December 28th, 2010

Sara Carbonero: Forbidden From Talking About Cristiano Ronaldo

This story gets two enthusiastic thumbs up and one not-so-pleasant middle finger. Images: Google.

Hear ye, hear ye! The Kickette Court of Common Law is now in session.

On today’s docket we have a Pasta-producing, Iker Casillas-loving journalist in the line of fire as she fends off Real Madrid and one heavily bruised, star striker’s ego.

Ladies and gentleman of the jury, throw on your best court shoes and come on in.

Now before you get all confuzled, let us explain. Sara (Pastasauce™) Carbonero, she of beautiful face and excellent hair continues to bring the dramz. Whether it’s self inflicted, (as this one seems to be), or casualty of an awards show kind, Sara certainly knows how to keep our curve-inducing carb calories at bay.

Feeling like multiply-mistaken Dear Jane letter recipients, we’re always here to pick up the translation pieces. This time, however, it seems worse because her boyfriend’s club and its president have gotten involved.

In order for us to decide if Real Madrid’s quasi-public stance is either humiliating or humorous, we’re channeling our inner Elle Woods to keep it lively and interesting.



Way back in the day, circa we can’t be arsed to Google,  Sara C. openly slagged off CR7 on the daytime Telecinco network chat show, “Ana Rosa”, by saying:

“Ronaldo has always been like that, selfish and an individualist on the pitch and Real Madrid signed him like that…

At the time, she probably didn’t mince her words, but in hindsight, perhaps it would have been wise to squash her Yoko Ono-like tendencies.

Within a few days, after the sh*te hit the fan that is, Sara C. publicly claimed her words were taken out of context. Following that, Iker came to her rescue – twice.  He, too, insisted that her remarks about his over-processed teammate were meant to be positive:

“…selfish, but in a good way, because he always wants to win…an ambition that is contagious throughout the team.”

Sure she did.

Casillas also went on to deny the locker room tension, and an official statement (with the aim of) putting this ‘non-issue’ to bed was posted on

Soon thereafter, headlines about the deteriorating relationship of Iker and Cristiano were everywhere. A second, even more well-groomed character witness then took the stand.

On 8 December, Jose Mourinho dismissed any lingering speculation about the so-called rift between two of the club’s hottest hunks. Blame the non-story on the print medium’s languishing death, so he said.


Side note: In reality, if this confusing catfight ever hit prime-time telly, we’d imagine the defense would be led by Zinedine Zidane because he’s got some free time on his hands and is all scary and shiznit.

This past Wednesday, Don Balon was quick to suggest that Mou got it all wrong. The well-respected Spanish sports pub insinuated that relations between the comrades were as bad as the headlines led us to believe; so much that El Presidente Perez’s trusted advisors supposedly strongly encouraged Sara C. to curtail her public C-Ron speaking habits:

“Until he weathers the storm and the things between Iker Casillas and Cristiano Ronaldo stabilize, Sara Carbonero (…) will stop making value judgments about the selfishness and individualism CR7″.

Before we chastise the chick based on allegations, allow us to present three points of consideration before your face collapses in the dessert tray.

1. The Possibility of Insider Info Trading? While we’d be slightly chuffed by RM’s aggressive advances – mainly because it would mean they were fans of Kickette and could issue a shirt removal decree on our behalf – why would the club feel the need to step in and issue such a stern warning? Obviously someone is a bit unsettled in the workplace (i.e. one of the club’s own) and if whatever Sara said was based on pillow talk, then shame on her for airing any dirty laundry that ain’t hers.

2. Do The Crime, Do The Time. Since we only have the repeatedly consistent denials from her and her boyfriend to go on, we believe Sara’s statements were taken out on context. Plus, her employers at Telecinco failed to reprimand her for her actions, and seeing that she’s their problem, they have every right to punish her if they deem necessary (Editor Note: as far as we know, no punishment has been set forth).

3. The Club Is Out of Order. For free speech fans such as ourselves, hearing that the world’s “biggest” and “best club” is trying to restrict any member of the media from speaking gives us the morning-after-drinking shakes.

Judging by Sara’s measly weight of 48 kilos, it’s safe to say the stress of work and play is taking its toll. She may be Spain’s “It girl” of the moment, but there are whispers that her and Iker could potentially be ‘in crisis’ over her jealousy and possessiveness, the botched publicity efforts following her recently-speculated boob job and the fact that the pair no longer have plans to ring in the New Year together.

Now, we understand that some will argue the subtle context of her criticism, or that the sentiments she shared should have come with a “personal and not professional” warning – OR that newscasts don’t having room for opinionated error.

But since we made it this far, we might as well finish the job, eh?

The best-dressed, globetrotting gals find Real Madrid GUILTY of bothering the hell out of all of us. Seriously, we promised ourselves to be “off” for the next few days, and now we’re stuck with this ongoing triangular tift?!

Furthermore, the basis for this judgment is on the grounds that Real Madrid’s attempts are too little/too late. The La Liga outfit took a risk with their rug-brushing techniques, and it seems to have backfired. Had RM’s bigwigs been able to act natural, they might have kept this story where they wanted it: behind the privacy of their inner chambers.

As you can seen, even the snarkiest of snotty – aka us – can find it in our hearts to empathize with Sara rather than ganging up on her. We’ve all made mistakes on the job; some worse (and more expensive) than hers. But do our readers feel the same?

Was Sara C. right or wrong in the time and place of her comments? Is RM being pegged as a big fat bully or do you get where FloPe is coming from?

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141 Responses to “Sara Carbonero: Forbidden From Talking About Cristiano Ronaldo”

  1. rtrt11 says:

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  2. xxx says:

    i think the c.ronaldo is playboy and he tried on sara …but she didnt like…and critcize to ronaldo for get saved from media..javascript: hideMsgBox();

  3. Sara Carbonero Arévalo was born 1984 in Corral de Almaguer, Toledo, Spain. She is a Spanish TV presenter and sports journalist, and become popular now as she is the girlfriend Iker Casillas, the World Cup-winning Spanish goalkeeper who plays for the Spanish La Liga club Real Madrid and serves as captain for both the Spanish national team and Real Madrid.

  4. Kat says:

    I know this is old news. But I just found this and wanted to share them. Quotes from Sara translated to English before she started dating Iker:

    "The most important thing for me right now is my job and getting credibility. The last thing that I would do is hook up with a football player."

    "I would not go out with a football player. Obviously, I prefer not to mix business with pleasure. If you’re in the sports business, the last thing you should do is go out with a football player. I’m not thinking about doing it."

    Even she knows it will not be good for her career to date a footballer.

  5. eve says:

    This is not a middle finger in the pic-he is holding an spf bottle. Look closer.

