April 12th, 2010

Sara Carbonero: A WAG We Refuse to Accept

Images via AS

Proving she’s as annoying as we once suspected, Sara C. & co. played velveeta for the Spanish newspaper’s cameras Saturday evening – showing support for both teams featured in El Clasico. We get that she’s a ‘journalist’ who can not/should not show any bias, but then how does dating Real Madrid’s numero uno goalkeeper bode for her career?

While it’s no surprise that our sources have previously told of her famewhoring tendencies, seeing Iker’s newest galpal in action has caused us repel in publicity-disgust. Just so we’re clear: this girl got to feast/party at Asador Donostiarra restaurant before consoling Senor Casillas after his team’s 2- 0 loss to Barcelona? And that’s fair because….?

Before you throw the bitter-book at us,let’s just say that normally when a fearsome football twosome couple up for the world to see, we welcome the lady friend into the Kickette WAG club. But our astute spidey sense prevented us from extending Sara’s club membership, since there was that nagging ickyness that we couldn’t quite put our Butter London fingertips on.

Sara Carbonero Iker's WAGA lesson Sara should learn: only ride-or-die WAGs make it to the altar. Confusing your team alliances wins you no friends among the Spanish wives.

Even if Ms. C learned her lesson, we’ve decided to revoke her privileges before even granting them. In fact, if her perfume-drenched application crossed our desks, we’d give a half-arse excuse and tell her to move it along. Or, in other words, we hear karma’s a bitch and she sometimes goes under the guise ‘Sara Pastasauce’.

Shall we just cut to the chase and ban Sara Carbonero from our fabulously-dressed, well-attended club altogether?

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106 Responses to “Sara Carbonero: A WAG We Refuse to Accept”

  1. Lizzie says:

    I don't like her either. Yeah she's pretty and all that jazz, but personality is everything to me, and she's just an absolute b*tch. Can you believe her and Iker are getting married?!

  2. I am not gonna lie to you. After few minutes of searching (while having this almost heart attack) I am convinced that it's a mistake, the comment is surely about Iniesta!

  3. lyricm9 says:

    who cares, she's beautiful

  4. Alexa says:

    I am not a Iker-lover and I don't like Sara either. I mean, she's GORGEOUS, but it's her personality the thing I cannot stand. When she was at laSexta I kinda liked her: a pretty AND professional journalist. But now, with all the lights on her, maybe the "fame" is going up to her head. There's no a day here in Spain when you don't see her. And I'm getting really tired of this.

  5. abril says:

    I think she’s professional and gorgeous. All of you are plainly jealous, like you have any real chance of getting Iker, lol.

    It’s really sad. Get over it.

    • Thea says:

      We all entitled to our opinions – and the RM ladies are allowed to voice their concerns! Kcickette wouldn’t of written the article if they didn’t feel the same.

      Give them a break – if you don’t like what you read, go to other websites!

      • Molly says:

        Thank you Thea

        Abril-Don't read our comments if you don't like it!!! Comment on what you want to comment on and leave!

  6. Trisha (Mrs Iker Casillas) says:

    UPDATE: Guys i did some research on OBC!!!
    There is a spanish saying that goes “De noche todos los gatos son negros” meaning “At night all cats are black.”

    So it doesnt matter what colour the cat is…. I say we get every cat in madrid or SA…. This woman is annoying me!!!

    I cant believe i got so busy at work i almost missed this one.

    • MrsNesta says:

      Did wonder where you were :) And what a fantastic saying, this should OBC’s motto?

      • MrsNesta says:


        • Trisha (Mrs Iker Cas says:

          Yeah, busy planning for the WC 2010….the policing side. So its been kinda hectic.

          • MrsNesta says:

            If you're heading up the security looking after the players (mainly Spanish and Italian) then I want in. I would be really useful, making sure no one touched them apart from me :)

            • Trisha (Mrs Iker Casillas) says:

              LOL…. good one!!! U know i just have a big mouth here….but when i see celebrities up close, it doesnt even bother me.

