March 7th, 2007

Rumour Mill: Is Cheryl Cole Pregnant?

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Stories are beginning to circulate in the gossip netherworlds that Ashley and Cheryl Cole may be expecting.

Friends of Ashley’s are yakking it up, according to an insider:  “Cheryl and Ashley have been wanting a family for ages now, it would be the seal on their relationship and Ashley’s friends have been making it their business to talk about it. It is the talk among Ashley’s football gang.“

First of all, who the hell says “football gang“?  No one born after the year 1800 talks like that, do they? Ashley may want to look into removing said insiders from his circle of mates.

But back to the baby talk.  Cheryl hasn’t hid her desire to have a baby – soon after her and Ashley were married last July, she admitted they wanted a family.  She’s also pulled out of being a judge on the reality show, Britain’s Got Talent, which would have had her as the sole female judge next to Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan. 

So remember, if this turns out to be true: you read it here first-ish.  Or, if it’s a complete crock: we never met.

Link: Pals Claim Girls Aloud Cheryl Is Pregnant

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