  6. Zahara says:

    im with sara on this one…it is her job to comment…she is a journalist after all..
    selfish , i agree, is not necesarily bad (esp for ronaldo ) coz he gets mny opportunities to score goals

  7. Homeskillet07 says:

    i just find it incredibly stupid that some people think that just because Iker captains Real Madrid she has to watch what she says about them because she's dating him….she was a journalist BEFORE Iker and will continue to be one after him (should there be an after). she doesn't have any responsibilities whatsoever to the team. and why real madrid got involved in the first place boggles my mind, like, how many times did she go out and say stuff about crusty (cr7)? sounds like it was just that one time. anyway, just wanted to point that out before i exploded.

  8. Winnie Mata says:

    a lot of people have also insisted it's huge…

  9. bouncebackabilitrix says:

    IF the gag order is true then it's because the Real Madrid blacksuits are mucho irritated by the fact that their beloved Capitan is dating an opinionated, self-confessed Atletico Madrid fan/sportscaster, with a predilection for criticising their star player, hence all the hoopla. End of.

  10. sheila says:

    I am getting tired of hearing about CR being selfish. If any of you have watched a RM game in recent months, you will see CR passing in midfield, making perfect centering passes to teammates and/or congratulating people after they score goals. And he does all of this while getting his legs hacked out from under him 7 times a game. There are far too many folks out there who want to continue to believe that he isn't capable of maturing into a valuable team member. Readers of recently voted him 'best player of the season, so far', ahead of Krasic and Messi. He is a talented player, and he should be allowed to exploit his own abilities without being criticized based on past (selfish) behavior.

  11. Sarah, Madrid says:

    This Sarah story has been out since the beginning of the season because at first CR9 ( yes! I call him CR9 NOT CR7 because I still Believe it is Raul 7 lol) he was not in his regular forum he was not scoring and he was actually selfish because he kept on shooting random shoots at the goal out of frustration and she was asked about him and she answered it is over, BUT now he is more into a team player thanks to Mourinho and no-one else. I actually agree with the fact the whole story is stupid and it doesnt need all of this media attention, however because it is Real Madrid, involoving the Captain and of course Cristano ronaldo, so they are creating stupid stories out of nothing

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      I dont get this about oh look at Cristano he hangs out with Marcelo and Pepe, SOO they are portugese, it is to happen, dont compare us ( madrid) to Barcelona because out of 11 players on the field only two or three are not spainsh including Messi who is a catalan.When Madrid in 2006 was full of Brazilian, Ronaldo Robinho Carlos..etc they do had specail celerbation, okk! so Was Ronaldo (R9) a bad mate to Zizo too.
      Cristano don't celebrate his teammates goals, WHAAAT!! Did you see how happy he is when Benz scores or Di Maria or Ozil

      • Sarah, Madrid says:

        OzilSTOP COMPARING MADRID TO BARCELONA. Look at their squad and look at our squad. We fans never know what is happening behind closed doors, even there are problems, we have Mourinho who is the guy to set everyone straight. Media is loving the idea of creating problems in our club, I would actually ask Iker next time to run from his goal to celebrate Cristano goal, so everyone will be happy.

        P.S: Iker is the last guy who would create problems to our club because he is wise and our captain. He is one of few players in the club who care deeply for Madrid. Perez shouldnot come out with this statement, since Sarah since that time didnt state anything.

  12. ArsenalFan says:

    objection! It's her job to say how she feels on this kind of subject so ask yourselves: would it have been better for her to keep her mouth shut and pretend that everyone loves everyone else and that Real Madrid are one big happy family OR to speak her mind and tell the truth?? I would have said the exact same thing if I was her :)

  13. Joyce says:

    Iker, you need to come to your senses and find a new WAG. Please.

  14. [...] Sara Carbonero: Forbidden from talking about Cristiano Ronaldo. [Kickette] [...]

  15. nolikeypastasauce says:

    oh she will win. or has already won, i mean cmon, she's got at least a pantene commercial out of this iker deal didnt she? and likely several magazine covers she can add to her portfolio, next to im sure glowing resume as a giornalista, covering the 2010 world cup. i am not a fan of hers, but, she is business savvy. and that i can respect.

    • Winnie Mata says:

      you're right, but that also comes with being one of the most hated "WAGs" in the world, along with the fact that she is nothing without him. especially now that Sergio might be getting it in with another sportscaster since they are both younger than Iker and Sara.

  16. [...] Sara Carbonero: Forbidden from talking about Cristiano Ronaldo. [Kickette] [...]

  17. chay says:

    My two cents: 1) RM is blowing this way out of proportion, 2) sara probably shouldn't have said what she said publicly but what's said is said and after her apology, let's move on, people, 3) CRon is probably behind the RM authorities blowing this out of proportion, 4) The best line of this article: … wed imagine the defense would be led by Zinedine Zidane because hes got some free time on his hands and is all scary and shiznit.

  18. Miil says:

    i can't stand cristiano and i think she hit the nail right on the head with her comments about him so i don't judge her for it at all. i commend her for saying what she thought because everyone puts CR7 on this pedestal and honestly i think they're wrong to do so.

  19. chay says:

    My two cents: 1) RM is blowing this way out of proportion, 2) sara probably shouldn't have said what she said publicly but what's said is said and after her apology, let's move on, people, 3) CRon is probably behind the RM authorities blowing this out of proportion, 4) The best line of this article: … we’d imagine the defense would be led by Zinedine Zidane because he’s got some free time on his hands and is all scary and shiznit.

    "all scary and shiznet" hahaha! kickette, you crack me up! :-D

  20. freddiegirl says:

    I've never really understood how this chica became so beloved on this site. I agree that as a journalist and even as a human being she should be able to say anything she likes. C.Ron being selfish on the pitch is hardly a revelation though. Here's the thing…it shouldn't matter in a perfect world that she's the gf of RM's captain..but it does. She should've either been more tactful or just stfu altogether and RM should've said nothing. Their 'gag order' just brought more attention to her comments.

  21. Loving fan says:

    Girls did you know that Sergio Ramos has a girlfriend Lara Alvarez ?

  22. Amber says:

    I am so sick of hearing about Sara's crap and anything related to her. It's not about her it's about Real and I don't care if Iker and Cris are ready to kill each other as long as they are both on the pitch doing their best.

    I could do without Sara as Iker's girlfriend but only so I don't have to hear about her anymore.

  23. BarceLisa says:

    saying bad things about Cristiano or just "Cristiano" is its own section/topic on this website. We fans do it every week, why can't serious sports journalists have that same opportunity? Then again, criticising Cris is now the football version of beating a dead horse. All I will say about this post is thank god I'm a Barca supporter.

    • Thea says:

      Well said sista!

      As for the weight loss – Pasta face has probably been on the Dukan diet, three days in and I've lost 2 kilos already!

  24. dontaskmetosmile says:

    A lot of people have been saying that Sara CAN say whatever she wants, and that's true. But the question is, SHOULD be saying whatever she wants? She's a journalist, so the default answer would be yes, she should say whatever she wants. But the answer isn't so simple when it comes to commenting about her boyfriend's teammates.

    Let's put it this way. If a journalist was dating Prince William, would it be OK for her to say "Prince Harry was stupid for wearing that Nazi costume" on TV? It's true, of course, but it would still be inappropriate for her to say that about her boyfriend's brother.