              The last time that they were here for the confed cup… i was so close to them but it didnt even register at the time….. and it was David Villa that took my breath away…. until i found out he was married. lol.

              I guess its part of the job and you cant afford to act like a lunatic in public…. lol. I should have become a journalist. :)

              • Einah says:

                reading comments…laughing… Davi… DAVID VILLA? Full STOP! Hahaha

                Sooooo…Is he hotter in person or what? I’m curious how he is up close. Does he maintain the intense aura?

                Spill spill Thea! (I’m diverting my Iker depression here) :D

                • Trisha (Mrs Iker Cas says:

                  Hahaha….. U so excited, u even called me the wrong name. ;)

                  Yes, David Villa is definately stunning and more intense in reality. He reminds one of those Mills and Boons men….Tall, dark and handsome and sexily intense…. okay maybe not the tall…. but taller than me… so its okay…. lol. :)

                • senora ramos says:

                  trisha, i am uberjealous of you. dahveed veya. i had to laugh when i read tall. if you see my love sergio, i give you full permission to fangirl out (lol, i know you won't, too professional!!) and we've missed you here! but work sometimes has to come 1st, we understand.

                • Einah says:

                  OMG! Sorry hahaha :) Gawd! he too much excitement for me hahaha :)

                  Thank you for sharing :) Crossing my fingers and wishing i get to fly to SA for the opening ceremony geesshhh… But can't stay long to see any of their games *cry* hahah :)

                  Thanks again :)

              • ^^K^^ says:

                I'm too curious not to ask, what job do you do and where? :D

  7. Andrea Nunes says:

    i guess the post was talking about her attitude, not her looks. i believe nobody is blind here to say she isn't a good-looking person, although i particularly don't think she's got the best looks…

    as a journalist myself, i have never approved most of her attitudes as a professional long before she started dating iker.

    you don't see male sports journalists posing as models, do you? at least in my country we don't. so, i guess she'd better decide on a profession: model or journalist??

    posing holding a ball with your finger on your lips and playing the sexy doll doesn't give you too much credibility, in terms of professionalism. but it surely makes the male audience for tv shows skyrocket! unfortunately, for the wrong reasons.

    • Trisha (Mrs Iker Casillas) says:

      I agree with the post… she has an attitude!!! You can see it in the pics.

      And sometimes when people get to that league they are open to anything to make a quick buck even though they earn well. She is full of herself!!!

    • Lizzie says:

      I totally agree :/ It's really sickening when she poses for crap like that, and Iker STILL with her!

  8. rhea says:

    even though she looks dumb you have to agree she is simply stunning

  9. Inés says:

    This discussion can be sum-up in some words: YOU ARE ALL JEALOUS!

    • missbubbles says:

      but why would we be jealous?

      Shes good looking, with a great job and has him as her bf???

      1. Most of us in here have bf-s, or is engaged or even married with children and i think no one thinks for seriously that can be with him so at that point you are wrong…i like iker as a player and i think he deserves someone more down to earth than her…

      2. i dont think anyone is jealous at her job – she reads news, for crying out loud.

      3. She looks pretty ok but i disagree she is really that beautiful as its claimed. She looks normal.

      The fact is that most people in here dont like her cause she is obviously enjoying attention she gets from the press more than she enjoys him – and there is an expression for that in here – FAME WHORING – if im not wrong.

    • Teresa says:

      LOL I agree and they shouldn't deny it because it's pretty obvious and a tad bit creepy

  10. YoungChelsea4Life says:

    I have been following Kickette for ages and have never, ever understood your fascination with Mr Casillas! I think somebody is a little sour (not pointing any fingers).

    • RM-BC says:

      Hahha :D yap.
      Iker is not the way that somone definate beautiful
      He is not like Torres or Piquee–> the model sexys
      Iker has something.. that fastinates you.. he looks sexy in a very weird way :D
      he seems to be a gentelmen.. and this makes him sexy
      he is a nice guy.. and if you like him.. i dont know why
      but there are a lot of girls who love Casillas and cant explain why excactly!

