGs (apart from the C-Ron brigade, cause let's face it the boy's pretty terrible at choosing girlfriends) are often so much prettier and more natural than the English ones? I mean, look at them- from Veronique (Zidane) to Caroline(Kaka) to Olalla (Nando) to the Carb (and she's probably the most glam of the lot), I don't mean to slag off anyone but I can't help but appreciate the lack of fake tan and excessive designer handbaggery.

    • Eli aka NC says:

      Totally agree!

    • Senora Sonrisa says:

      carbonieri's carrier? her only carrier is to be hot looking in the telly to give the footy dudes something to look at. So her best carrier move i guess is to hook up with a baller since toooo soooon she will be yesterdays news…

      and for her to become iker's trophy woman (obviously a must have for every baller) is the best opportynity she will ever get.

  42. Lisa says:

    If Pastasauce thinks not marrying Iker will benefit her career, she does not deserve him. If ever there was a time to tie him down, it is now.

    HELLO he is Iker Casillas! you don't think he could find another woman to marry and have his babies? *cue the Iker girls all putting their hands up*

    Oh C-Ron tsk tsk, I gotta say that Mirror article was hilarious. The one called "Cristiano Ronaldo's guide to being a father…" is just as good.

    The best line was “He is ­determined to be the best father he can – but he doesn’t equate that with having to settle down.” Yep, makes perfect sense.

  43. Ana;) says:

    I doubt iker and sara are going to get married now as she said she wants to focus on her career.Why can't they enjoy being together without having to get married? Let them enjoy it Lol

  44. LaNovena says:

    new rumor on CR: getting married with Irina in December

    • Maria K says:

      her agent said that its a fake FB page !! so i hope its not true bcoz i really hate her :p

    • Senora Sonrisa says:

      well, if he had any plans on getting himself a trophy woman why bother to get himself a child? seems obvious to me he want’s a child but not a woman. Quite nice, i think.

  45. l says:

    "To that, we can only say if someone was paid gazillions of dollars to keep quiet, this surely isn’t the person."

    I think only the mother was paid (if true) to keep her mouth shut, and so far no possible mother has come forward directly to the press so she is currently keeping up her end of whatever bargain. Anyone who is not her who has any possible information is fair gain as i doubt that ronaldo paid off every person who was in contact with her of this whole pregency/sole guardianship process. There is bound to be a missed stitch somewhere in this secrecy netting that is currently up and i'm 95% certain the press will at somepoint find that missed stitch or loop hole,etc… that they can work from/follow to the truth.

    on sara – i think the girl sometimes comes across as a bit cold but i think it could be like a stereotypical english stiff upper lip thing – she strikes me as a bit hard and emotions in check on the outside but probably quite warm on the inside and in private locations such as in her own home where she may be more comfortable and relaxed. nothing wrong in that!

    • Dru says:

      I feel a bit bad for the baby, but at least if C's parents are helping to raise the child it might be a good thing, they are family after all.

      As for Sara- I agree with you, I think she prefers to try and keep stuff private as much as she can, hard to hold that against her when all the world knows about her love life. She actually seems more affectionate when she doesn't seem to be aware that she and Iker are being observed.

  46. Goosie says:

    I'm still not completely convinced that CRon's got a kid. It will take him bring his child into public, being like, this is MY KID until I fully believe that he ACTUALLY has a kid.

  47. Mrs.DiegoForlan says:

    ahahaa "CWQE (Cousins With Questionable English)" that had me laughing out loud! aaah made my day, it did :)

    • Jackie says:

      LOL same here. I just laughed at that and got a mental picture of the cousins…

  48. Kickette, I am on the FLOOR laughing so hard from the CWQE!! Funniest thing i've heard in a looong time! Absolutely BRILLIANT!

  49. Rosey says:

    If the baby was born in June… count 9 months back and he was in Madrid not America.

    • LoveFootballLoveFootballPlayers says:

      A pregnancy is actually 10 months because you gotta count the month of before her last period and who knows maybe he took her on a trip he didn’t neccesarily had to travel himself. Just saying. Doesn’t matter who the mom is or the dad for that matter. If there is a child he/she deserves a good home and love from someone. I do admit that he is hilarious crying privacy but on the same day posts millions of pictures of himself with women/friends/waitresses?? LOL

  50. caitanya says:

    i would be very very VERY sad if iker got married (unless to me, of course!) — but ultimately whatever makes iker happy is what matters most! And as long as his partner treats him right!

  51. caitanya says:

    Anyone see this CRon clip?


    Despite the stress of his famous profile, it is unfortunate he can't sign a football for one girl amongst … no one else? Weird and comes off as stuck up

  52. Maria K says:

    well i don't care about Ilker & sara story but about CR's one night stand i do believe that it is a one night stand but it must have happened in September or middle of august & we all know that CR was busy with la liga matches so i'm not buying the American waitress story !! also we all know that CR's english language is bad but it's not that bad :pp "you me F**k f**k " That's so funny lol

  53. Lola says:

    Please, Iker and Sara make some babies. You just won the world cup, you can be a little crazy!! Please, I want to see Iker in a black/white photoshoot with his little baby on his naked chest :D

    I'm still hoping that Cristiano's baby comes from a surrogate, because that's the only scenario that doesn't paint Cristiano and/or the mother in a bad light.

    • aurrie says:

      who wouldnt want to see him with babies..i mean the guy is 29…and im surpised he hasnt knocked her up yet..they must be using condoms ..

      but iker…save your sperm for someone who really deserves it lol

    • eatmyboost says:

      Iker doing a black/white photoshoot with his baby on his naked chest … (melts)

  54. eme says:

    why do you call her Pastasauce????????

    • aurrie says:

      her last name reminds people of pasta sauce lol

      • eme says:

        ahahahhaha, thanks! thought..i was hoping for something more bitchy..u know…ahahahha

        • aurrie says:

          lol..well i dont like her….call her whatsherfacegirlthathasiker lol

          see if you can understand that!

          • Syrian! says:

            seriously i cant like her either idk why hahaha just dont like her haha

            • Ess-Jay says:

              I don't like her neither! I don't know what it is about her… I just don't like her. And it's not even because she's dating IKER! It's just.. I dunno.. HER!! :/ I like his ex Eva. But not Pastasauce.. I thought the kiss on live tv was just sooooooooo cringe!… ANd tbh. I don't find her all that pretty.. She doesn't do anything for me.. Lol.

              • sodakiss says:

                OMG! ME NEITHER! I don't like her, because of… well.. i can't tell exactly what.. but that's the way things go. I dislike her attitude so does her so-Zara style (No offense, i love Zara too but she is like the girl who can't dress herself. She's like copy from what mannequins wear. That's tasteless!)

                Although, I've only watched her doing her job from a few after match interviews from World Cup, I think what people say about her being a talking-head is somewhat real. I don't think she's a journalist professional, I couldn't see that from her at least.

                Plus, the candid video of their awkward body language totally supports my idea of her seeking attention by dating him. She does like him but not as much as people who are in relationship should be.

                Iker Casillas, seriously, you deserve better!

  55. sarrible says:

    I kind of hate Sara Carbonero because her name always makes me so hungry. Mmm. Bacon.

    Also, my very favorite most adored OMG it's AWESOME part of the C-Ron story? That his alleged pickup line was "You, me, f*ck f*ck." Because that is the most believable part of the entire saga.