  25. Liz says:

    After CR's recent behavior of leaving his son I think Pasta can say whatever she wants.

  26. Ioanna says:

    I think everyone just needs to relax. She is not just Iker's girlfriend but a reporter as well. The only reason why she has been under such media scrutiny lately is because of her rising fame. As the current "it girl" of Spain, everything she says and does will be put under a microscope. Besides, her comments weren't necessarily negative. Selfish can be a good thing. In order for someone to be successful they have to have a bit of an ego and be a little selfish. She's not stating anything that isn't true. The media is just quick to jump on her because they know that she is an easy target. I say good for her for having an opinion and being more than just a pretty face. There's no reason why she needs to filter her mouth just because she happens to be dating Iker. She is beautiful, intelligent and outspoken. Anyone who suggests she just stay in Iker's shadow, smile & talk about manicures all day long is a sexist pig.
    P.S. Anyone who is surprised to hear that Ronaldo is a selfish egomaniac was probably equally as surprised to hear that Britney wasn't really an innocent virgin..Time for a reality check! *rolls eyes* My respect for her just greatly increased!

  27. Lily says:

    The problem is that she is Iker Casillas' girlfriend. People will bash her for talking and for not talking. She didn't release any brand new information, everybody knows that Cristiano can be an asshole and a queen on the pitch. However this wouldn't have been such a big deal if Sara was just another random journalist.

  28. barbieuy says:

    It's really unfair that they're bashing it all on Sara C. Though I'm not a fan of hers, she's just doing her job. Doing it very well at that. It might even be accurate. Most especially about C.Ronaldo being selfish. Even Ronaldo fans would admit (on the inside) how selfish he is on the pitch. Would this fiasco reach this height of chaos if Sara weren't Iker's girlfriend? I don't think so.. They're just putting words in her mouth. I don't think this was pillow talk kind of bull. It's reality. Big pundits would say this all the time. I have honestly heard the commentators say that he's hogging the ball like 95% of the games they've played. Sara saying it shouldn't be treated any different.

  29. L.V.B says:

    I reckon, she could have phrased herself differently.
    With her I reckon its different, even though she's a journalist, because she's dating Iker. Everyone is already going to be watching everything she says and I'm sure there's just a long line of jealous journalists waiting to pounce on her and stir up crap (hence CR7 drama).

    I reckon RM are paranoid, that people think she's gets inside stories, so they want to stop it.

    Don't know – ….but can say one thing Iker dress sense is definatly becoming the shizzle, watch out CR7! :D

  30. She's entitled to say whatever the rum she thinks is true and I give her snaps for not giving a running headless chicken about being honest… maybe it will be the end of her career, but she'll always have South Africa…

  31. @AgnesWonka says:

    mmmm I'd love to see if the rumour about CR's "equipment" is true or not! XD

  32. @AgnesWonka says:

    Sara is a journalist. journalists give their opinions based on their knowledge on the matter. The problem here is that she's giving an opinion on her boyfriend's teammate!
    If I have to advice her, i'd tell her that there are plenty teams with issues to comment on!!!!…..and not to interfere in RM matters! or if she's going to do it, at least, use some humour!!!

  33. JaneSpotting says:

    Oh my..quel situation. Cannot comment, out of respect for Iker Casillas. I would like to, but I won't.

  34. Crackers says:

    Off topic but Kickette, that "before and after" pic of Sara would be more appropriately labelled "before and exactly the same".

    If she had a boob job, it's got to be the world's first boob job which leaves ZERO DIFFERENCE in the size of a girl's chest. You'd think the enhancement would show up in a tight dress, but no luck.

    • Irena says:

      which is why I think she didn't get a boob job (she was walking around after the surgery like it is nothing! breast augmentations require time to heal) or she got one because her sudden weight loss affected her breasts and in that case, I guess it is okay to get one

  35. Torres says:

    Det kan godt være at CR7 er lidt for meget ego, men det har han osse en god grund til at være, han er en af verdens bedste fodboldspiller.

  36. Crackers says:

    "Slut"? Harsh words there, what exactly about being in a relationship with a man whose profession she reports on(and by all accounts, is monogamous with for a while now) makes a girl a slut?

  37. Pique_Xavi says:

    I'm actually going to be on Sara's side this time. No, it wasn't right for her to say that about CR, and here's my reasoning on that: For a little bit she allowed her relationship w/ Iker be the topic in that same show, which to me meant it wasn't just sports. She needs to control her emotions better, that incident at the awards show which I don't see why she was so upset, it wasn't funny but it wasn't a great tragedy either. However, she's a sports reporter so if she wants to express her opinion on anyone I don't see a problem as long as its sportlike because I see and hear it all the time from men too, from different parts of the world. And of course telecinco won't punish her for they get higher ratings whether or not that was her intention or not, it happened. I just wish her the best in her professional life aswell and her personal life now that they will be "forever" linked because it can go horribly wrong for her and as a woman I can't like that and it doesn't matter if I like her or not.

    • Crackers says:

      I'm actually on her side with this too, and Telecinco seems to have done everything they can to capitalise on her relationship- even if she could have been a little more diplomatic, it's still a reminder that women in this world will always be more harshly judged than men.
      What I really don't get is Real Madrid's (alleged) overblown reaction. This would go away if they let it slide, instead of spinning it out with gag orders and whatnot.

      • Pique_Xavi says:

        Well if they let Mou run his mouth why would they tell her to keep quiet, its not like she told a lie or exagerated in any way. I'm not a fan of Sara or Iker or RM but the thing is that she is going to continue to date him and she has to be tougher at keeping it together for her own sake and no one else's. That said, everyone now seems to want to make anything Iker/Sara related into the big news, at least in Madrid, not sure if all of Spain. If she is going to be "punished" in any way I hope it is for something wrong she does or says not because Iker has a bad night at work or because she says something we all know its true.

  38. Ashley says:

    She is a sports reporter and she is free to comment on whomever she wants even if it's her boyfriends teammate. I wish this whole thing would just go away it's stupid and a waste of time.

  39. Tora says:

    I've heard that Sergio and Xabi wanted to beat Cristiano for insulting the captain (San Iker). :D It's probably just a rumour. :D

  40. zippity says:

    As Iker's girlfriend, she should have kept her mouth shut because 1.) she's using information she gained due to her personal relationship with Casillas and put it in the public eye, 2). She has now put her boyfriend, who she supposedly loves, in a difficult position in regards to his work and public image, 3.) She has also lost any trust and credibility with Real Madrid players and management-when are any of them going to talk to her, confide in her, or grant her an interview ever again? Not smart, not smart at all. Small-minded, short-term thinking, IMO.

    I also think it was small-minded of Real Madrid to publicly tell Sara to shut up. The message they really sent her was "You are powerful. What you say matters." They should have ignored her comments-after all, this is REAL MADRID! What does this powerhouse organization care about what a little sports journalist says?