  11. missbubbles says:

    personally, i dont mind who is iker with as long as he is with someone normal and down to earth….and it seems she is far from that, dont have the right feeling about her, i liked that bank girl (anna right?) more….

  12. Beth says:

    I have been told (numerous times) and i'm sure others have too, that if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all…..therefore i shall say nothing, ever, cos i'm pretty certain it would be very hard for me to say something nice about her (even though i don't even know her!)

  13. sana says:

    I Have the feeling that many girls are jealous of sara.

    I think she is very beautiful and looks nice.

  14. carly says:

    Even though I have no personal interest on who Iker is dating, I really must say I don’t like this girl. There’s something off about her, she looks dirty.

  15. nina_s_ says:

    …can see under “Recent comments” on the 1st page that several comments have been made since mine. The “Recent comments” quoted to the left aren’t the same on this page. But there is a Lola saying “Don’t. Comment. Then.” on the 1st page, and if that is directed at me, I have every right to make “No comment” my comment. Thank you ;)

    • MrsNesta says:

      No its not about your comment :) if you click on what Lola said it belongs to another comment made on the Europa League post :)

  16. nina_s_ says:

    No comment.

  17. Syrian! says:

    URRRGGGHHH I dislike her sooow much

  18. Susana says:

    Journalist? hahahahahahahahhahaa…she's a talking head, no more. Any monkey could stand on the touchline and say, "so, how did you play tonight?" Journalist. My sides are splitting.

    She's a famewhore just like the rest of them. I could hardly see her doing in-depth interviews for a real news agency:

    "For CNN Headline News, I'm Sara Pastasauce." Please! Don't insult real journalists.

  19. C16 says:

    Hello Kickettes. This is my first comment but I’ve been following you for quite a long time :)

    I pretty much agree with everything you’ve said. Iker doesn’t seem the same since he started dating her. That HAS to mean something.
    She just seems so pretencious to me… I don’t know, maybe is just me.
    Hey, is she at least good at what she does? Being a “journalist”?

    • MrsNesta says:

      Hey C16, glad you decided to make a comment :) , and agree with you. Not sure what she's like as a journalist (think she rates herself) but if its anything like how she is as a gf then probably not a great one lol.

  20. freddiegirl says:

    I’m always happy for Iker and always hope for the best for him in his relationships as he always seems rather unlucky. But…it’s troubling that he’s not been playing as well since he started seeing this one. I can understand her wanting to be unbiased but her statement about not wanting to hook up with a baller? That’s all well and good and makes sense but then why would you hook up with the best keeper in one of the world’s best teams…the captain of both Real and the National team??? That. Makes. No. Sense. I also agree that she seems…very caluclating. My instinct says no.

  21. nata says:

    I'm probably one of the few that like her, but I do like her. She seems like a nice girl. She is gorgeous, she works, and she is known for her work not for being the girl friend of. If Iker is not playing well, that's his fault, not hers.

  22. Dexter says:

    She looks totally fake…… not genuine at all I dislike her!!!!!

  23. He's called San says:

    I normally put Iker's happiness first, but I have to say, there's something about Sara that I do not like at all. I think it's fair to say that the Kickette team are working on women's intuitions! We know a b*tch when we see one. I hope they're not serious and theat Iker would find someone better for him.

  24. Inés says:

    I think she's beautiful and …..she works, for God's sake! not like the other lazy b****es!

    Sports journalist, that's the job I want!

    • doli says:

      There's journalism, and being paid to talk because your attractive.

    • Jane says:

      yh so do i wanna be a sports journalist lol im doing in uni when i start in september lol :)

      • Inés says:

        Congratulations! that’s I would have liked to do, but I couldn’t :(
        I don’t know her, so I cannot say how she is as a journalist, but trust me a lot of attractive girls are great sports journalists! Just look at Luli Fernanadez and Cecilia Bonelli in Argentina. They’re beautiful, charismatic and very well prepared!