  41. rubyqueen says:

    just because she's a journalist doesn't mean she can just say whatever she wants about ikers teammates.she obviously never thought about his feelings at the time.don't get me wrong i totally agree cristiano is arrogant and sellfish but it's not affecting her personally is it.?? i bet all the iker fangirls are peeing themselves with excitement hbecause his and sara's relationship is "on the rocks"..:)

  42. Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

    I understand and sympathize with the view that a reporter should be able to have opinions about events in her field of work. It's kind of implied, isn't it? But I do think she is guilty of naivity. It's no surprise to me that her statement is regarded as inappropriate by a lot of people, and she really should have seen it coming. She isn't just some reporter. Not all reporters are dating Casillas. (But if that was the case, I might consider a career change:)).

    OR, there really are trouble in the RM quarters and this is perhaps just a symptom, not a cause. I'm just gonna sit back and relax and let drama evolve.

    • Pique_Xavi says:

      I agree with you except more or less for the expressing your opinion part. Reporters need to be bias to what they report and always have to be careful of not letting their personal feelings/opinions get in the way of their work, but this is sports and with her being a sports reporter I think she should be allowed to express her opinion if she's talking just sports. In the program she was in I feel it was more of a little gossip which included sports because she allowed the other lady to talk a bit about Iker implying a little on their relationship and Sara laughed it off but w/out going into detail that things were great with him or something like that. But what's "funny" is that she said something we all think or say about CR as great player as he can be his on camera personality sometimes blinds me and just see his "character" not so much his football skills. Takes a lot to be able to handle a relationship like that but she chooses to be in it because of love or whatever so she needs to be able to control her emotions better, its tough, but if she loves him why not?

      • Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

        Actually, sometimes I do not envy her at all. :) She is walking on thin ice, isn't she? Juggling her career and her love. I agree with you, she better be ready to control herself more. Like it or not, in this industry rumours can break you.

        • Pique_Xavi says:

          That's the sad thing, the one who seems to suffer more or who will end up suffering more is Iker. The guy is in the middle on a situation and he loves his club and he loves his woman, its a tough choice. She needs to think about what she wants and if she wants to date Casillas she should continue to do so, RM shouldn't try to control her that way. She seems to be pretty tough, but like you said often rumors can brake you.

  43. canederli says:

    I'm kinda wondering why Kickette chose to do something on this now when it's been swirling around for the last couple of weeks. I think the whole thing is stupid and blown out of proportion to sell papers/up ratings, what have you.

    CR7 and Iker seem fine. Did you guys see the video they made pre-Spain vs. Portugal? They were cute and giggly. That was long after the comments Sara made.

    Hmmm, I watch all the games too and CR7 does celebrate with his other teammates. He's definitely very close to Marcelo and Pepe, sure, but others participate and he congratulates his other team mates when they score. I could link to pictures but the conspiracy theorists always find reasons to pooh-pooh them (For example "Oh, he's celebrating with the Germans and Argentinians, but not the Spaniards so the Spanish players hate him" even though there was a series of pictures and Xabi was clearly in one congratulating CR7). People are going to read into things what they want. He didn't look happy for Alvaro? Subjective, IMHO. If he was sticking out his tongue and flipping the bird at him, yeah, I could see your point, but other than that, we're not in his head and we only see what the camera captured in a split second. Perhaps it was the moment that his Armani underwear wedged uncomfortably up his arse. We'll never know.

    Sara dating Iker has seemed like a HUGE conflict of interest to me from day one. She's always going to get that thrown in her face and it sucks, but it's understandable. I worked in the music industry and if I dated a musician, people didn't think I could be objective about his music. Every comment I made was examined under the lens of our relationship. So I can sympathize with Sara, but if she's not prepared for that sort of scrutiny, she should find someone else to date. That said, if I had a crack at Iker, I wouldn't give it up either! ;-) If Sara took a confidence from Iker and blabbed it, then she was bang out of order. She's definitely entitled to give her own opinion, but she was an idiot if she didn't think it was going to make things awkward. Sometimes, it's good to use your judgement. She could have worded it a bit more diplomatically or clarified "In my opinion and ONLY in my opinion, I feel that…"

    As for FP's peeps making "suggestions," who knows? It sounds like a rumor to me. If they did tell Pasta Sauce to shut it, they were out of line. I don't think they should have responded at all with the official announcement or anything. Why dignify this sort of crap with a statement? And lately, they keep putting CR7 & Iker together (like to hand out Christmas pressies) and it just adds fuel to the fire. They should let the story die.

    Oh and thanks Kickette, now I'm picturing Zizou looking super hot in a pinstripe suit yelling "Objection!" I have work to do and that is one distracting image, I tell you. ;-)

    • Crackers says:

      The "Cristiano is individualistic etc" comment was a response to a point-blank question on a TV chat show where she was asked what she thought about his playing style (from what I can tell via subtitles), I think stuff really blew up and Madrid, if they are doing this, is very far out of line. It's not even as if Pastagirl said anything groundbreaking, it's not news to anyone. And this is months old, I thought people had gotten over it. Like you said, it was best just to let it go. Yes, she could maybe have handled things differently but Real Madrid are not helping their case along by making a fuss.

      As for the conflict of interest, if they love each other it can't be helped, no one is going to expect Iker to quit his job (imagine the Madrid fans if that happened!) and Sara's bosses at Telecinco don't seem to mind since they keep her on sportscaster duty- it's not fair to expect her to quit her job in this economy just because she dates someone she has to report on.

      But I can totally picture Zizou in pinstripes being a hot lawyer, the image is fiiiiiine.

      • canederli says:

        A few quick things: I agree with you wholeheartedly on this- if RM is trying to shut Sara up, it's completely wrong and yeah, she certainly didn't say anything that is A. not already known and B. has not been said before. I may be an ardent Madridista, but hey, I'm not blind to CR7's limitations OR his benefits.

      • canederli says:

        The rest of my comment:

        In no way did I suggest that Sara should leave her job (or Iker, G-d forbid!). I didn't stop dating my musician BF because people were being arseholes about it. I just rolled my eyes and gritted my teeth. I'm just saying that she should be prepared for the sort of reaction that will come from having a relationship with someone that you cover in the course of your job. People are going to judge. If you can't handle that, then you shouldn't put yourself in that situation. If you can, then show 'em two fingers and get on with your hot romance, IMHO. It's all between them and their bosses anyhow. Iker & Sara want to be together, her employer doesn't have an issue so that's cool. His employer *might* have an issue which is not so cool, but what can you do? The public will always make a big stink about such things. It comes with the territory if you're famous. Hopefully, this will all blow over soon.

    • @DebStimson says:

      a well thought out comment. I agree with your take on it.

      "Perhaps it was the moment that his Armani underwear wedged uncomfortably up his arse. "

      As far as the goal celebrations, one thing that I think people forget is that Mou takes the opportunity for these "breaks in action" to provide instruction to his players. So if a player appears to be "not celebrating" a particular goal, it could very well be that he is over on the sideline getting instructions from Mou, or tying their shoe or even celebrating with Iker, for all we know.