  25. jane says:

    hey i can see kickette what your saying, but is she just a journalist or a sports journalist because if the second she is doing her job lol. but if sh is famewhoring as you say then unfair to Iker. We all love Iker, that is sure hehe!!!!

  26. Thea says:

    I’m more offended that she wore a Barca scarf! Bet she wishes she was dating one of those players – she chosen the worng guy in the wrong team to date if shes a glory seeker – Iker’s well off it thse days! The word in Spain is that Victor Valdes may at long last be getting considered for the National Team. To be honest I wouldn’t be surprised if he take Iker’s place as Pasta Face is actually going out to SA as Telecino main reporter – which on present form does not seem a bright a idea!

    • senora ramos says:

      something i’m sure all real and barca girls can agree on is that valdes should’ve been called up long before now. it is unacceptable that he’s not on the national team. and if he takes iker’s place so be it. whatever gives spain the best chance of winning it all!!

      • suzie says:

        He won't take Ikers place, more likely to be Diego Lopez's. Iker's the captain and leaving him out of the squad this close to the world cup is risky and unnecessary. Ok his forms dipped a bit, by his own incredibly high standards anyway, but not by that much that he should be dropped.

        • senora ramos says:

          i'm not saying he'd take iker's place, but hell, if it's between falling b/c our keeper's in poor form (and while it is poor form for iker and i know many national teams who would kill for an off form iker vs what they have now, valdes is playing better, though he has the benefit of playing with a better defense), let the next one come in! hell, when it gets to the summer, the barca/madrid debate ceases for me. they are all playing under the spainish flag

          • suzie says:

            LOL I'm english and I'd kill just for our goalie (whoever it turns out to be) just to wear one of his shirts!!! But on a serious note I am worried about the field day the press are going to have with Sara being with the squad as a journalist! If Iker isn't at his best and Spain fail to win it after being the favourites, they're going to tear them to shreds. They've needlessly put pressure on themselves by hooking up and I hope Iker doesn't live to regret it. Seriously… I'm worried.

            • MrsNesta says:

              Yeh I'm well jealous of their goalie situation!!

              • suzie says:

                It's whats so scary about Spain's NT. They have such strength in depth through the squad, one of there 1st choice gets injured and they've at least another 2 world class players ready to come in. We struggle to get a world class 1st team out most of the time.

                • MrsNesta says:

                  If Rooney gets injured for WC!!!!!! Robert Green seems like the first choice, and there's talk about it being David James. Idk what are chances are.

                • Molly says:

                  I’m so worried about the world cup :( . Like I know England isn’t going to win and it upsets me…we just had to many bad thing happen and everyone seems to be getting injuried :( . I hope Rooney isn’t injured.

          • Thea says:

            Ramos – seem we agree on a lot more these days! Got a feeling the issue will come to ahead very soon… don't think Spainish National Management we let the current status quo continue, there's too much at stake! and if RM get a manager with a strong personality, he won't stand for it either.

            • senora ramos says:

              i think i’m being agreeable b/c i’ve now focused on the summer. still supporting real and still hopeful that miraculous things will take place, but it would still feel undeserved if we did manage to win la liga. not that i wouldn’t take it :)
              i agree that the national team is not going to accept it. i will personally send her a black cat everyday for the next four years if she messes up this chance for spain.
              and to my english friends, i was messing with y’all. i know of your struggles with keepers. forgive me? pretty please ;) (though to be far, while i love timmay, i don’t think anyone would turn down casillas playing for their national team!!)
              just having a bit of fun before june 12th

              • MrsNesta says:

                we forgive :) :) , and I think Iker Casillas should change his name to Ike Castle and come play for england lol. As sending black cats in post may be expensive, I have some leftover black cat confetti from Halloween which should do the job lol.