      • canederli says:

        Thanks. You're right – Mou is always using those moments to grab people. Also, it depends where someone is on the field at the time of the goal. Xabi has a tendency to run over quickly, give someone a pat and then get back into position. There are so many reasons why someone might not be in the middle of the festivities. Plus we only see a few seconds of such things and then it's back to the game.

  44. footyhoe says:

    well since we don't know what she's like IRL i'd like to think that she isn't a girl with no brains, so i'm pretty sure she knew there would be consequences to her comments, severe or not. it's been done and all she can do now is lay in the bed that she made herself. RM shouldn't have needed to take such measures though but what can you do.

    ps. i weighed 48…..when i was in highschool brooooo girl needs to eat.

    • Crackers says:

      she's lost a lot of it due to stress, down from 54…girlfriend is tall so looks even skinnier.

  45. Charlie says:

    Did she say something we don't already know? Ronaldo is selfish.. Is that big news to the world? She's a reporter, she comments on footballers for a living. There is no way in the world Real Madrid should be allowed to ban her from talking about one of their players. Can Madrid just do whatever they want now? I think he's selfish too, are they going to set their lawyers on me? What next?

    News flash, Real: You are accountable to the media, not the other way around. Get used to it.

    This is the only time I'll mention Casillas, merely to point out that I didn't mention him because he's irrelevant.

    • Crackers says:

      She said nothing that other media figures have not said, only it got blown up because it makes a juicy story since she is dating the captain. The fact that Cristiano is individualistic on the pitch was always evident, and she is not setting a precedent, only offering up an opinion that loads of other commentators have already done.

      If Real is trying to silence her because of that, then shame on them- she is part of the media, deal with it. Who will they gag next, I wonder?

    • nou says:

      reporter waaaaaaaaaajajaja

    • nolikeypastasauce says:

      im with RM on this one. they are doing damage control. they have every right to protect their interests and assets. she ran her mouth not as a journalist but as celebrity iker's gf, she deserves the repercussions. also they asked her to stfu. she CAN choose to ignore the request, but she probably wont because she's spineless. and because dating iker is financially, professionally and socially beneficial to her.

      Another newsflash: employees are accountable to their employers and pastasauce by way of her relations with iker is indirectly accountable to RM as well. being a journalist is not a get out of jail free card.

    • bellaformadrid says:

      Yeah, everyone says Ronaldo is selfish, but I don't really think he is. Maybe he only hogged the ball at Man. Utd. because the only person he trusted to do the job perfectly was himself.
      I know she comments on football for a living, but she is also the girlfriend of Casillas. That has to be taken into account. She can't just go making comments (even if they were taken out of context) that split up the team. Honestly, I don't feel like this did split the team, but it very well could have.
      Yeah, every team is accountable to the media, but that doesn't make the media spreading lies any better.

  46. JenNY says:

    'two of the club’s hottest hunks'
    xabiiiiiii !

  47. Lulu says:

    Uhm screw this lame bish. She loves the drramaaaa otherwise she would’ve thought before she spoke.

  48. Wow says:

    OMG kickette, that pic of Sara above is just horrible. Gain some weight stress or no stress it doesn't look good! Sara comment on Ronaldo, is no big deal, but Ronaldo have a ego the size of Taxes, so it is this huge thing that Real Madrid must now spank and shut Sara mouth from having an opionion. she's a sport reporter and therefore have the right to her own opinion about his character on the pitch Wag or no Wag status!

  49. C16 says:

    Whatever… I think this is being highly blown out of proportion. I'm on nobody's side because I think all the parts made mistakes. Even if I'm a Real Madrid fan I do not agree in the actions taken by RM, she's a journalist after all, it's her job. Yeah, she's Iker's girl but in that case she should just stop talking about Real Madrid in general (not fair either)…
    Oh well, it seems likethis isn't having a major impact on the team so far so I'll just try not to worry too much and hope it solves if it's true.

    And yeah, she's too skinny. Stress, stress, stress.

  50. zztop says:

    meh, their r/s has never made sense to me. He seems much more low key and kind of a mummy's boy ( in a good way). I see him more with a girl just like his Mom. She's so much more flashy and attention seeking.

  51. dontaskmetosmile says:

    If she had any sense in her, she should not have made any negative comments about Cristiano because of the following factors:
    #1: It's Real Madrid, once of the most high-profile clubs in the world, led by Florentino Perez, one of the most controlling presidents in footballing history. RMCF/FP are obsessed with Madrid brand/image and will do anything to protect it.
    #2: It's Ronaldo: One of the most high-profile players in the world, brought in by FP himself, and essential to the aforementioned Real Madrid brand/image. Also, duh, one of the more, errrrrm, proud players in the team.
    #3: She's dating the CAPTAIN of the club, also one of the more high-profile players in the team and also essential to the aforementioned Real Madrid brand/image

    If it was any other team, or any other player (that would still cause trouble, not just THIS much trouble) or if she were dating someone else from the team, then this wouldn't be such a huge mess. But it's RMCF, CR7 and she is dating Iker, the captain. If she had any sense of propriety whatsoever, she should have kept her mouth shut about it. Yes, I know, freedom-of-speech blah-blah-blah, but it's idiotic to think that she could still go on saying whatever she wants about Madrid while she was dating Iker. A few digs at Alvaro Arbeloa (nothing against him, mind you), maybe. But if she's good at her job at all, she should've known that any sort of a dig at Cristiano, who's controversial enough to begin with, was going to cause a stir. At best, she should've worded her comments differently, because, again, as a journalist, she must know how quickly any comments could be taken out of context.

    I guess she got slightly unlikely with the circumstances, but overall, I still think it was a lapse of judgment on Pastasauce's™ part.

    It has to be said that Madrid higher-ups aren't helping the situ, what with the alleged gag order. But I'm not really surprised by whatever they do any more. I love Madrid, but the club sure is run by some crazy-ass people, which is again, something Pastasauce™ should've known and considered when she made those comments.

    • D0li says:

      this is what i was saying! It's like you have the freedom of speech to say your boss is an ass but if he fires you, he has the right to fire your ass. I mean it's like that CNN guy saying that the Jews were taking over media. some people just don't think

    • LaBrightside says:

      She is a journalist. A damn journalist. Just because she is Iker's gf doesn't mean that she can't say anything about RM or any of their players. If she would back down, no one in this world would take her serious as a journalist. And that was the reason why Iker said that his gf is a journalist and can say whatever she wants to. She proved me with this incident that he is not licking RM's boots, I highly respect her for that. If it wasn't Ronaldo, all of you fangirls wouldn't give a damn. Of would you jump at her, if she said this about Pepe? Jesus. Leave the girl alone. She is doing her job. And like I said before: even people like Pele, Beckenbauer and Co. said all of this. Are you all goign to say now that someone like Beckenbauer who was great on and off the pitch has no clue about football? All of this wouldn't have exploded if your baby boy hadn't cried his eyes out just because someone dared to say what is the truth. Ronaldo has an ego as big as Australia and isn't used to the fact that he is NOT the superstar. I am sorry he isn't at RM. The real superstar is Casillas not only at RM but also in Spain. He should stop sulking.

      • dontaskmetosmile says:

        We're not being "fan girls". If you've noticed, no one's saying that what she said was untrue. In fact, most of us agree with her. So, no, we're not all in an uproar because our "baby boy cried his eyes out".

  52. Thea says:

    Love it Kickette! Goodness knows what's going on at the Bernabeau! All looks well from the nou camp I bet!

  53. SweetVito says:

    Talk about mountain out of a molehill! I know she hasn’t been acting it lately, but she’s a journalist. She was well within her rights to make those comments. Censoring herself BECAUSE she’s in a relationship with his teammate would have been a lot more unprofessional, no? I went off Sara a little when she was promoting everything in sight but all this criticism makes me feel sorry for her. I really hope Iker is worth it because she’s being put through the ringer in being with him. Chin up Sara, they’ll move onto Lara soon enough…

  54. hereforthenando says:

    Sara Carbonero is a reporter. In what world should she be prevented from expressing an opinion on a topic that directly pertains to what she reports on? To believe otherwise is to imply that she is primarily Casillas' girlfriend as opposed to a reporter, which is extremely sexist and unfair. She isn't commenting on "the teammate of her boyfriend"; she is commenting on Real Madrid, which makes a lot of sense as she is a reporter who covers stories on Real Madrid. Does the fact that she is dating Casillas mean that she should not be allowed to discuss anything controversial anymore?

    • SweetVito says:

      @hereforthenando I wanted to say exactly what you said but you put it a lot more eloquently than I!

    • Violets says:

      Preach! I hate that a lot of people seem to be of the opinion that she is the one who has to change. Actually, she's just doing her job. And in the workplace, it really doesn't matter who your boyfriend is friends with. RM should have no control over what goes to press about them.

    • Pique_Xavi says:

      Like I said before, unless she's reporting world news she is entitled to express her opinion and it shouldn't matter who her bf is, but sadly it does matter to many specially the media. But the thing is, how much power does RM have? I mean she doesn't work for them does she? If she works directly with the club then they can dictate what she says. As to someone here saying that its not fair she used "inside" information, it shows how little that person knows about CR or what is said about him, lol… seriously, she didn't say anything others didn't know already. Its just that coming out of her mouth and sadly having a bf in the same club made it a "big deal". So if someone could please shed some light on the issue of whether she works for RM in anyway could clear things for me a bit on the issue of making her keeping her quiet.

    • D0li says:

      I think the problem here is more within the club than between Iker-Cristiano-Sara. I mean it is a bit strainge that RM put a gag order on Sara seeing as she only talked about Cristiano once.. if this were another player would it hae been blown out of proportion like this? Cristiano is the top scoring player for the team, and if it weren't for him alot of times we woudl loose. Jose spent alot of money and time getting them to be more like a team and friends (hence the beds), so this sillly conflict is going to ruin his work.

    • LaBrightside says:

      I for one wouldn't give a shit. It is my job. I am entitled to my opinion and I would look like an idiot of I don't do my job. That is the media world. Just because I am dating the captain doesn't mean that I will kiss anyone's bum at RM so no one can point at me. If someone is selfish, I will say it. If someone plays in a crappy way, I will say it. Hell I even would point it out if my man made a mistake and that resulted in a goal. THAT is what journalists do. They report. End of. So Pasta made the best she could do. She made HER job.

      • nolikeypastasauce says:

        you are right, that is what journalists do… except that pastasauce was spineless and took it back. oh yes she did, out of context my @$$. would have respected her if she stood up for herself and stood by her statement. but then again who can blame her, id backpedal the hell out of that situation too if it meant iker kept me around for a bit longer.

    • Amber says:

      For me her opinion isn't the issue it's Iker defending her and not keeping his nose out of it or standing up for his team. I might be old fashioned but team > girl if you're the captain.

    • nolikeypastasauce says:

      except that she was spineless and took back what she said as being taken out of context. out of context my ass.

    • bellaformadrid says:

      She is both the girlfriend of Casillas and a reporter. And as both of those, she must try and remain objective. I mean, yeah, sure, she can write whatever she wants, but she can't go making comments that make players on the team hate each other.
      And I actually do believe her when she says that her words were taken out of context. She seems like a genuinely "ok" person. :)

  55. She can say whatever she wants about whomever she thinks. The problem here is, that she is no longer a regular person or journalist for that matter. She's the WAG of Casillas, and should've thought about her man before she made that comment and the trouble it was going to bring him in the dressing room.
    Imagine having a boyfriend that keeps having a go at your mum. She might be a pain in the neck occasionally but she's your mum and he should measure his words.
    CR7 is everything she said, yes. But he was there BEFORE her… so shut up!

    • @DebStimson says:

      I agree. Being a reporter doesn't mean that you can't say something PC about CR-7 out of respect for Iker and the position it would put him in. Did he not try to defend her during the WC? idk…I just think she could have said the same thing in a more PC way…thereby answering the question honestly but at the same time not putting Iker in the hot seat.

      That being said, I don't think that RM has the right to tell her not to speak about Cris. I would have hoped that she would have seen the backlash from her earlier comments and chose to tread lightly on her own.

      As someone else commented, the press did this to create drama. Unfortunately, she fell into their trap. Being a reporter one would think she'd be atune to the ploys of the press.

  56. Alia says:

    I think she made a mistake and has tried to apologize for it, it must be hard to keep information to yourself when its your job to report what is going on in the sporting business. Perhaps its best that RM has 'advised' her to not talk about CR7…or maybe they should've just left it alone and it would pass on its own

  57. Howie says:

    I certainly don't think that Sara should have made those remarks, just out of common sense, but what's done is done. Real Madrid has no business limiting what she says.

    • nolikeypastasauce says:

      common sense aint that common… and if one is famewhoremongering, one will just about say anything to get that spotlight to stay on oneself for as long as one can. real madrid can do and say whatever the hell they want as long as its in their best interest. all they're doing is protecting their assets. and the pastasauce's duplicitious role of wag-slash-girlfriend doesn't exempt her from getting her bf's bosses to tell her to stfu.

    • bellaformadrid says:

      I actually think the team does have business limiting what she says when it pertains to them and their players. Especially if it could cause a rift between them. I don't think it DID. But it could have.