                • senora ramos says:

                  maybe i'll just move the fam to madrid. less expensive that way :)

                • suzie says:

                  I’d rather have Pepe….he’s practically a scouser already.

                • MrsNesta says:

                  Thats an idea, didn’t he make a comment about his children having scouse accents or something after signing the new deal?

                • suzie says:

                  I think he said he’d be proud if they spoke scouse but either way he’s nearly one of us already lol.

  27. Missy Manchester says:

    I would think that one of the most important criteria in extending WAG prviliges is ensuring the candidate unequivocally supports the team that writes the paycheques for her man!

    If the whole world knows you’re dating Real Madrid’s goalkeeper, why pretend to be “objective”? You just look stupid and wishy-washy. I’m sure even Alex “OrangeGlo” Gerrard is smart enough not to wear Liverpool’s and Man Utd’s scarves at the same time.

    But let’s be honest here…Sara is no Christiane Amanpour…so her idea of being an “unbiased journalist” is just silliness.

  28. Molly says:


    • Molly says:


      • MrsNesta says:

        She is not a wag, end of…..

        Someone who states in a magazine article that dating footballers is not what she’s about, and now milking her connections with Iker (knowing that a photo of her with both clubs would make news) is not the making of a wag. Iker deserve sooo much more!!!

        • Molly says:

          I know it just makes me so upset seeing her face…I wish see would just go away :) . And Kickette will you please put my thread back up about the Italian Baller Appreciation Society it would be much appreciated!!!! I took the stupid Minibar out!!!!

          • MrsNesta says:

            I know you know Molly, that was my response to the article but I replied to you LOL , Pasta Ugghh!

            • Molly says:

              LOL MrsNesta haha just ignore me if I'm not making sense I am in a PastaSauce, someone deleted my thread depression LOL :) !!!

    • Molly says:

      I'm sorry kickette I overreacted…I have now calmed down and yes I think we should ban her from our club all together!!!

      • Einah says:

        Let me continue your ravings Molly haha :)

        BUT… my biggest fear is that MAYBE for Iker, she MAY actually be the ONE. I mean, how else can you explain the apparent effect of this gal to Iker's game? Or is this the usual pattern with new girls?

        Iker experts pls elighten us with his gf trends so that we may know if we have to start hand stitching that black dress for grieving :(

  29. Lisa says:

    As a major Madridista I want my Bearded Wonder aka-Casillas to be happy, but he’s been off his game since he started dating her, this past Saturday was a prime example (he kept coming wayyyy off his line, like he was new at this or something and then screaming at Albiol-which we cannot have). And he’s not acting like himself in public. But most important I agree it’s ride-or-die til the end.

  30. J. says:

    Well, we have seen worse…

  31. senora ramos says:

    major bannage. she doesn’t deserve to be a wag. i was on the fense about her before (mainly because of mrsnesta and all of my other lovely iker ladies), but after everything this week (and possibly bitterness from the weekend) i say f her and the pasta she came in on. no to wag.

    • Molly says:

      I am here for you senora ramos!!!!!! IA is here!!!

    • senora ramos says:

      sorry about the spelling and the venom :(

    • MrsNesta says:

      Don’t apologise senora ramos let it all out (this is what we have learned in IA – Ikers Anonymous). Have to say Iker looks practically miserable in goal lately!!!!

      • Syrian! says:

        lmaooooooo I agree on that.. wth s happening wiz him. he usd 2b soo much better its obviously bc of her :SS

    • senora ramos says:

      thanks ladies. it was a bad weekend. i cried the last 15 minutes of the game (sadly pathetic isn’t it).
      iker needs to lose the ‘tude as well. i know we have slipups on d, but it’s not always their fault huney!!
      but no, i am thinking of flying into sa just for obc! (and for a look up close and personal at el ramos). or, we could go to her appartment/house/whatever the day before she is due home and fill it with vicous basement cats (aka black cats). that’ll teach her!!
      iker doesn’t just lose form when they start dating and it not be her fault.