  58. Angie says:

    I think everyone is making a big deal out of nothing…The press is the ones that want the drama…Sara can say what ever she wants…She is not the 1st reporter that I have heard saying that about CR7…and probably wont be the last…. Just because she is Iker's girl doesn't me she has to like everyone on Real Madrid or thats works with Real Madrid…WE DON'T LIVE IN A PERFECT WORLD… NO ONE IS PERFECT!!!

    i love CR7 he is one sexy man…but I see Sara's point…look at Barcelona… Messi the star player…says he somtimes happier making an assist then an actual goal… & in FCB everyone celebrates the goals that are made.. NO MATTER WHO IT IS!!! (well almost everyone its hard for the goalie to go out and celebrate) … but in Real Madrid… and I notice this cause I haven't missed a game..but when Alvaro made his goal… I didn't see CR7 being happy for him… when CR7 made a goal.. he tends to celebrate with Pepe & Marcelo more then his other teammates…& he always that face … of I'm freaking awsome & no one is better then me…

    • Angie says:

      cont. from my 1st comment

      that & you dont see them talk to each other… or post stuff online about hey hagging out with so and so… or talking in interviews… about going out and hanging around guys from the team… look at the Spanish National Team… David Villa, Pepe Reina and Fernando Llorente… all hung out during their vacation time…with their family together … they are from different club teams… but are from the same national team… Look at Sergio "Kun" Aguero… he posted a pic on twitter with David De Gea and other guys going out to eat….look at Cesc, Geri & Puyi on twitter… they talk to each other and joke around… Alvaro does it from time to time with Xabi & Serigo Ramos…Sergio Ramos putting on twitter a pic of him & Pipita and how they shared a room.. but you dont see that with CR7 … why is that?? I know everyone is different… and maybe they do hang out & people don't take a picture or they don't talk about it … but I have to say its kinda werid… FORGIVE ME IF YOU DONT LIKED WHAT I SAID!!!

      • Leya_S says:

        I totally agree with EVERYTHING you said!
        Sara is a reporter and can say what she wants. And she's def not the first person to say things about CR, but its BECAUSE she's dating Iker that its a problem.

        I don't doubt there are issues between CR7 and San Iker, but in part, I think its bc Crispy is a whiner. He is selfish, Sara is right, and props to her for coming right out and saying it. And I bet any controversy that there is comes from CR's ego and his "Iker, control your woman" attitude that I assume he has.

        • WAG2BE says:

          BAHAHAHAAAA "iker, control your woman" that just madeee my dayy!!!!!! Its not just me that can actually picture him saying that right XP
          Even though i do love me some CR7 that guy needs an off switch for his ego :(
          What football needs is a guy who looks like CR7 but with the attitude of Torres and the classyness of Xabi…
          or we can just stick with Xabi and call it a day i guess…. OH HERE I GO RAMBLING AGAIN -___-

        • D0li says:

          I don't know if Sarah has met anyone on the team, or Cristiano but I think she should watch what she says. I mean journalism is not only about covering the story but also knowing when to say what. It is unfair that she has to watch what she says, but she is dating the captin and goalkeeper fo the team. If I were dating Victor Valdes or Gerard Pique (a girl can dream..) I wouldn't be going on air saying that Pyol looks like a middle aged butch lesbian, or Iniesta looks like a vampire even though I think so. how long has Sara been on that network? I mean it seems as if she is taking advantage of her relationship with Iker becuase she is always talking about Real Madrid or Iker.

          • Leya_S says:

            I actually wanted to mention this in my original post, but I got kicked off my computer. Anywayz, whilst I do think that Sarah can say whatever she wants (assuming, of course she's willing to deal with the repercussions), and I'm glad that she mentioned that CR7 is selfish (bc he is), I do agree with you that for the sake of Iker, she should reconsider saying certain things, if only to not jeopardize HIS relationship with teammates and with the club.

            P.S. Thanks for the "dating Barca players" fantasy. I'm there with you! (Bojan and Geri for me, though<3)

            • D0li says:

              yeah like i said before, she is free to say whatever she wants, but she must understand that there are consequences. Right now I want to call my professor a giant asshole but I know that there are consequences so i don't say anything.

            • Angie says:

              *lol* "dating Barca players" … i have to say Xavi is my type of guy…and from guys that are taken … Iker … Alvaro Arbeloa…

              & I don't think Iker relationship with the club and his teammates shouldn't get affected by what Sara said…Cause Iker has been with the club for how long… They should know by now how he acts and thinks… SARA is SARA and IKER is IKER…. & just because they are together… people shouldn't think that it is going to affect their jobs… (GOING OF TOPIC) when they blamed her for losing the game… REALLY..REALLY!!! but the press always as to blame someone for a team lost… France lost was cause of the team's protest…and the inner problems… Italy … i forgot what reason it was… England.. i think they blamed Rooney… Argentina.. its all Diego Maradona and Messi fault… YOU WIN AND LOSE AS A TEAM!!!! Nobody else is to blame

              • Leya_S says:

                oooo, i just watched a program on the Spanish National Team (, and like TOTALLY fell in love with Alvaro Arbeloa!!!

              • D0li says:

                I agree with you that they are looking for someone to leave. I don't recall anyone blaiming Sarah for RM's losses so atleast she's getting better in terms of PR and Iker's team mates.

                Although they have seperate careers words to affect the relationship with your team mates. I wasn't aware that Iker made a second statement. It seems that there weren't conflicts before, but now that it's still in the media I think it will start causing a problem; Iker did say that the best player in the world was Messi not his RM team mate Ronaldo.

                • Lulu says:

                  Iker said the best player in the world out of the given choice of the ballon d'or finalists of Xavi, Iniesta and Messi, was Messi. He didn't have the choice of picking Ronaldo (who he by the way DID vote for as the best player in the world) as the question was in reference to who was the best of the ballon d'or finalists.

                  • Angie says:

                    no he said since Messi won he was the best player and Cristiano was the best player the year before….& that the next person that should win is either Xavi or Andres …. since they are spanish and won the world cup and deserve it… but he also said … that he doesn't choose the winner he doesn't decide who is the best player but that the media does… well thats a rough translation on what he said week or two weeks ago…

      • Sane says:

        That's because everyone knows Cristiano doesn't run his own twitter like all those other people you mentioned so you rarely see any personal pictures on there. His PR/representative from Nike does, you only have to look at the near perfect English/grammar he writes in to know it isn't him, because while his English is good, it isn't that perfect. Also, Cristiano has celebrated every goal scored this season so I don't know what you're talking about. He has special celebrations with Pepe and Marcelo but that's to be expected since they are very close friends of his, but still everyone comes over for a hug/pat on the back after any of their teammates goals including Cristiano, so again, I don't know what you've been watching. You only have to read an interview from any of the new arrivals on Real Madrid or any of the young players from RM's youth team to see that Cristiano talks a lot to all of them and takes time to help them adjust into the team despite the fact he's relatively new himself. Also there are tons of pictures of Cristiano hanging out with other RM players at basketball games such as Pepe, Marcelo, Canales, Granero just to name a few. Do you see that with the likes of Iker? Xabi? etc. and yet nobody says anything about them. Please, stop trying to find issues where there is none, leave that to the media

        • bobos says:

          todo lo que hace cr7 es malo que los piche un gato

        • I don't know what she was smoking while watching "all" the games this season. To say that Cris "only" celebrates with Marcelo and Pepe proves that she hasn't seen many games at all. Probably only read the story somewhere.

      • Jenni says:

        and your point is?

    • Alia says:

      here here!

    • xoWinnie says:

      i know C.Ron isn't the closest with the Spaniards on the team, but he and Sergio seem fine to me.
      that being said, i notice that even in the national team, Sergio seems to get left out a lot.
      now THAT is an issue to me, especially since La Roja seem to portray themselves as a happy little family.
      that team is basically split into two, IMHO: Barca boys and Real boys.
      so i think that as much as you can argue "oh Barca's a perfect team, oh Messi's this and that"
      don't make them sound flawless because they're not. sure they gel as a team,
      but at the end of the day, players need to corroborate this behaviour into other situations
      like you said, we DON"T live in a perfect world, so i don't know why FCB is even being brought up in this topic,
      but now that is has been, that's my two cents.

      • Angie says:

        which Sergio from the National Team??? because if its Sergio Ramos….he makes the mix cds for the team… & they did Bingo which everyone said that him and Jesus Navas cheated…& he always hangs out with Xabi Alonso, Alvaro Arbeloa, Raul "Chori" Albiol aka the 4 musketeers … even Iker sometimes hangs out with them…and I never said Barca is a perfect team…. I was just comparing them beacause I follow both teams and everyone always compares them…and have you read the book about the national team??? you will find out alot of things …plus there is a blog about everything of the spanish national team… that has pictures… videos … and everything "La Roja" related … and it shows that they do get along MOST of the time…like a family… due they argue probably cause what family doesn't?? But does it get to them … I don't seem to think so…. & its kinda hard to be left out when… you either been with some1 since you where little or when the play in the same club…

        • xoWinnie says:

          oh my god, he plays Daddy DJ to the team, they MUST LOVE EACH OTHER! lol, my bad i don't mean to be rude but something's not right to me when i watch them interact during games. they play more of a "my enemy's enemy is my friend" kind of game if you know what i mean. i haven't read the book, but what you just mentioned my point completely. he hangs out with Xabi, Alvaro and Raul a lot…the REAL MADRID GUYS, which is exactly what i meant when i said i feel like he's left out, i meant i feel like he's mostly left out by the Barcelona boys, like there's those internal cliques within the team itself. like when Villa or Iniesta, or any of the Barca players excluding maybe Puyol, score, Sergio will congratulate them by maybe patting them on the back or high-fiving them, meanwhile if let's say Xabi scores or something, he'll full on hug him or jump on his back or something. i may be completely wrong, but that's just my opinion on the whole thing.

          • Angie says:

            actually he also hangs out with Busi & Geri…they play video games in the hotel…while the others play cards…it was a Barcelona vs Madrid…Busi, Geri, vs him Alvaro & Raul…sometimes Fernando Torres & others join them…I think even Pedrito join them during the world cup…he also twitted pics w/Busi, Geri & Andres…he don't have to take pic if they don't get along…why don't you go to this site…she is a Madrid fan writing two blogs one for Real Madrid and the link i put is all about the national team…she even translated the book "Los Secretos De La Roja" and is now translating Pepe Reina's book… but she don't actually put all 300 something pages of the book just the juice parts that fans want to know about.. & look at David Villa and Fernando Torres they are not on the same team… and David Villa wife name their daughter after Fernando Torres's wife…& I think that every national team has cliques…cause your also going to hang out with people you more in come with…I don't see a problem with that..

            • Angie says:

              here is something that I got from the website link that i put up… its just i was to much to quote…I thought it be intresting to share….& I don't want to argue… I don't want you to feel that I'm arguing with you… Its just I don't want you to feel or think that Sergio Ramos is not loved on the national team… Cause he is….

              Pepe Reina on Sergio Ramos: he’s a big part of the reason why the long hours in the concentración aren’t boring. I share his passion for el flamenquito and he knows what the most appropriate music for each moment is.

              • Winnie Mata says:

                i don't think we're arguing i'm glad you're informing me,
                and making some valid statements instead of just being like;
                "omfg! EVERYBODY LIKES HIM HE'S SERGIO RAMOS" like tha proves anything lol
                to be honest, it's just an opinion of mine, im glad to know he's well-liked
                especially since he used to be a little bit difficult when he was a bit younger
                but i'm glad to know he is not an outcast, especially since i feel like he's such an important part of the team
                i just used him as an example of what i think is an obvious rift in that particular NT

                • Angie says:

                  ok good…cause sometimes…if your not talking to the person face to face…you don't what tone they are using….and since put "not trying to be rude *lol*" i thought you might have thought I was arguing….& i'm glad i'm informing you…I really didn't think I was…probably when he was younger…he might have been I don't know cause I just started being fan of them and football in general right be4 the world cup….
                  I think an obvious rift in any NT… is the media… cause they like to say stuff their way… I watch sports shows any they like saying stuff sometime that really pisses me off.. cause sometimes is not what they say is how…
                  I hope you like the link… I think you might … plus she puts a link to her Real Madrid blog so you can visit that one to…since it seems you are Sergio Ramos fan…

                  see ya girl!!

                  • xoWinnie says:

                    i really do! especially since it's in English! i feel like the best la roja blogs are in spanish
                    and even though i can understand most of it, it will takes me a while to read though!
                    i feel too lazy to lol

                    • Angie says:

                      girl I understand…. my 1st language is spanish … but since I live in the USA I speak english more… sooo I rather read in english then in spanish…but sometimes my brain just works in one language..*lol*

        • sheila says:

          Sergio Ramos has always been friends with his RM and former Sevilla mates on the NT. They all get along very well. Several of the Catalan players (Barca) feel that Serhio is irresponsible and that he is unsympathetic to the Catalan nationalist movement. It is well known in Catalunya that he and Pique do not get along well. They bury the hatchet for NT duties, but that's about as far as it goes.

    • bellaformadrid says:

      That's not true about RM. When they score a goal, everyone celebrates! Same as FCB. Maybe Ronaldo looked a bit upset that he had missed his shot and Arbeloa scored a fantastic one, but Ronaldo seemed happy that his team scored.

  59. @ArtemisMS says:

    I'm on Sara's side all the way, simply b/c I agree with her 100% about CR7 and always have, even when he played for my own club, ManU. Was so happy to see him go.

  60. shay says:

    If she had any integrity at all she would not be dating someone who works in the field that she covers for a living. She must also not be very bright to make seemingly negative comments about any teammate of her boyfriend. It's all a huge conflict of interest. Case Dismissed. Good thing she is pretty.

    • gi0ia says:

      You can`t help falling in love…

    • Iggy says:

      I agree. She has one foot in each camp and that means she has to take extra care to follow guidelines of integrity.

    • Wow says:

      If she doesn't went to do her job, such as making opinions and talking about the game and players, she can go ahead and quit or she should get fired! Everyone is blaming her, and not Iker for dating a sport reporter!

    • Yup. All this freedom of speech stuff doesn't work here. Is Sara free to openly criticize Iker as much as she would like about his playing? Nope. Because they are dating. Because that would create conflict major conflict. Criticism of a teammate of Iker's is just one step away from that.

      I have said it before and I will say it again. I am extremely disappointed with Iker for defending her inanity.