      • MrsNesta says:

        Agree his form (whole club form) is not down to her, but I don't think she helps!!! OBC will have to take place before the WC, to make sure she doesn't get on the plane!!!!! We've seen her before though:


      • Trisha (Mrs Iker Cas says:

        U cried… I couldnt handle it for the 2nd half i switched off the tv and went to bed!!!

        • senora ramos says:

          i still had hope until pedro’s goal. i was just so disgusted and disappointed that we couldn’t even score a damn goal. and there were tears knowing that we will have a new coach, AGAIN! i’m still holding out a slight hope as they haven’t sacked manu yet, but it’s a very small one!

  32. truly_thata says:

    Real Madrid already concern about Iker y Sara relation….wile other players canceled their dinner plan, Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero still going out after Real Madrid defeat against Barcelona.


  33. liv says:

    O wow! This Sara is coursing quiet an event down here in Kickette. I have to agree with Lanovena; I don't think Sara meant it that way it must be difficult having a job like that and dating Mr. C. She can't afford to take side. And am sure she would have like Real to win. Please lets give her another chance for the love of Iker!

  34. suzie says:

    I'm with you on this one kickette. I'm normally very accepting of Ikers girls… I do want him to be happy (god knows he plays better when he's getting some) and I know I have no chance in hell of it being with me, but there is something about this girl that annoys me. She seems to be all over him when she knows the cameras are watching as your pap shots show but when she doesn't she's a bit…well cold. Watch this video (http://www.mitele.telecinco.es/programas/vuelveme-loca/100463.shtml) where Iker goes in for a kiss and she hugs him and then pats/rubs him on the back like I do to my son when he falls over????? She really doesn't look all that into him in it but it's totally obvious he adores her and I'm worried he's gonna get hurt.

    And this is all after the interview she did with 'HOLA' when the rumours went around the 1st time when she said:

    "The most important thing for me right now is my job and getting credibility. The last thing that I would do is hook up with a football player.I would not go out with a football player. Obviously, I prefer not to mix business with pleasure. If you’re in the sports business, the last thing you should do is go out with a football player. I’m not thinking about doing it." All the press she got then must have changed her mind

    (phew…. sorry about the essay but it's iker and I'm a little protective.)

    • Molly says:

      Aww thats okay we understand :) .

    • Thea says:

      i saw that video and it's the strangest body language I've ever seen – it's totally odd her part like she's greeting someone she doesn't like that much. Must admit the backlash in gaining momentum against this pairing and it will be interesting what transpires if he gets sold by RM and/or dropped by the national team. Can't see her going out her way to comfort him – especially if he has ambitions of her own!

      Must admit – he does besotted, maybe she's the one!

    • tigerS says:

      thank God I’m not the only one noticing the strange body language (from her part)..
      dear Iker, Sara Carbonero may look like the woman in your life, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s the one!

  35. cutecurls says:

    Hell ya! Never liked the b!tch from the start. She's no Wag, if she cant stand beside her man.

  36. Lolinha says:

    This is f-cked up. Unacceptable. Famewhoring is a big no-no in my book especially when it comes to Mr. C. I'm bitter. I hoped she would be a worthy Eva replacement. Damn. Double damn.

  37. Lee says:

    Oh, so I'm starting to detect that Kickette is a secret backer of Real Madrid. Is it possible yall are doing the same thing as this lovely WAG you sooo despise, holding up both banners? If you're all about Madrid just let us your readers know, yes? We'll still visit. Not as much, of course.

  38. LaNovena says:

    My gosh, just because she showed both scarfs? Just two days ago you put on a pic where Xabi showed both shirts. They usually do these things before a big game. I dont think theres something bad in it. In the end the players shake hands and exchange shirts. So what? Its still sports.

    We know that she in her heart supports Iker. So why such a fuss? Really kickette, youre a lil too sensitive.